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July 25, 2007
IITBHU Global Editor @ 11:05 AM

For this year, 562 students were admitted to our institute, out of which 531 were from general category and 31 from SC category, and nil from SC category. 40 were girls. 124 students from SC/ST category were selected for preparatory course, where they will spend extra one year for learning, and shall be admitted based on satisfactory progress.

The students were admitted for 4 year B. Tech programs (total 10 programs) and 5 year DDI-Duel Degree Integrated M. Tech program (total 11 programs) and 5 year M. Tech programs (3 programs) for Applied Sciences. 419 students were admitted for 4 yr B. tech program and 143 for 5 yr M. Tech programs.

The opening rank was 1612. The students’ preferences for 4 yr B. Tech programs were Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics Engineering and Electrical Engineering respectively, For 5 yr M. Tech programs, preferences were CSE, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. The preferences are arrived based on median IIT-JEE ranks of students in a particular class. (Median rank is defined as the one for which 50% students above it and 50% below it in the class.)

We are thankful to Prof. Som Nath Mahendra, IIT-JEE coordinator for our institute, to provide us with JEE data of admitted students.

Click here to read Prof Mahendra's JEE report presented during the orientation program.


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