ITBHU Chornicle: August Edition
Chronicle Editor @ Aug 01, 2005

The Chronicle August, 2005 issue. Published on August 10, 2005 Vol.2005. Issue 0003

Reverberations: Call for articles
Chronicle Editor @ Aug 01, 2005

Dear Reader:

Reverberations team invites articles from students/alumni/faculty/administration for the next (September 2005) issue. Please note the following:

a) The articles should be of general interest, on any acceptable subject, such as short stories, about college/hostel life, engineering education, events/news at IT, puzzles, cartoons, critical review, etc.

b) A cover story titled "Need for revising the curriculum" is being planned (about 6-8 pages).

c) If enough articles are not received, then we shall NOT limit to one article per person and one page per article.

d) Please send your article (or any questions/comments) to:

e) If you have any topic or idea in mind, but want to discuss before hand, then you are welcome to contact me at my personal ID

Please send your articles latest by 17th August.

With regards,
Reverberations team

CXO Conclave: Sept. 23rd, 2005
Chronicle Editor @ Aug 01, 2005

CXO Conclave, New Delhi.

The Delhi chapter of the (AIBA), is organising a CXO conclave in the month of September. The motive behind this meet is to provide a common forum to the mover and shakers, having ties with ITBHU, to discuss various issues related to IT BHU.  The Director of IT and the coordinators of the Industry/Insititute Liasioning Cell would be invited to this conclave.

The details are as follows.

Date 23rd. September 2005
Venue Hotel Intercontinental - Grand at CP - Delhi
Timings 6:30 P.M. onwards
  • Governing Body/Patrons of AIBA, and IT-BHU Administration
  • CxO/MD/CMD Level Alumni members of notable firms
  • Immediate past CMD/MD of PSU
  • Alumni Jt. Secy and above public services officers
  • Alumni MPs of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha
  • Alumni/Patrons of University
  • MD/Director Level Alumni in Banking sector
  • Discuss the current scenario in IT BHU
  • Status of Project IIT
  • Vision 2020 for IT BHU
  • Status of Various Alumni Projects in IT BHU
  • Alumni Participation Opportunities
  • Alumni of the Year Committee
  • Networking and Fellowship over Dinner and Cocktails

Hello World: IT Hostels are now online
Chronicle Editor @ Aug 01, 2005

Hostel room or not, toilets or not, single rooms or double, but finally we have got internet in our hostels.

The students of our institute have finally got internet facility in their hostels, which is quite a relief for them and promises to be a big step towards improvement of facilities provided to students.

The network is divided into clusters of hostels with inter cluster links of data transfer speed 10 Gbps, and the switches in the hostels have are have a data transfer speed of 100 Mbps. It is because of the great effort put in by the BHU Authorities that this facility has been made available to the students. They have provided switches in the wardens room and from there on students have setup their own LANs to take the net facility up to their rooms. The icing on the cake has been promised by the alumni who are going to wire all the hostels and provide the network in each of the rooms and also provide wireless access to all the points in the hostel premises.

All the hostels now have access to the internet. The download speed ranges from 3 kbps to 250 kbps depending on traffic with the average speed being 100 kbps.

Currently the computer center people are blocking the most accessed sites and are monitoring the downloads and the sites from which downloading is being done.

There has been an intranet forum posted at for all the internal news dispersion. The forum has been aptly named Fattebaazon Ka Adda.

Students have also started sharing material on DC++ (a file sharing open source software). Till 4/08/2005 was 1028 GB of shared space had been created in the hostels. People are actually using the forum as well as DC++ for internal chats.

There are plans to be using the internet for inter-branch and inter-year gaming tournaments like AOE, Unreal etc.

The professors have also started to play their role in the flow of things. Professors in CSE and Dr. K.K.Shukla, HOD, CSE, have started putting out their handouts in electronic forms in the intranet server in the department. Very soon students will be able to get many facilities with the progress in intranet project of ITBHU.

