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September 27, 2007
@ 05:31 AM

Dr. Anil Bhardwaj joined ISRO in 1993,after completing Ph.D. in Applied Physics (Space and Planetary Science) from the IT-BHU, as a research scientist at Space Physics Laboratory (SPL) of the Vikram Sarabhai Space Center (VSSC), Trivandrum. Dr. Bhardwaj is currently a Senior Research Scientist and Head of the Planetary Sciences Branch of SPL, VSSC.

Dr. Bhardwaj is a recipient of 2007 Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award for his outstanding achievements in the area of Planetary Sciences. He was awarded NRC Senior Fellowship by US National Academy of Science, and worked at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center for ~2 year during 2004-2005. He was also awarded fellowship grant by United Nations Office of Outer Space Affairs (UN-OOSA), Vienna, Austria, in 1996.

His primary field of research is theoretical and observational studies of planetary atmospheres, ionospheres and magnetospheres. The planetary bodies that he has worked on include Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Moon, Io, Europa, Ganymede, Triton, Titan, Rings of Saturn, Io plasma Torus, Mars, Earth, and Comets.

Dr. Bhardwaj is the Principal Investigator of the SARA experiment on Chandrayaan-1 – the first Indian Lunar Mission. He has been the Principal- and Co-Investigator on many observation programs with Chandra X-ray Observatory and Hubble Space Telescope of NASA; XMM-Newton X-ray Observatory of ESA; and Giant Meterwave Radio Telescope (GMRT) of India. He is a member of the ASTROSAT mission, and a Team Leader of International Heliophysical Year (IHY)-Coordinated Investigation Program (CIP3) “Universality of Auroral Structure”.

Dr. Bhardwaj has written a Chapter in Encyclopedia of the Solar System (2007), edited 2 books, and has written invited reviews in reputed international journals. He has over 60 refereed international journal publications and over 100 conference presentations. He has delivered several invited talks/colloquium at Institutes in the world, including, NASA, Caltech, JPL, UCL (London), IRF (Sweden), ESTEC (Netherlands), LPAP (Belgium), and many more. His collaborative research programs span over 30 research institutes in India, US, Europe, and Asia.

He is currently the President of Planetary Science Section of Asia Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS); the Editor-in-chief of Advances in Geosciences (Planetary Science volume); and a Member of the Editorial Board of Planetary and Space Science (Elsevier journal). He has convened several special sessions at conferences in India and aboard on topics related to planetary sciences. He is a life member of Astronomical Society of India and Kerala Academy of Sciences, and a member of American Geophysical Union. He is a member of several ISRO and national level committees related to Planetary and Space Sciences research programs in India.

Dr. Bhardwaj’s research findings have led to several Press Releases by NASA and ESA. He has discovered X-rays from rings of Saturn, soft X-rays from Earth’s aurora, and made the first detection of “X-ray flares” from Jupiter and Saturn. Several special news report on his research have appeared in New Scientist, Science News, Space Now, etc. and several national and international daily.

One Ph.D., two M.Tech. theses, one MS thesis from MIT (USA), and several MS projects, are awarded under his guidance.

September 26, 2007
@ 02:24 AM

A meeting with our VC is arranged at Chicago by our alumnus Narsh Jain (Electrical 1974). The meeting is planned at Klay Oven Restaurant, Chicago on Wednesday 26th Sept. at 7.30 PM.

Charges per person is about $40-50.

Address of the restaurant is:


Klay Owen Restaurant
414 N Orleans Street
Chicago, IL 60610
Phone: 1-312-527-3999

For further details contact Naresh Jain (Electrical 1974)
Phone: 1-630-699-8900
Email: nareshj [AT] jscglobalsolutions.com

September 5, 2007
IITBHU Global Editor @ 01:29 AM

The Vice-Chancellor of our university, Prof. Panjab Singh is visiting New York during Sept.21-25 as part of high-powered delegation of the Govt. of India. He is also visiting Chicago from Sept. 25-29.

During his visit, he is looking forward to meeting and interacting with our alumni there.If any alumnus wishes to reach him, he can be contacted as panjabsingh03 [AT] yahoo [DOT] com.

The above message was forwarded by Prof. D. P. Singh, Professor Emeritus, Mining Dept. and In-charge, alumni cell of the university.

IITBHU Global Editor @ 01:19 AM

The Vice Chancellor of Banaras Hindu University (BHU), Dr. Panjab Singh has signed a 5-year collaboration agreement with Dr. John Simpson, President of the University at Buffalo (UB), in Buffalo, New York. The agreement calls for the exchange of faculty and students, collaborative research, and other cooperative activities between UB and BHU.

A comprehensive public research university, UB is the lead campus of the State University of New York (SUNY), the largest system of public higher education in the U.S, with more than 415,000 students on 64 campuses. The MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) was signed on August 8th at Buffalo, New York. The agreement was the result of over a year of discussions between BHU and the Provost of UB, Dr. Satish K. Tripathi. Dr. Tripathi earned his M.Sc in Statistics (1970) from BHU.

