IT BHU Chronicle: October Edition
Chronicle Editor @ Oct 10, 2005

The Chronicle October, 2005 issue.
Published on October 10, 2005
Vol.2005 : Issue 0005

Updates: CxO conclave at New Delhi on Sept. 23, 2005.
Chronicle Editor @ Oct 10, 2005
A first ever CxO conclave of Institute of Technology, BHU was held at the Hotel Intercontinental- The Grand in New Delhi on 23rd Sept. The conclave was organised by IT-BHU Alumni Association (AIBA) to bring all eminent alumni together and to discuss education scenario at the college and in the country. It was sponsored by Simex Consulting and E-enable Technologies.

The presents were:

The Distinguished Alumni:

  • Mr. Jaswinder Ahuja, CEO-Cadence India (Electronics, 1986 batch)
  • Mr. Deepak Pahwa of Bry-Air Asia (Electrical 1969 batch)

The faculty:

  • Dr. S. N. Mahendra, Dept. of Electrical Engineering
  • Dr. Sushil Kumar Sharma, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering and currently the Chairma, TPO
  • Dr. B. N. Rai from Dept. of Chemical Engineering

The alumni volunteers:

  • Arvind Gupta (ECE 92)
  • Debashish Bhattacharya (Mech 82)
  • Pramod Joshi (ECE 79)
  • Rajeev Gupta (CHEM 93)


Media persons, Lawmakers and others.

The conclave meeting:

At the conclave, participants discussed and debated about how they can help carry forward the mission of IT-BHU in the globalized economy of the new millennium.

The conclave charted out a plan for improving the quality of education at IT-BHU and other top class institutes by enhancing the much needed industry-academia interface. Prof. S.N. Mahendra, from Electrical Engineering dept. (who represented our Director) stressed on the subject of Faculty - Industry Co-operation and impact of faculty improvement on current and future students. The discussion continued on drawing the Vision 2020 document for Institute and what steps the Institute, its students, faculty and above all its Alumni need to undertake for IT-BHU to continue as one the top technical institutes of India.

At the meeting, some serious issues like status of the new Alumni sponsored Wi-Fi Internet connectivity project at the campus, the role of Technology Institutions in nation building and the role of corporate and government in improving standards of education, research and development, etc., were discussed and concrete plans finalized. It was also decided to form three committees as follows:

  1. Vision 2020Committee
  2. Alumni of the Year Award Committee
  3. Resources Committee

End Note:

At the end, the conclave members agreed to use the forum to further develop ideas and plans for future projects. It was decided to make the second conclave a bigger success, with alumni participation from all around the world.

Alumni meet/ New Jersey Chapter: 5th Nov.
Chronicle Editor @ Oct 10, 2005

A meeting of alumni residing in New Jersey and surrounding area is planned on Nov. 5, 2005 (Saturday) at 5.00 PM, at Akbar Restaurant, Edison, NJ. All are invited with their spouses/families for this family get-together. The agenda is- Introduction, good time and general discussion (about institute, alumni projects, IIT issue, etc.) If interested, please contact coordinators, latest by 23rd Oct.

Coordinators for NJ chapter:

1) Yogesh Upadhyaya (CHE 77) : [ yogesh.upadhyaya [AT] ]
2) Anil Singh (ECE 05) [ anil.singh [AT]]

IT-BHU alumnus a victim of RPF brutalities at Bangalore
Chronicle Editor @ Oct 10, 2005

Mr. Nimish Adani, an alumnus (Chemical 2001) and having MBA from IIM, Lucknow in 2003, was assaulted and robbed off by railway police, station staff and conman at Bangalore (Majestic) railway station on 30th Sept. 2005. The incident caught media attention as shown below:

The news was covered in Times of India, Economic Times and Deccan Herald. It was also shown on Z-TV and NDTV.

The matter was taken up by alumni and widely circulated among IT businesses in Bangalore. Mr. Vinod Mall (ECE1984), an IPS officer of Gujarat cadre and currently working with Govt. of India, is also trying his best to get justice for this case.

At last, Railway officials have taken some action. They have suspended two ticket collectors, an RPF Assistant Sub-Inspector and three RPF constables.

We sincerely hope that with media exposure, justice will be served and criminals will be punished.

We all appreciate the courage shown by Nimish to speak up and fight for justice.

IT-BHU Chronicle Group.
Chronicle Editor @ Oct 10, 2005

Group name: IT-BHU Chronicle
Formed on: Sept. 23, 2005
Group ID:

Objective of the Group:

To form a team of volunteers working on publishing the monthly newsletter of the institute, IT-BHU Chronicle and biannual publication, Reverberations.

More about Chronicle group:

The 1st issue of The Chronicle (IT-BHU Chronicle) was published on June 10, 2005. The magazine derives its strength primarily from students' volunteers. This is because most of the news is generated from the campus. To replace the outgoing 4th year volunteers (who have done a great work in the past), new volunteers from remaining years are added to continue the task of publishing the newsletter.