The new and improved .. . Workshops !!
Chronicle Editor @ Aug 01, 2005

The IT workshops under the Department of Mechanical Engineering received a long overdue facelift with the introduction of some of the very latest infrastructure.

Though, always considered one of the best in the country, the workshop had passed through a period of neglect which meant that students were not being introduced to the latest machinery. This up gradation is surely just a small step in the right direction.


1) Instruction and Demonstration (I&D) Laboratory with LCD projector and conference facilities.

2) Lectures on workshop technology by some of the top professors, both Indian and overseas, in electronic form, which would be displayed in the ID lab to enable students to learn about the nuances of the workshop.

3) Fully air-conditioned CNC (Computerised and Numerically Controlled) workshop with two CNC machines (a lathe and a milling machine) at an estimated cost of Rs 22 lac each.

4) Generator sets purchased to enable 8 to 5 functioning of workshops even during times of power shortage.

5) Net investment of Rs 55 lacs involved in this modernisation drive.


1) Lack of adequate funds hinders maintenance of machines and further upgradations.

2) Majority of furnaces and other machines have become obsolete.

3) Shortage of skilled staff impedes proper training of students as well as handling of some of the more sensitive instruments.

CHRONICLE hopes that authorities take action as deemed necessary.

Watch this space for more workshop related articles.

AIR information IT BHU
Chronicle Editor @ Aug 01, 2005
About JEE-2005: 1,98,000 students appeared for IIT Joint Entrance Exam in 2005 to compete for 4,935 available seats at seven IITs, IT-BHU and Indian School of Mines, Dhanabad. Out of these, 499 students joined IT-BHU, an increase of 10% over last year. The JEE ranks at our college ranged from 1139 to 4617. The ranges and median ranks-department wise-are listed as follows:

Table 1: JEE-2005 Ranks by Department

Sr # Department Course Range Median Rank # of students Topper
1 Computer Science and Engineering 4-yr 1139-2401 1959 33 Yogesh Singh Rawat
2 Electronics Engineering 4-yr 1307-2571 2338 43 Gaurav Dutt Sharma
3 Computer Science and Engineering 5-yr dual 1822-2693 2595 9 Sudish Kumar Sah
4 Electrical Engineering 4-yr 2560-2877 2774 41 Amit Yadav
5 Mechanical Engineering 4-yr 2347-3058 2978 52 Arun
6 Applied Mathematics 5-yr dual 2874-3196 3105 10 Deepak Kumar Singh
7 Mechanical Engineering 5-yr dual 3068-3141 3105 10 Rama Krishna K
8 Chemical Engineering 4-yr 2953-3318 3210 60 Apoorva Krishna Srivastava
9 Applied Physics 5-yr dual 2510-3513 3444 10 Amit Kumar Verma
10 Metallurgical Engineering 4-yr 3292-3659 3465 40 Dhruv Mittal
11 Civil Engineering 4-yr 3165-3798 3612 45 Aditya Kanodia
12 Metallurgical Engineering 5-yr dual 3616-3883 3812 10 Agarwal
13 Civil Engineering 5-yr dual 3385-3868 3823 10 Navin Kumar
14 Materian Science 5-yr dual 3653-4006 3869 10 Ravi Kumar Chauhan
15 Ceramics Engineering 4-yr 3416-4018 3894 35 Asav Solanki
16 Applied Chemistry 5-yr dual 3682-4008 3936 10 Manish Chaubey
17 Ceramics Engineering 5-yr dual 4028-4136 4068 10 Ms. Kamya Deepak Kapadia
18 Mining Engineering 4 yr 3787-4384 4227 50 Shitansu Shukla
19 Pharmaceutics 4-yr 4421-4617 4544 11 Siddharth Parimal

Total = 499

Please Note : 50% of students in a group are above the median rank and 50% below the median rank. It is true representative of the preference for a branch/department by students.