Like UB, BHU is a large comprehensive research university, with more than 20,000 students in 14 faculties and 124 departments. The largest residential university in Asia, BHU has more than 12,000 students living on its campus. Banaras Hindu University is setting up a 3,000 acre Rajiv Gandhi South Campus at Mirzapur in Uttar Pradesh.

The University at Buffalo is in the process of signing similar agreements with other leading Indian universities and engineering institutions. UB is currently partnering with Amrita University to offer a dual master’s degree program in Management of IT-Enabled Services at the Amrita campus in Bangalore.

With some 1,000 students enrolled, India sends more international students to UB than any other country.

September 4, 2007
IITBHU Global Editor @ 11:28 AM

This is for the second time that freshers of 2007-08 batch of ITBHU gathered in the Swatantra Bhavan but after witnessing orientation program it was there chance to enthrall IT with some stunning performances.

The official Freshers’ Nite 07 was held in Swatantra Bhavan on Saturday, 4 August 07. This is the first time when first yearites stepped on the stage of Swatantra Bhavan. The event was graced by Prof.S. N. Upadhyay, Director, ITBHU; Prof.J.N.Sinha, Dean, BHU; Prof.V.P.Singh, President, IT-Gymkhana and Dr. P.K.Singh, President, IT-Gymkhana cultural wing.


Like previous years, this time also these performances tried to keep ITBHU immersed in music and joy for a whole evening. One could have taste of every type of cultural sweetness here like music, theatre, dance and literary. Each and every performance claimed to be better than others; but one have to mention such blazing musical performances by Abhinav Pandey (1st year Electrical) and Shireesh.

Apart from that, Nandit Pathak (1st year Ceramics) hypnotized the crowd by his all round performances in music, dance and theatre. However these guys were always assisted in their task by a dedicated team of seniors from 3rd year.

There was darker side also; for some 2nd yearites it was an opportunity to take ragging, but due to strict administration this practice could not reach to an extent.

Ceramic Engineering students ruled the stage on freshers’ night. This should be said by keeping the fact in mind that both Mr. and Miss freshers are from that single branch. Mr. Nandit Pathak and Ms. Pankhuri Agarwal (1st year Ceramics) were selected as the best for their exceptional performances.

(Reported by Dishank Gupta 2nd year Biomedical Engg.)

IITBHU Global Editor @ 11:23 AM The latest we heard on campus

  • All the first year students were given official email ids -- itbhu.ac.in -- during the time of registration itself.
  • The students can use the network in the hostels using their personal computers or four computers kept in the wardens rooms.
  • All students and faculty have also been provided with official email (itbhu.ac.in) facility during the summers and they are being asked to use this.
  • The Placement Office launched its online forum with the help of the Website Management Group (WMG) volunteers. It is available on http://www.itbhu.ac.in/tpo/about.shtml
  • All the faculty members of CSE dept now have a Tablet PC and all lecture halls have projectors. The faculty members are using these new facilities to conduct lectures.
  • From this semester onwards compulsory relative grading would be followed, which will impact on the grades given out for the exams.

    The exam results of the students would be compared to each other. For example, top few performers will get A+ while the next few will get A, etc.

IITBHU Global Editor @ 11:12 AM


To view Technex-08 flyer, click here

TECHNEX (TECHnical EXcellence) is a yearly inter-college technical competition dating back from 1939. It consists of various challenging events such as Bytes the Bits, Modex, Papyrus, Panchtantrika, e-motions, Robotrix, X-treme Engineering, Bal Vigyan, Nano mania, etc. There also some relief events such as, Knowsarium, Chillology, Pro-nights.

Last year, there were over 2,500 participants and over Rs. 400, 000 were distributed as cash prizes for various events. The details of last event, which was held in January 2007, can be viewed on our institute’s website: http://www.itbhu.ac.in/technex/

This year a new event (perhaps first time in the country) called SPACE PRO-AM is planned and a leading personality from the space technology field is expected to grace the moment as a chief guest. The event will be an exclusive five-round competition based on space technology. We are also processing a separate event on air borne design and also have plans to conduct workshops on rocketry. Any updates regarding these will be reported to you as soon as possible.

Technex-08 is planned for Feb 2008. The exact dates shall be announced later.

To view Technex-08 flyer, click here

Pradyumna Ghosh
Chairman Technex-08
Reader (Thermal Engg.)
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Instituite of Technology,BHU
pghosh.mec [AT] itbhu.ac.in

IITBHU Global Editor @ 11:01 AM

Latest on the IIEST front

  1. The proposed Bill for transformation of colleges to IIESTs is under preparation at the MHRD, Government of India. It is expected to be finalized in the course of next 2-3 months. The Bill is expected to be introduced in the Winter Session of the Parliament (Nov 22 to Dec 19).

  2. The S. K. Joshi Committee selected seven colleges (including IT-BHU) for upgrading to IIT level. Later on, The Anandakrishnan Committee selected five colleges for IIEST upgrade and to grant them INI (Institutes of National Importance) status.

  3. Now the remaining two colleges (Engineering colleges of Aligarh Muslim University and Jadavpur University) shall be granted a new status called Institutes of National Eminence. This status will make these colleges to receive central govt. funding provided they meet the criteria for admission and governance as laid down by the HRD Ministry.


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