The chronicle team works in close co-ordination with students/alumni/faculty/administration. It exchanges information with Public Relations group, and Information Management Group. Occasionally, it also approaches higher authority, such as Director for obtaining authentic information.

Members of the Group:

Editorial Team:

     Gopal Awasthi Mech2008
     Kapil Srivastava Mech2008
     Varun Murali Mech2008


     Neelakshi Hudda - Civil 2006
     Vikalp Agarwal - Civil 2008
     Rahul Gupta - EEE 2008
     Poorva Agarwaal - ECE 2008
     Saurabh Jha - Chem 2008
     Madhav Jha - CSE 2008
     Abhilash Sreedharan - Meta 2008
     Nikhil Gupta - Cera 2008
     Lakshman Dontha - Mining 2008

Supporting volunteers

     Animesh Pathak ECE 2004
     Anshuman Singh EEE 1998
     Yogesh Upadhyaya CHE 1977

Group Leaders:

The Group is led by the editorial team.

Inter-National Relations Cell (Group).
Chronicle Editor @ Oct 10, 2005

Group name: Inter-National Relations Cell (Group).
Formed on: Sept. 18, 2005
Group ID:

Objective of the Group:

To form a team of volunteers working on developing active research collaborations and student-exchange programs between IT-BHU and other reputed universities/research institutions/ organizations worldwide. The team will include students and alumni of the Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University (IT-BHU).

More about International Relations Cell (IT-BHU):


(1) To create a database of the existing collaborations IT-BHU has with universities/organizations in India and Abroad.

(2) To create a database of contact info (website/email ID) of all the IT-BHU alumni who are faculty members in different universities/research institutions around the world (including IITs/IISc). Every influential alumnus can work as a bridge between his organization and IT-BHU.

(3) Forward this information to the director of IT-BHU. He can then call a meeting of all the HODs/Faculty members and start the department wise collaboration by contacting these influential alumni.

(4) Helping the interested faculty members in finding a suitable match for their research collaboration and providing them necessary support.

Action Plan:

(1) Student teams visit AO/CO/TPO to compile a list of existing collaborations between ITBHU/BHU and other organizations in India and abroad.

(2) Student teams visit all the departments to compile a list of existing collaborations between a particular department (or faculty member) and other organizations in India and abroad. They can also contact M.Tech and PhD students to get such information.

(3) Students teams contact TPO and the current batch of 4th Yearites and compile a list of reputed research organizations where the students have gone for their summer trainings/internships.

(4) Our progress will be published in IT-BHU Chronicle. Alumni Volunteers will keep in touch with IT-BHU administration to get all the help we need from the institute.

Members of the Group:


     Rikki Maheshwari CER 2008
     Pushpendra Gupta MEC 2007
     Arun Kumar Mishra ECE 2007
     Suman saurabh EEE2007
     Sumit Saxena MIN2006
     Rahul Hari CSE2006
     Sharad Oberoi, CIV 05
     Ankur Seth ECE2004
     Mukul Agrawal, ECE 2000
     Nitin Mohan ECE 1999

Supporting volunteers

     Animesh Pathak CSE2003
     Anshuman Singh EEE1998
     Yogesh Upadhyaya CHEM1977

Group Leaders:

The Group will be led by Nitin Mohan and Mukul Agrawal.

Public Relations Group.
Chronicle Editor @ Oct 10, 2005

Group name: Public Relations Group.
Formed on: Sept. 29, 2005
Group ID:

Objective of the Group:

The group consists of students/alumni/faculty of Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University (IT-BHU), Varanasi. The purpose of group is to disseminate news, events and create awareness about college activities and happenings through media.

More about Public Relations Group:

1) The group will promote internal /external communication with IT-BHU students/alumni/faculty/ administration and with outside world.

2) It will co-ordinate internal communication such as newsletter (IT-BHU Chronicle), discussion groups (; itbhu@yahoogroups; bhu_usa@yahoogroups), etc. (The publication of The Chronicle is handled by a separate group.)

3) It will co-ordinate external communication by press release (through PTInews; and by by submitting articles to newspapers.

4) It will make effort to project positive image of our institution and disseminate information/clarify any doubts about any events/news. It will highlight our regular events such as convocations, seminars, placement efforts, introduction of new courses, etc.

Members of the Group:


     Anuraag D. (EEE98)
     Rajeev Gupta (CHE93)
     Arvind Gupta (ECE92)
     Pramod Joshi (ECE79)
     Yogesh Upadhyaya (CHE77)

Supporting volunteers:

     Animesh Pathak (CSE2003)
     Anshuman Singh (EEE98)
     Debashish Bhattacharya (MEC82)

Group Leaders:

The Group is led by Arvind Gupta and Yogesh Upadhyaya.

KASHI UTKARSH: striving for a beautiful world for all ..
Chronicle Editor @ Oct 10, 2005

Kashi Utkarsh, an organization run by the students of IT which started in 1997 ,aims at raising the living standards of the poor and backward sections of society.