Table 2: JEE-2005 top three rank holders among IT-BHU students

Merit Department Course Name Rank
#1 Computer Science and Engineering 4-yr Yogesh Singh Rawat 1139
#2 Electronics Engineering 4-yr Gaurav Dutt Sharma 1307
#3 Computer Science and Engineering 4-yr Rishi Baranwal 1348

Welcome !! O Fachchas ...
Chronicle Editor @ Aug 01, 2005

The first yearites have come to town and that can only mean dress codes, proctorial staff, seniors looking out for the new sizzlers and so on .This time around though, besides all the usual stuff, what is being watched with equal intrigue is how the introduction of various new streams and changes in syllabi will work out.

Dual degree courses have been introduced in Ceramics, Civil, Computer Science, Metallurgy, Mechanical and Material Science. Besides this five year integrated M-Tech courses in engineering physics, mathematics and scientific computing as well as industrial chemistry have commenced in line with the IIT model.

This has resulted in a staggering number of seats (499 students joined this year), resulting in more sizzlers to look out for as well as pushing the 2nd yearites into double rooms.

The first year syllabus has also undergone quite a drastic change with Technical Writing and the much dreaded Mechanics Lab making way for Professional Communication, Computer Lab and Environmental Science. Engineering & Machine drawing have been compressed into a single course lasting the duration of a semester.

What the end result will be with all these changes is a guess that chronicle does not wish to hazard into right now.

Chronicle managed to catch up with a few first-yearites (legitimately and legally) and asked them about their first impressions.

There was virtual unanimity regarding the splendor of the campus with a lot of them even daring to wander about to take in the sights and sounds (they even wanted the institute to arrange for transportation to take them around the campus).

Internet seems to have been the answer to the usually received complaints about facilities and infrastructure, as most of them said that what was on offer was pretty satisfactory.
Barring a minor complaint or two about the faculty in some departments most of them were at ease in the university and were impressed with the cooperative faculty, food provided in the mess and the efficiency of the anti-ragging squad.(seniors-heard that?)

The only problem or shortcoming that they seemed to be able to think about was the frequent power cuts, not surprising for this time of the season.

Anyway chronicle wishes that their life in the university passes off without any cuts, and takes this opportunity to welcome all first yearites to the institute.

First amongst the First Yearites - The Institute Kholu
Chronicle Editor @ Aug 01, 2005
Name Yogesh Singh Rawat kholu.jpg


AIR 1139
Brach Computer Science
Home Town Almora, Uttaranchal
Hobbies Reading Magazines, Playing Table Tennis (For all TT buffs we are talking about a national level player)
So Why IT BHU ? It was computer science all the time for me and when you put IT  BHU in the picture the combination becomes irresistible.

The new academic year starts ...
Chronicle Editor @ Aug 01, 2005

Ladies and Gentlemen .. Noise please !! The college is in session ..

I.T. was bubbling again after 2 months of dormancy. The students were back to college after a long vacation, excited; but unfortunately found themselves amidst a little bit of a chaos.

There were last minute changes in the hostel allotment, causing confusion and restlessness amongst those who had arrived early. The worst affected were the second year students, who were really keen to get some of their privacy back in the single seated rooms they were supposed to get. What they got though (and, much to their disappointment) were double seated rooms, reminiscent of their first year in the college. Accommodating two people in rooms meant for a single inmate was as tough, as tough could be.

The other problem, and a big one for that, was the state of toilets in the hostels. Construction was still going on and all the toilets could not be used, as a result of which students either had to get up before dawn or wait in long queues. Similarly, the messes were being renewed and were thus non-functional, hence, students had to go out for eating, an option not monetarily viable. The situation remained unchanged for around ten more days and then life was back to normal. The renovation of the hostels (although its restricted to the toilets and the messes only) is very much welcome but the question that needs to be answered is - Why couldnt it be finished before the start of the new session? We now hope that the hostel staff is able to maintain these new look toilets and messes. The ones who were (yet again) spared of this entire trauma (and no prizes for guessing this one) were the girls.

