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October 03, 2003
Articles of an ITBHU Alumni Association Chapter

ITBHU Alumni Association, is the umbrella organization for all alumni of the Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University. The alumni of ITBHU include alumni of its predecessor colleges.

To further its mission, the board of directors of ITBHU Alumni Association hereby resolves that it will actively encourage alumni to organize themselves into focus groups for geographical regions, graduating classes and departments.

A geographic group consists of ITBHU alumni that live or work in a geographic region, such as the Silicon Valley, the city of Bangalore, the state of Florida or Australia. A class group consists of graduates of a class such as all 1999 Electronics Engg, ITBHU graduates. A department group consists of graduates from a given department, whether as part of ITBHU or one of its predecessor colleges. Additionally, for the sake of ITBHUGlobal.org chapters, alumni with interest in specific inter-departmental projects such as improving the institute Library or promoting Technex may organize as a group interested in the library or Technex "department".

A group as defined above may be designated an ITBHU Alumni Association chapter by the ITBHUGlobal.org board upon compliance with the following articles of an ITBHU Alumni Association chapter:

  1. A chapter can be started by at least two ITBHU alumni with affiliation to the group. As the initial coordinators of the chapter, they give their commitment to start the chapter and conduct its activities in accordance with these guidelines by writing to the ITBHUGlobal.org board member who is responsible for coordination of its chapters. The current coordinator's name and email address shall always appear at the bottom of this online document.
  2. All members of a chapter must be registered in the alumni database at www.itbhuglobal.org and must have the affiliation to the chapter group as described above. Alumni may register as ITBHU Alumni Association members on the ITBHUGlobal.org website. Until the online registration facility is operational, they may register by giving their name, graduating class and contact information to an initial coordinator of the chapter they wish to join.
  3. Any ITBHU alumnus, advisor or staff may attend the meetings of a chapter that (s)he is not a member of as non-voting observers.
  4. During the first year of a chapter's operation, any of its members may volunteer to be an additional coordinator by requesting the initial coordinators. The initial coordinators shall not unreasonably reject such a request subject to the maximum of ten coordinators.
  5. All coordinators agree to holding a general meeting at the beginning of a new calendar year. The general meeting shall democratically elect upto ten coordinators from candidates at the meeting.
  6. A chapter may raise funds only in one of the following two ways:
    1. Cash or checks collected to cover incidental costs of organizing a chapter meeting. Examples of incidental costs are, but not limited to, food, meeting rooms and group outings.
    2. When authorized in writing by the board of ITBHU Alumni Association and in the form of an online payment to and on the ITBHUGlobal.org website, checks in favor of ITBHU Alumni Association or wire transfers made directly to the publicly posted ITBHU Alumni Association bank account. Such funds may be raised either for the ITBHU Alumni Association general fund or for exclusive utilization on a specific initiative of interest to the chapter that has been agreed in writing between the ITBHU Alumni Association board and the chapter coordinators.
    3. In case the ITBHU Alumni Association non-profit account can not be used to accept contributions for a specific project at the institute that a chapter promotes, the chapter coordinators and the ITBHU Alumni Association board may mutually designate a third-party non-profit account to manage funds for the project.
  7. A chapter shall not charge any membership fee.
  8. A chapter shall not maintain a bank account.
  9. The chapter, its members and coordinators agree that in the event at least ten chapter members collectively dispute in writing to the ITBHU Alumni Association board of directors the continuation of any coordinator, the board has the final authority through a resolution to withdraw the privileges of the coordinator and/or appoint additional coordinator(s) for the remaining calendar year. The board reserves the right to reject summarily any such request. The board shall exercise this right only after giving all parties sufficient time to present their side and by specifying a reasonable cause for its action.
  10. A chapter will be assigned a public website such as http://www.itbhuglobal.org/chapters/geo/svalley/ or http://www.itbhuglobal.org/chapters/class/ece99/ or http://www.itbhuglobal.org/chapters/dept/met/ or http://www.itbhuglobal.org/chapters/dept/library/ . The initial coordinators agree to create and maintain the chapter's website in cooperation with ITBHU Alumni Association volunteers who manage the presentation and hosting of all ITBHU Alumni Association sites.
  11. The coordinators shall post announcement of every meeting on its website at least one week in advance. They shall also post minutes of every meeting within one week.
  12. ITBHU Alumni Association or its directors shall not bear responsibility for the contents of the chapter website. This responsibility rests with the chapter coordinators who have full control of its content. ITHBU Alumni Association or its directors do not edit chapter contents in the normal course of its operation. However, only if specific chapter content is brought to the board's attention as improper or illegal, the board retains the final authority to suspend dissemination of such content.


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