The work done by teams of students ever since its inception has indeed been commendable .It has been a long time since Kashi Utkarsh started carrying out the work of teaching all age groups, providing medical aid and financial help when needed, to the slum dwellers of Susawahi and Lehartara, who are ignorant, illiterate and poor. In its endeavour to provide education , Kashi Utkarsh plays the role of a guardian of those students by providing for their education. Currently, the number of students adopted by K.U in Susawahi and Lehartara are 15 and 125 respectively. Admissions are made in schools according to the desire of their parents and efforts are made to persuade them.

With a vision to make these students active in all fields, a sports meet was organized on 25th October in Lehartara. To have healthy competition, it was open to all students . Nearly 300 students from four schools in Lehartara came to test their skills at the meet which went on for around seven hours. The event was coordinated by IT’s students coming from all four years. Thirteen events including 100m race, chess, tug of war etc. were conducted, and at the end, prizes were distributed.

In Suswahi, Kashi Utkarsh has undertaken a project to open a day boarding school
managed by the members with the aim of providing them a better environment to accelerate the process of change.

Kashi Utkarsh told IT BHU Chronicle that they were highly grateful to faculty members, students and alumni of IT for their immense support and hoped that they would continue to be a source of inspiration in all their future endeavours.

SPIC MACAY: Upholding the glorious tradition
Chronicle Editor @ Oct 10, 2005

Varun Murali reports:

SPIC MACAY, The Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth, is a non-profit, voluntary, apolitical and participatory student movement which aims at conserving aesthetics, spirituality, subtle values and mystical touch of the princeless cultural heritage of India. Through classical and folk art forms , it aims to provide a unique learning experience instilling thought and a genuine spirit of enquiry into the technical and competitive environs of the young through the close contact with the so called Gurus of Cultural Heritage of India, thus bringing awareness about the deeper human values. SPIC MACAY recognizes the dynamic vitality of the youth and incorporates it to cajole them into being the custodians of what is actually their birthright , namely their heritage, roots and identity.

In this context, to enlighten and attach students to the organization, a cultural quiz was organized for first year students. It was special for more than one reason, as for the first time a program was held in an open air theatre in the lawns of Limbdi hostel. To grace this occasion , the chief guest was the U.P co-ordinator of SPIC MACAY- Mr.S.P. Singh.

He enlightened the students about the aims and objectives of the organization and told them that this organization had its chapters in 30 countries besides 250 cities in India. The quiz followed and the honours were bagged by a team from 1st year Electronics Engineering.

Up next, SPIC MACAY is planning to organize a theatre workshop, yoga camp and a concert in the month of January.

TPO Updates: Dream Jobs ...
Chronicle Editor @ Oct 10, 2005
Gopal Awasthi writes:

The placement scene at IT-BHU has predictably been pretty upbeat this year. With more than 30 dream jobs(offering more than 5 lakhs p.a.) one can see a lot of happy faces around. The IT-BHU chronicle plans to bring out a full scale review of the placements next month but for this month we decided to do an article on those who have made it big in this years’ placements. These are the people who have got the best paid jobs this year.

(NOTE: The list is not exhaustive but we have tried to cover as many people as we could.)

Sulabh Upadhyay CSE
De Shaw
Rs. 6.5 lakh/annum I am satisfied by getting a job in DE Shaw. It is also offering a good package.
Ashish Saxena
Rs. 6.5 lakh/annum A dream job in the true sense.Possibly the best start a fresher can get.
Anoop Pandey CSE
Rs. 6.5 lakh/annum This is the job i always dreamed of and IT-BHU helped me in getting it
Srinivas Panda
Rs. 7.5 lakh/annum
I am pretty much satisfied with this job but I intend to try for MBA after two years.
Rishek Alag
Rs. 7.5 lakh/annum
I'm satisfied with my placement and intend to join the company and learn about the industry
Arpit Gupta
De Shaw
Rs. 6.5 lakh/annum
For achieving any goal three things are required viz. Hardwork, Strategy and Luck. The last one is not in your hand, so no point blaming it; concentrate on the first two.
Kapil Malik
Morgan Stanley
Rs. 5.75 lakh/annum
Working with diligence and passion ensures your success. Believe in what you are and what you want to achieve.
Ritu Bajpai
TATA Motors
Rs. 5.1 lakh/annum
I am very much satisfied with this job but I plan to go for higher studies.Hard work never goes waste. It always pays, sooner or later. So keep working hard
Ankita Gupta
Rs. 6.36 lakh/annum
I?m happy that my efforts and hard work have been well rewarded. I plan to join the company and do my job to the best of my capabilities. Learning and improving is what I've always aimed at and I?m sure this is going to be a great experience
Sudeep Tandon
Rs. 6.36 lakh/annum I have a belief that satisfaction leads to stagnation and though I am fairly happy to get a challenging (and high-paying) job, I?m still striving for more. In the short-term, I want to see myself as a recognized digital circuit designer in the electronics engg. domain. I would just like to re-iterate one of my favorite lines from the epic Ulysses that summarizes the desire of an achiever - "to seek, to strive, to find and not to yield".
Karan Gupta
Rs. 6.36 lakh/annum Absolutely satisfied. I'm sure being an Electronics Engg student, its the best job that IT being an given me. First of all I would like to get a taste of the professional world in the form of a core job. But don't be surprised if you find me managing people and companies after a few years, instead of optimizing a digital circuit.
Gaurav Singh
Rs. 6.36 lakh/annum I'm very much satisfied. I wish to do cutting edge research in my field. Anything can happen in placement! Don't go for trends, whatever you put in yourself would never go waste.
Abhishek Kumar
Rs. 7.5 lakh/annum
IOCL-Indian organization for coolest life..(haha). An exciting and rewarding place to be in. So am pretty much looking forward to it.
Ankita Agarwal
Rs. 4.34 lakh/annum
No, I am not satisfied. This is not what I had envisaged for myself. I guess I won't be able to exploit my skills in a proper way. Though I have sound core knowledge, I wanted to go into a software company that offers core chemical engineering solutions because all my projects were like that. I would like to crack CAT
Ashish Mishra
Rs. 5.3 lakh/annum
Yes, I am proud to be a part of the company that is a leading producer of steel. I have been working for this job.
Gaurav Shukla
Rs. 4.34 lakh/annum
Yeah, It's a dream job for me. It is a friendly and work cultural company.