This is how toppers grit it out�.
Chronicle Editor @ Aug 01, 2005
If your first semester grade points 8.39 and position in institute 14, what are the odds in favour of your getting a branch change? Practically none, but not so for Saurabh Singh. Saurabh, who enrolled himself as a civil engineering student ended up topping the institute with a YGPA of 8.82 which enabled him to secure a branch change to the electronics engineering department.

Saurabh kept up the trend of Lucknowites securing top positions in the examinations. He secured an astounding 9.26 in the second semester, something which has not been achieved in recent years. On being asked about this feat, he said that he was confident of doing well inspite of his first semester score, as his position in the parallel semester was 2nd. His attributed his success to a 3-point agenda attending all classes, systematic and regular studies and keeping away from extracurricular activities.


He said that seniors had played an important role in his branch change and that he had found their suggestions really helpful in achieving the feat especially in subjects like thermodynamics, which even he admits is the toughest of all the first year subjects.

He now looks forward to keeping up the good work in his new branch and moving into some extra-curricular activities as well.

As for future plans, its management studies he is interested in right now.

He said he would be ever willing to help the first yearites who would like to get a branch change.

We wish you all the best for your future endeavors Saurabh, best of luck.

Hostel Allocation for Academic Year 2005/2006
Chronicle Editor @ Aug 01, 2005
The following is the list of hostels alloted to the students, by branch/year wise, for the academic year 2005-2006. Students are advised to contact respective wardens for confirmation of hostel.

Hostel  B. Tech M.Tech Ph. D.
   1st Year  2nd. Year  3rd. Year  4th Year  1st. Year  2nd Year  
Applied Chemistry
Comp Sci




Applied Chemistry


Comp Sci
Applied Physics
Applied Maths








Comp Sci


















Comp Sci
Material Science
Computer science
Material Science
Computer Science
material science

News : IITs, IIMs in expansion mode.
Chronicle Editor @ Aug 01, 2005

An article in Economic Times dated July 04, 2005 titled IITs, IIMs in expansion mode.

The author asserts that Planning Commission has given go ahead for expansion of institutes such as IITs and IIMs. Excerpts from the article:

NEW DELHI: The wait may finally be over for IIT and IIM aspirants. Setting up new IITs and IIMs is set to become a national priority. This could mean that plans for an IIM in the North-East, and upgrading of seven engineering institutes to IIT status, which have been in the pipeline, will finally see the light of day.

These were Institute of Technology, BHU, University College of Engineering combined with University College of Technology, Osmania University, Bengal Engineering College, Jadavpur Universitys engineering and technology departments, Zakir Hussain College of Engineering and Technology, AMU, Andhra University College of Engineering and Cochin University of Science and Technology. The UPA government has not been able to decide whether to upgrade or set up new IITs. But the renewed emphasis on this plan to expand numbers by the Planning Commission may bring this plan on track.

News : Wanna join IIT ? Go to Varanasi first.
Chronicle Editor @ Aug 01, 2005

An article in Economic Times dated July 11, 2005 titled Wanna join IIT? Go to Varanasi first.

The article states that over 400 coaching classes have mushroomed in Varanasi city, to prepare students for IIT, management and medical college entrance exams. It also refers to classes run by IT-BHU alumni such as Amarendra Kumar Jha and Prateek Upadhyaya. Excerpts from the article:

"The city, housing over 400 coaching institutes of different capacities, is today sending 1,000 engineering aspirants (including 200 IITians) and 250 budding medicos to different institutions for admission.

"Making a similar claim, Prateek Upadhyaya, who also runs one of the leading coaching centres of Mahmoorganj area, said that about six students left a famous institution in Kota to join his centre. Both Jha and Upadhyaya, alumni of Benaras Hindu University, are the products of the Institute of Technology.

