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August 01, 2005
This is how toppers grit it out�.
Chronicle Editor @ Aug 01, 2005
If your first semester grade points 8.39 and position in institute 14, what are the odds in favour of your getting a branch change? Practically none, but not so for Saurabh Singh. Saurabh, who enrolled himself as a civil engineering student ended up topping the institute with a YGPA of 8.82 which enabled him to secure a branch change to the electronics engineering department.

Saurabh kept up the trend of Lucknowites securing top positions in the examinations. He secured an astounding 9.26 in the second semester, something which has not been achieved in recent years. On being asked about this feat, he said that he was confident of doing well inspite of his first semester score, as his position in the parallel semester was 2nd. His attributed his success to a 3-point agenda attending all classes, systematic and regular studies and keeping away from extracurricular activities.


He said that seniors had played an important role in his branch change and that he had found their suggestions really helpful in achieving the feat especially in subjects like thermodynamics, which even he admits is the toughest of all the first year subjects.

He now looks forward to keeping up the good work in his new branch and moving into some extra-curricular activities as well.

As for future plans, its management studies he is interested in right now.

He said he would be ever willing to help the first yearites who would like to get a branch change.

We wish you all the best for your future endeavors Saurabh, best of luck.