P.S.: There are eight people selected in Microsoft but the comments of only two of them are mentioned here due to crunch of space. Others who have been selected in Microsoft are: Arpit Nand, Arun Tangri, Ravindra Nath Bhartiya, Raman Kumar, Vivek Singh Gaur, Rishabh Tewari.

IT Gymhkhana - Office Bearers
Chronicle Editor @ Oct 10, 2005

IT Gymkhana finally declared the names of captains, vice-captains, general secretaries, joint general secretaries etc. halfway through the semester.

These were declared on 7/9/2005.

Sports & Games Wing

  • Joint General Secretary: Saurabh Pandey, IVth Yr. Electrical

S. No
Athletics (Men) Captain
Vikash Kumar IInd Yr. Ceramics
Athletics(Women) Captain
Sucharita Sen IIIrd Yr. Pharma
Shikhar Awasthi IVth Yr. Chemical

Vice Captain Shakti Singh IInd Yr. Metallurgy
Badminton (Men) Captain K. Karthikeyan IIIrd Yr. Civil

Vice Captain Ankit Agarwal IIIrd Yr. Civil
5 Badminton (Women) Captain
S. Mridula IIIrd Yr. Pharma
6 Carom (Men) Captain
Parimal Nanial IVth Yr. Chemical
7 Carom (Women) Captain
Taru Bajaj IIIrd Yr. Electrical
8 Cricket(Men) Captain
Amit Rai IVth Yr. Civil

Vice Captain Ankit Singhai IIIrd Yr. Mechanical
9 Cricket (Women) Captain
Pankhuri Sakhuja IIIrd Yr. Mechanical
10 Football Captain
Deepak Gopal IIIrd Yr. Pharma

Vice Captain Pranab Das IIIrd Yr. Computer
Hockey Captain
Abhinav Kumar IIIrd Yr. Pharma

Vice Captain Rajat Verma IInd Yr. Chemical
Maulik Mehta IIrd Yr. Chemical
13 Swimming(Men) Captain
Shashi Kumar IVth Yr. Pharma

Vice Captain Shakti Singh IInd Yr. Metallurgy
14 Swimming(Women) Captain
Sucharita Sen IIIrd Yr. Pharma
15 Table Tennis(Men) Captain
Vaibhav Jain IIIrd Yr. Chemical

Vice Captain Abhishek Kumar IInd Yr. Mechanical
16 Table Tennis(Women) Captain
Latika Mehra IIIrd Yr. Electrical
17 Lawn Tennis Captain
Protonu Das IIIrd Yr. Computer

Vice Captain Saurabh Jain IIIrd Yr. Pharma
18 Volleyball(Men) Captain
Sauvik Babu IIIrd Yr. Civil

Vice Captain Bharat S IIIrd Yr. Chemical
19 Volleyball(Women) Captain Shweta Singh IVth Yr. Chemical

Vice Captain Taru Bajaj IIIrd Yr. Electrical
Varun Sharma IIIrd Yr. Pharma

Vice Captain S.K. Gupta IIIrd Yr. Mechanical

Cultural Wing

  • Joint General Secretary: Anjani Rai, IIIrd Yr. Ceramics

S. No
1 Cultural event management Secretary
Manish Kumar IVth Yr. Ceramics

Joint Secretary Piyush Jain IVth Yr. Mechanical
2 Theatre [Play (one act & other)] Secretary Abhay Mishra IIIrd Yr. Chemical