News: Candidates� market
Chronicle Editor @ Aug 01, 2005
An article in Express Computer dated 25 July, 2005 titled Candidates market

The author discusses the recent trend of circuit (CSE, ECE, EEE) engineers for IT, ITes and other services for employment. Excerpts from the article:

IT services vs. IT product firms Even if a few leading IT services companies are paying close attention to the IT product company salary structure, they [the former] have to still manage the attrition rate. Since services companies are considered a launching pad, attrition has become inevitable. In order to overcome such challenges, IT services companies are churning out different strategies to recruit freshers. They have started eyeing beyond the top 50 colleges to recruit people in large numbers while they look at the top 20 colleges only for candidates with specialized skills. A few placement heads from the top colleges observe that there has been a decline in the number of applicants joining IT services firms.

On the other hand, it may not be true that IT product companies are on the gaining side alone. They too have tremendous challenges at the campus recruitment level. The latest MNC entries in India and a few start-ups here also reach out to top colleges. The bigger IT product companies poach people who have exceptional coding ability. Small players have challenges in terms of the brand, work, job security and access to the talent as it is a huge cost, says Piyush Dixit, Director, Engineering, Net-Devices India. It is becoming increasingly tough for these small firms to explain their operations and the technologies they are working on.

Institutte of Technology,BHU
Delhi College of Engineering
In 2004
In 2005
In 2004
In 2005

1.8 (UG)
2.2 (UG)
2.09 (UG) 2.15 (UG) 2.02 (UG) 2.24 (UG)
1.8 (UG) 2.4 (UG) 1.6 (UG) 2.4 (UG)
2.75 (UG) 3.25 (UG) 3.0 (UG) 2.75 (UG)
4.4 (PG)
4.6 (PG)

S T Micro
4.3 (PG)
5.0 (PG)
4.65 (PG)
5.0 (PG)
4.5 (UG) 5.5 (UG) 4.5 (UG) 5.5 (UG)
6.5 (UG) 7.75 (UG) 6.5 (UG) 7.75 (UG)
Values are in Rs (lakhs)
Source : Campus Connect

News: BHU to transform itself into centre of excellence.
Chronicle Editor @ Aug 01, 2005

An article in Indo-Asian News Service dated July 24, 2005 titled BHU to transform itself into centre of excellence.

The article describes the vision of Vice-Chancellor to convert entire BHU into an IIT-like institution, where a student can study in subject or faculty under one campus.

BHU to transform itself into centre of excellence
By Lola Nayar, Indo-Asian News Service

New Delhi, July 24 (IANS) The Benaras Hindu University (BHU), one of India's oldest institutions of learning, is awaiting a large infusion of government funds as it moves to transform itself into a centre of excellence with cutting-edge technological training and career-oriented basic sciences.

Set up in 1916, the BHU is one of the largest residential institutions in Asia with 18,000 students on its rolls spread over a 1,300-acre leafy campus, complete with an airstrip and a large temple, that has 14 faculties and 138 departments, some of them housed in heritage buildings.

Plans are under way to "make it into an equivalent of an Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) or more, with more focus on preparing people for a career in basic science, making education system more aligned with occupation and livelihood", university vice-chancellor Punjab Singh told IANS here.

"The government is processing a proposal for providing the BHU funding equivalent to an IIT (which could be anywhere between Rs.150 million and Rs.2 billion)," Singh said.

"The project for funding has been prepared and is being considered by the ministry of human resource development. We are now planning to make a presentation of our vision for the BHU," said Singh, a former director general of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) who took charge in May.

Singh is keen to build on the multi-faculty strength of the BHU in areas like agriculture, medical, social, environmental and physical sciences - some areas not focused in IITs - and give a boost to human resource development alongside academic and research pursuits.

Networking with several universities, the BHU is pursuing studies in areas like nano-technology, human genetic engineering, pre-natal care and stem cell research, besides being one of the pioneers in India in hydrogen fuel cell research.

