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November 02, 2010
IITBHU Global Editor @ 08:48 AM

We are proud to announce that Gyanesh Pandey of ITBHU Electrical 1999 batch (covered previously here on the ITBHU Chronicle) has reached the final stages of The BBC/Newsweek World Challenge 2010" with his "Husk Power Systems" innovative idea.

To see more details of his work (including a video), as well as to vote to help his team to win, please visit http://www.theworldchallenge.co.uk/2010-finalists-project07.php

From the article:

In the state of Bihar in India, an estimated 50,000 villagers are lighting up with bio power. Husk Power Systems is using an innovative technology mix to run off-grid mini power stations fired by rice husks - a by-product that would otherwise be thrown away and release methane as it rotted. The company says that the villagers benefit from a clean and safe power source, - especially compared to the kerosene lamps that they are often replacing.

Cell phones are charged quickly and cheaply, improving communications for rural villagers, and lighting is both improving businesses and delighting families. No more excuses for not finishing the homework though!

Direct link to vote: http://www.theworldchallenge.co.uk/vote_2010.php?v=7

 Editor's note:

"I have known about Gyanesh's work for some time now, but at the same time, was very pleasently surprised to see him on BBC in my hotel room in Helsinki where I was on travel. I felt very inspired, and proud, and immediately told my colleagues about this alumnus from my alma mater who is going places. I have voted for him, and hopefully you will too.

- Animesh Pathak, CSE 2003, ITBHUGlobal.org Editorial Team"

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 Anonymous said:

Keep it up Gyanesh !!!

Get some more funding and try to make it big.

Best wishes to you.

November 3, 2010 3:19 PM
 Azat Shatru said:

congratulations for reaching finals
you make us proud to be part of such a great institution...
my best wishes for you to win the world challenge & light up not only bihar but also india!!!

November 7, 2010 10:47 AM
 Prateek Sharma said:

Congrats Gyanesh !!

Best of Luck for the Final Round.

November 12, 2010 8:59 PM

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