Joint Secretary Chandan Sharma IIIrd Yr. Mechanical

Theatre [Skit + Street Play] Secretary Abhay Mishra IIIrd Yr. Chemical

Joint Secretary K.H. Dwivedi IIIrd Yr. Chemical

Theatre [Mime + mimicry] Secretary Abhay Mishra IIIrd Yr. Chemical

Joint Secretary Vaibhav Suman IIrd Yr. Mining
Indian Music - Vocal
Secretary S. Mridula IIIrd Yr. Pharma

Joint Secretary A.S. Parmar IInd Yr. Mining

Indian Music - Instrumental Secretary S. Mridula IIIrd Yr. Pharma

Joint Secretary A.B.R. John IIIrd. Yr. Chemical
Western Music Secretary
S.K. Kejriwal IVth Yr. Ceramics

Joint Secretary Mehul P. Singh IIIrd Yr. Chemical
Dance - Folk/Tribal Secretary
Nishant Tripathi IIIrd. Yr. Metallurgy

Joint Secretary Deepshikha Singh IIIrd Yr. Ceramics

Dance - Classical Secretary Saurav Sachdev IIIrd Yr. Computer

Joint Secretary Deepesh Soni IInd Yr. Chemical
Quiz Secretary
Raagav Waahi IIIrd Yr. Metallurgy

Joint Secretary NRP Reddy IIIrd. Yr. Electronics
Debate and Elocution Secretary
Pushpendra Singh IIIrd Yr. Electrical

Joint Secretary Saurabh Rai IIIrd Yr. Mechanical
Fine arts Secretary
Som Nath Gupta IIIrd Yr. Mechanical

Joint Secretary S. Khandelwal IIIrd Yr. Chemical

Creative Arts
Nishant Gupta IIIrd Yr. Mining

Joint Secretary Ima Tyagi IIIrd Yr. Metallurgy

Co curricular activities wing.

  • Joint General Secretary: Chandan Mathur, IIIrd Yr. Ceramics

S. No.
Audio Club Secretary Sobhit Bajpai IIIrd Yr. Ceramics

Joint Secretary Vivek Khare IIIrd Yr. Ceramics
Aeromodelling Club Secretary
Abhishek Khanna IIIrd Yr. Mechanical

Joint Secretary Saurabh Rai IIIrd Yr. Mechanical
Astronomy Club Secretary
Subin Paul IIIrd Yr. Ceramics

Joint Secretary KH Dwivedi IIIrd. Yr. Chemical
4 Cine Club Secretary
Gaurav Singh IIIrd Yr. Ceramics
5 Computer Club Secretary
Saurav Sachdeva IIIrd Yr. Computer

Joint Secretary M.Maheshwari IIIrd Yr. Computer
Photography Club Secretary
Ravi Sinha IIIrd Yr. Ceramics

Joint Secretary Neeraj Kr. Rai IIIrd Yr. Ceramics

LITERATI: A literary club, finally !!
Chronicle Editor @ Oct 10, 2005
Varun Murali reports:

One of the long standing shortcomings in IT was finally rectified with the establishment of the literary club. LITERATI, just an informal group, will serve as a forum for those whoever in IT interested in enhancing their literary skills. LITERATI plans to meet once in a week initially at the LIMBDI common room and will organize debates, quizzes, word games, extempores etc.

The co-ordinators of this club are:

  • Akshay Rajagopalan (3rd Metallurgy)
  • Mayank Maheshwari( 3rd Computer Science)
  • Sucharita Sen (3rd Pharmacy)
  • Radha Ganesan (3rd Pharmacy)

During the course of the inaugural get together on the 26th of September, the coordinators told the IT BHU Chornicle that they were highly grateful to Dr. S.K.Sharma (Warden, Limbdi Hostel) for his initiative and whole hearted support towards the venture.

Up next, LITERATI plans to have an online forum featuring quizzes, book reviews and other articles.

Litrary 'Armageddon': blazing start to litrary club activities
Chronicle Editor @ Oct 10, 2005

On the 4th of September, the first year students of ITBHU got their first experience of the literary events of the institute. A debating competition was organized in G-11 and the topic set before the house was “Recent changes proposed in the IITJEE are welcome”.

The judge for the event was Prof. P. Panda. The event started a bit later than the slated time. The participation in the event was overwhelming as compared to the last year. 32 teams each comprising of two participants each had got registered and this number is much more as compared to the meagre turnout of 10-15 participants last year.

Most of the participants were first time speakers and there were nerves all around as expected but everyone had come to put his or her point forward with full determination. That was reflected throughout the event.

The participants had to speak on the topic for 2+1 minutes and then 1 minute was allowed for rebuttal. There was a moderator of the proceedings who made sure that the event carried on smoothly.

The debating event lasted for about 5 hours and these 5 hours saw some of the future debaters of our institute grit it out trying to prove their points. This was an inter-branch competition with a declaration of the best branch as well to commend the work done by the branch as a whole.

The interest shown by seniors was in no way lesser than the participants. Many seniors from all the years were present at the event helping out the participants with the last minute tips and pep-up talks.