Singh said the BHU had also plans for developing its 2,700-acre Barkaccha farm in Mirzapur district, 60 km from the BHU, into an agriculture training and entrepreneurship centre to serve Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Uttranchal as well as Chhattishgarh.

he project, estimated to cost about Rs.1.25 billion, is being proposed to attract more people to seek careers in science.

"The fact that very few people are seeking careers in science, leading to a decline in the number of students opting for basic science, is a dangerous development. Even those coming into basic science stream are not the top layer," he said.

The agriculture scientist, who is an advisor to the government, is of the view that select universities should be given a helping hand like the Rs.1 billion provided this year to the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore to build the infrastructure and to attract young talent.

Singh is a member of the expert committee headed by noted scientist K. Kasturirangan to review funding criteria for select universities through a block grant.

The BHU has also submitted a proposal of Rs.6 billion to the human resource development ministry and the health ministry to upgrade its medical institute and hospital.

Its 1,000-bed hospital and medical institute is greatly in need of more facilities to cater to the patients who come not just from nearby areas but even from Nepal.

- Indo-Asian News Service

For clarifications/queries, please contact IANS NEWS DESK at 2616-5778/8546, 2617-3369

On the IIT front
Chronicle Editor @ Aug 01, 2005

On July 27, 2005 Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD) invited the heads of seven colleges selected for potential IIT status, to New Delhi for discussion. Our Director, Dr. S. N. Upadhyay, attended the meeting. Our Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Punjab Singh also attended. Arvind Gupta (ECE1992) joined the meeting as an observer.

At the meeting, all colleges, including IT-BHU, submitted and discussed 10-year Vision Document. The document outlines where an institute want to see itself by the year 2015. The colleges also made request for additional funding for infrastructure improvement.

Feedback on July Edition
Chronicle Editor @ Aug 01, 2005
We are pleased to receive the valuable feedback which we receive from our learned readers. This helps us in constantly improving The Chronicle and serve the IT community is a better and more efficient way. We shall be publishing our readers feedback as it is received and our response:

1) Mukul Agrawal (ECE2000) wrote on June 30, 2005:


Great beginning. Congrats! I must say that it was really disappointing, though. One needs to cover each event "at least" 10 times the details given right now. Few pictures from the events would be appreciated as well. Another suggestion, Anshumans usual updates on alumni of BHU being on news can also be included along with BHU being in news. And a question, isn't it kind off competes with Reverberation, at least in parts?

All said, I must add; efforts involved in getting this started are deeply appreciated. I earnestly hope to see the next edition on 10th of July.


Reply from Chronicle

Hi Mukul:

It's nice to see your email. In fact, yours is the first one.

  • The Chronicle is a condensed news magazine, where all the news and events related to IT are recorded. We keep it short, as a very long one people may not like to read every month. We appreciate your suggestion and will expand press and other items by couple of lines, so that one need not open the link to get the idea.
  • We want to include photos, but could not get this time. In future, such as sports events, convocation, etc we will add photos. We want to write important news only and do not want to report routine affairs such as alumni meetings, which take place every month. We also try to include any alumni in news, alumni project, etc.
  • The Chronicle does not compete with Reverberations. The Chronicle is a sacred newsletter, which will faithfully record (rain or shine) any events or news happens related to IT, so that future generations can can have a look at it. On the other hand, Rev. is an artistic expression of feeling of IT community, and will include games, story, puzzles, etc. Chronicle is strictly news, although Rev. may contain any event in great description.
Chronicle team

2) Shubham Basu (Cera2002) wrote on 14 July, 2005:

Great work guys to give the Chronicle online. Would it be possible to add pictures, of events at ITBHU to the magazine? Its a great joy to see those pictures

Shubham Basu

Reply from Chronicle Team:

Hi Shubham:

The second issue of Chronicle-the monthly newsletter- has just come out. The July edition contains photos of inauguration of Library Automation Project by our Director. We will place photographs in Chronicle as well as Reverberations magazine, as needed.

Chronicle team

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