We, the alumni of EcE, are starting up this effort of mentoring, proposing, supporting, and funding of many interesting and instructive electronics engineering related projects of varied scales and aims for current students as a test case which if successful can be extended to IT-BHU scale.


The idea is that anyone from the alumni, student or faculty would propose a project. Project would be aimed towards either

  • One semester project which might be mostly literature survey or a hardware/software project of comparatively smaller scale

  • TECHNEX project which might be any nice, instructive and interesting idea aiming towrds the IT-BHU techfest

  • A larger BTP idea (which ideally should be a mix of theory and practice) aiming towards final year B.Tech project.

  • Research Ideas. One can also propose even bigger research ideas to first year/second year students so that they can build on that, if they like, to pursue larger goals in future.

Students can themselves propose project ideas and ask for feedback/resource/support etc. We highly encourage this scheme as well. But please try to give as much specifications as possible for an idea.



Project Ideas


One Semester Project ideas


        - SPICE Like Circuit Simulator (Nitin Mohan)

        - Custom Operating System (Milind Gupta)

        - Nth Order Filter Software (Milind Gupta)

        - Opamp Designing Software (Milind Gupta)


BTP Ideas


        - Repeater Insertion for Long Interconnects (Manoj Sinha)

        - True LVDS(IEEE standard) Receiver for 200MHZ clock rate. (Parmanand Mishra)

        - Low Power SRAM Design in CMOS (Nitin Mohan)


Technex Projects


        - Handheld Oscilloscope (Milind Gupta)




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