There were a few problems before the main event and because of some unavoidable circumstances the time of the competition had to be changed the night before the event itself. All credits to the coordinators, Pushpendra Pratap Singh and Saurabh Rai, and their team, that they were able to inform the whole of the first yearites and everyone else involved with the event. Another problem was which was clearly seen as lessening the charm of the competition was frequent power cuts. Without any back-up system, the speakers had to speak without microphones. But luckily the power cuts were not too long and the event got through fairly smoothly with the help of the moderator and other seniors present over there.

At the end of the debates there was a small round of ‘Lexicomania’, which is a collection of word games, which was conducted by Akshay Rajgopalan. This kept the crowd enthused while the results were being compiled.

The results were then declared and they stood as follows:-

Best Speakers

     1.Nikhil (Electronics)
     2.Sandeep (Electronics)
     3.Neeraj and Ankit (Engineering Physics)

Best Teams

     1.Nikhil and Sandeep (Electronics)
     2.Neeraj and Ankit (Engineering Physics)
     3.Vivek and Bhavik (Mining)

Best branch

     3.Engineering Physics

Overall the event was a grand success and as one the seniors, who is associated with this field closely, Anjani Rai, say “the event marked a grand opening to the literary activities of the institute.”

Fest Time is approaching �..
Chronicle Editor @ Oct 10, 2005

Varun Murali reports:

With the election of General secretaries and Assistant General secretaries (see table), for the conduct of various activities under the aegis of the Gymkhana , planning and marketing for various fests to be held have reached full steam.

OPULENCE ( IT’s management festival), in its second year, will be held on the 14th and 15th of January, and will kick off a plethora of fests lined up for the second semester. Abhinav Singhal (3rd metallurgy) will be the student convener.To follow it up will be COMET (Conference on Mechanical engineers and Technology), to be held from the 27th to 29th of January. Nitin Srivastava (4th Mechanical) will be the convener from the student’s side for this event. COMET, the Department of Mechanical Engineering’s Technical Festival, is also in its infant years and will be trying to emulate the runaway success it was, the last time it was held, in 2004.

The net result of all this is an abundance of colourful posters and other stick outs all over the campus, ranging from Wall Magazines to trivia posers, sure to get the junta hooked up. IT BHU Chronicle wonders why some of these fests don’t take place in the 1st semester, so that they don’t end up competing against each other for marketing and personnel. But, the months of January and February, surely, are going to be a lot of fun.

Fachcha's on a roll
Chronicle Editor @ Oct 10, 2005

Varun Murali Reports:

The first years' music workshop held on 21st September 2005, was a mellow affair as usual. The facchas' Indian music skills were brought to "light" as many attempted difficult melody numbers. This year also witnessed enthusiastic participation in the instrumentals category.

Constructive advice was offered by the judges Dr.S.Mandal and Mr.Akash Chatterjee making the event highly interactive. Also interesting was the way seniors offered their suggestions for improvement. The C factor kicked-off by the faccha dance continued here, with Civil receiving top honours in instrumentals. However, in vocals, it appears that the domination Mining has enjoyed in the past continues.

The Weekend that was .. !!
Chronicle Editor @ Oct 10, 2005

The FUCHHA SKIT competition is probably the most eagerly anticipated event of the first semester. But, the weekend was made all the more memorable (maybe taxing) for the first yearites, courtesy the MOUSE WORKSHOP conducted by the Technical Activity Centre (TAC, IT-BHU) and ‘LITZKRIEG’, the inter-branch literary competition.

The IT BHU Chronicle takes a peep into how all these events went off.


The first year inter-branch skit competition which was held on the 24th of September, was, in keeping with tradition, a huge draw. Organized by the IT-BHU THEATRE group, weeks of hard work on part of the event managers and participants culminated in quite an impressive show.

The event, advanced to a 2:30 pm start as compared to the usual evening start faced a lull initially as a consequence, but as the crowd picked up through the course of the evening, G-11 had a typical IT atmosphere about it.

This year’s skit competition saw a record number of entries, and as a result, the audience did have its appetite whetted. The themes of these skits were all encompassing ranging from life in IT, corruption, life of teenagers, ancient Indian culture and so on. What was most noticeable this time around was that the usual catcalls and booing gave way to applause and appreciation. The event was graced by the presence of A.K Aggarwal (Gymkhana President) as well as an esteemed jury comprising of the hugely popular Bose Dada, Ms. Shobha Mishra, Mr. Neeraj Verma and Ms. Swasthi Mondal.

Bose Dada, towards the end was at his exuberant best, inspiring , but at the same time not shy of pointing out where we went wrong. He asked the winners to take the results with a pinch of salt and for those who missed out, told them that they were no worse off.

At the end of it all, it was time for the results, and Civil Engineering students for their portrayal of the way teenagers tend to live these days, deservingly ended up with the first prize. Chemical came second, with Metallurgy third and Mechanical ended up a close fourth. Of course, there were some long faces on the way back to the hostel, more out of disappointment at having missed out but for the winners, it was a case of celebration all the way. The only disturbing trend the entire night was the presence of some empty seats in G-11, though the atmosphere was lively.

