October 30, 2003

The following project(s) are currently ongoing.

Project: linux Memory Management Study

Student: Rohit Kumar Modi (IVth 'Trical)

Guide: Prof. S.C.Gupta (Electrical Engg.)

Initiated by: Vivek pandey EEE98

Description: The project aim to study the Linux memory management in detail.
A paper will be released based on the study.

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October 27, 2003
About forum

This forum provides space to share anything 'n everything related to the department. You can share your experience with the department, old stories, issues, comments etc etc...there are just too many things to list.

Hail 'Trical

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Please post your comments/suggestions on this chapter here. We shall try to improve upon that.

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Please send your feedback to us

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Department wishlist

1. Central Computing Facility(CCF)
The Computer Lab(Unix Lab) of the department has been closed down owing to lack of infrastructure.The requirement of the department is to have a Central Computing Facility in the department. The idea is to move from the existing practice of having seperate computer lab for each specialization within the department(e.g. Macine, Power Systems etc.) towards a centralized facility. All the available resources from these 'mini labs' will be used towards the infrastructure buildup of the CCF. Since the department is getting linked thru LAN(Ethernet based) and is scheduled to have a 2Mbps link for internet facility, the CCF becomes much more useful. It will also discourage the existing practice of buying PCs by student involving significant personal investment. The proposal to link all the hostel thru LAN is also in queue(to be done by the institute).

Technical Requirement:
To have a CCF with 25+ terminals and a dedicated server. The server should be able to support ~40 users in normal conditions. Max. no. of users supported by the server should me much more keeping future requirements in mind.

What we plan:
The technical specification is still not finalised. One idea is to have Linux based user terminals connected to the server(SUN/HP). Few Windows based PCs could also be added to the facility.

The initial estimate is based on the req. of 25 Linux PCs and a server.
(All units in INR)
25 * 30,000 = 7,50,000/-
1 * 2,00,000 = 2,00,000/-
Total: 9,50,000/-

Note: A server typically costs between 1 - 3 lakhs. It may go up for high end servers.

2 .Multimedia Projector Facility
The department needs Multimedia Projector Facility in all the lecture rooms. Currently the department has put one UPS in each of these rooms. It has also purchased a multimedia projector. Four lecture rooms have been identified to have this facility.

Technical Requirement:
To have a PC and a projector screen in each of the four lecture rooms. Since the existing projector is portable, it can be shared among different lecture rooms. If one projector doesnot suffice, extra projectors need to be given to the department.

What we plan:
We have taken up this project as a pilot project. Initially, we plan to give one PC and projector screen to equip one lecture room. This facility will be extended to other lecture rooms as funds come.

The initial estimate is based on the req. of 1 PCs and a projector screen.
(All units in INR)
1 * 30,000 = 30,000/-
1 * 5,000 = 5,000/-
Total: 35,000/-

Note: The cost of the projector screen is a rough estimate.

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On Our List

We plan to take up the 'Multimedia Projector Facility' project on pilot basis. As we start getting fund, we will add other project(s) to our list.

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The donation is to be given to PRAYAS. PRAYAS is a non-profit trust created to consolidate all donations for IT-BHU or any of its departments. It is associated with itbu.org and is working on few infrastructure development projects for the Institute. All donations will be acknowledged and periodically published. It will also publish it balance sheet/expenditure details on periodic basis.
If you want to donate for the cause of the department, please contact Prayas.

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This is the Electrical Engineering Alumni chapter of IT-BHU.org. It has been started with the a defined aim and we hope that we shall achieve it with the sincere help of EEE Alumni.

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Our Aim

The aim of the EEE chapter is:

1. To concentrate all alumni afforts towards Electrical Engineering Department
2. Work towards the development of infrastructure in the department
3. Provide a bridge between the department/students and the alumni

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