The Chronicler wonders whether it is just one of the adverse effects of the internet. Anyway, that is for another issue.


Following on the heels of the ‘MOTORBOAT’ and ‘STRAWBRIDGE’ workshop which TAC had conducted last month (see CHRONICLE Sept. issue), the long overdue MOUSE workshop was held on the 25th of September. Due to time constraints, the workshop started as early as 7;30 in the morning , but still an amazing 150 first yearites (in groups of four) turned up despite the rigours of the previous day.

The problem designated to them was to design an autonomous vehicle that would move around a particular geometrical body, taking turns as and when it encounterd edges. The students were provided with the necessary motors, gears, body frame, tyres, switches and other accessories necessary to carry out the task. They were also briefed on as to how to go about making it by their mentors(TAC members).

Designing a robot, where precision in each and every detail is most important is not the easiest thing in the world as the students found out. At the end of 5-6 hours of toil, around 15 mouses were designed, out of which only 7-8 were in perfect working condition. As for the rest, they were given the kits as well as a further deadline, with participation in the robotics workshop at stake.


Literary activities in IT have usually been damp squibs with participation levels being quite abyssmal. So, it was no wonder that the organizers of ‘LITZKRIEG’
had to resort to an inter-branch competition so as to generate interest and participation. And did it work out well or what?

LITZKRIEG was a literary heptathlon comprising Extempore, Story making, Ad spoof, Dumbcharades, Jam, Lateral inversion and instantaneous delivery of songs with one’s own lyrics. Each branch was given the freedom of sending participants of its choice for every event with the constraint that an individual could participate in only one event.

Workshops were conducted prior to the event so as to brief the participants on the various events, which made it easier for them to perform on D-Day,the 25th of September in the evening. When it did get started, it was an experience for the participants, as most of them had never spoken in front of an audience. It was fun all the way with moments of hilarity in between. Even though most participants had difficulties in interpreting the topics which were often laced with with double meaning, what stood out was their creativity and ability to think on their feet.

Mechanical engineering students bagged the first prize in what was a role reversal from the previous day, with Metallurgy and Ceramics following close behind. Neha Jain of Ceramics was adjudged the best speaker. But the biggest winner that evening was the idea of LIT with a fairly well packed G-11, a stark contrast to what it had been in previous years.

At the end of it all it was time for the first yearites to let out a collective gasp of UMPHH!!! That, surely was a tiring but an enjoyable weekend.

Om Tiku appointed as VP-Engineering, Meru Networks
Chronicle Editor @ Oct 10, 2005

The press release from Meru Networks, California states that Mr. Om Tiku (1973 batch) has been appointed as Vice president of Engineering

The full article

Meru Networks Extends Investment in Technical Excellence with Addition of Cisco Engineering Veteran to Executive Management Team

Om Tiku Appointed Vice President of Engineering for Wireless VoIP Leader
Sunnyvale, CA – October 3, 2005

Meru Networks, the global leader in wireless VoIP infrastructure, announced today that it has further strengthened its executive management team with the addition of industry veteran, and a former Engineering leader of Cisco’s Access Business Unit, Om Tiku, as Vice President of Engineering.

Prior to joining Meru, Mr. Tiku spent over nine years at Cisco, where he was responsible for the concept, architecture, development and delivery of an enterprise branch and small office family of routers, including the first industry standards-based Mobile Access Router. Under Mr. Tiku’s direction, Cisco introduced multiple products for highly mobile environments, including the mission-critical Public Safety markets. In addition to these accomplishments, Mr. Tiku’s tenure at Cisco included numerous innovations and awards, the introduction of key new technologies in the wireless, broadband access and security areas, and the growth, development and management of a global engineering organization.

"Om brings both years of successful engineering management, as well as recognized technological innovation to Meru,” said Ihab Abu-Hakima, president and CEO for Meru Networks. “His expertise and in depth knowledge of mobile, WLAN and wired IP technologies made him the obvious choice to take our development organization to the next level of product leadership in wireless VoIP.”

“Meru has clearly positioned itself at the forefront of wireless VoIP innovation with products that are clearly differentiated from its competitors,” commented Om Tiku. “I am excited to be part of Meru’s continued growth and success.”

Before joining Cisco, Mr. Tiku was with Norand Corporation, where he managed and delivered the company’s first Open Wireless LAN communication system. Prior to Norand, he was at Network Equipment Technologies, and held engineering positions with Avantek, California Microwave, and Indian Telephone Industries. Mr. Tiku holds a BSEE from the Indian Institute of Technology, and has completed post-graduate level work in networking, advanced operating systems and computer architecture at both Santa Clara and Stanford Universities in California.

About Meru Networks

Meru Networks is a global leader in Wireless Voice over IP (VoIP) infrastructure solutions. With its innovative, award-winning Air Traffic Control technology that brings the benefits of the cellular world to the wireless LAN environment, Meru’s WLAN System is the only solution on the market that offers the reliability, scalability, and security necessary to deliver converged voice and data services over a single WLAN infrastructure. Meru’s Wireless LAN System provides major Fortune 500 enterprises, universities, and healthcare organizations with the predictable bandwidth and over-the-air Quality of Service required to support a wide range of current and future wireless applications. Founded in 2002, Meru is based in Sunnyvale, California. For more information on Meru Networks and its products, visit or call (408) 215-5300.

Srinivas Palakodeti will be the new CFO of Sahara One
Chronicle Editor @ Oct 10, 2005

Sahara One has announced that Srinivas Palakodeti will be the new CFO of the company, MR Srinivas comes as CFO, COO from IndusInd Media and Communications Limited, IIMCL, which controls the Hinduja cable arm INCablenet and will report to Shantonu Aditya, CEO, Sahara One.

Commenting on the appointment Aditya said, "It gives me great pleasure to welcome Srinivas Palakodeti who joins Sahara One as CFO. Srinivas has 16 years experience covering the areas of investment banking, project and corporate finance, business development and financial planning along with substantial exposure to cable television operations. I am sure that as Sahara One stands poised with expansion plans, Srinivas will add immense value to the business."

MR Srinivas says, "I am pleased to be a part of a strong and growing company like Sahara One, which has several exciting plans on the anvil. I am confident that with these plans and the excellent professional teams in place in each business of Sahara One, the company is poised for strong growth."

MR Srinivas is an engineering graduate from the Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University, and holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Management from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.

Sambit Rath, 4th year Mec, writes in ET
Chronicle Editor @ Oct 10, 2005

Sambit's article was published by the Economic Times in the Editorial Page.

We wish Sambit more editorial successes.

Amit Govil [ECE 1992] joins the Borad of Directors at Kinapse
Chronicle Editor @ Oct 10, 2005

News item in Open Press dated 17th Sept. 2005 titled “Kinapse expands board of directors”. Our alumnus, Mr. Amit Govil of ECE 1992 (?) batch, has been appointed as a Director to the Board of Kinapse Ltd.

The Full Article

Kinapse Expands Board of Directors
Published on: September 17th, 2005 12:00am by:Kinapse

LONDON, UK (OPENPRESS) September 17, 2005 -- Dr. Nicholas ('Nick') Edwards and Mr. Amit Govil have been appointed as Directors to the Board of Kinapse Ltd, which provides specialist information processing services and business consulting to life sciences R&D organisations.

Nick has 20 years of experience in life sciences and healthcare, the bulk of which was with Accenture, formerly Andersen Consulting (NYSE: ACN). He was the global head of the pharmaceutical R&D practice of Accenture and, as part of the leadership team, responsible for selling and delivering work to pharmaceutical companies in Europe and USA. Nick is also the Chairman of MedInnovate Ltd., a company involved in creating, developing and transforming life sciences businesses. Nick has an MA in Physiology from The Queen's College, Oxford and a BM, BCh from Oxford University.

Amit Govil has over 17 years experience in business and technology consulting. He is currently the Chairman and CEO of Calance Corporation, a global IT services company. He is the former head of Sapient India and was responsible for growing that company from start-up to 850 employees with revenues in excess of 50% of the total revenues of Sapient (NASDAQ: SAPE). He was also a member of Sapient's global management team. Previously, Amit has worked at Accenture (then Andersen Consulting) selling and delivering complex technology solutions. Amit has a B. Tech degree in Computer Science from IT-BHU, India.

Andy Black and Shalabh Kumar, co-founders and CEO and COO respectively of Kinapse, commented, "We are delighted that Dr. Nick Edwards and Mr. Amit Govil have joined the Board of Directors of Kinapse. Nick brings broad consulting experience and incisive pharmaceutical industry insights to our business. Amit complements the existing Board members with his extensive experience of building services businesses based in India. We are looking forward to working closely with these proven leaders, as we scale up to a leadership position in service delivery for life sciences R&D organisations.”

About Kinapse
Kinapse provides specialist information processing services and business consulting to life sciences R&D organisations at unmatched value.

Kinapse has a novel operating and delivery model that allows us to bring together the very best people in virtual teams, in a wide range of R&D domains, committed to the success of our clients. The delivery model is differentiated from conventional R&D services companies by:
- blended onshore-offshore teams, tailored to client requirements;
- industry-veteran consulting partners who bring deep experience and expertise in specific functional areas;
- exclusive service partners with distinctive, complementary services.

Kinapse personnel have worked in a number of major Pharmaceutical R&D companies including AstraZeneca, Bayer, BMS, CMR International, GlaxoWellcome, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson, MHRA, Roche, Schering AG and Wyeth.

Shalabh Kumar
P: +44 20 8871 3404

Hyde Park House
5 Manfred Road
London SW15 2RS

Blogs & Websites
Chronicle Editor @ Oct 10, 2005

Starting this issue, we are introducing a new section called IT-BHU Blogspots. It will list all blogs by alumni and those related to our college. The conditions for listing are as follows:

a) Blogs must be owned by student/alumni/faculty/administration
b) Blogs should not be mere personal statistics; it should contain interesting info about any general topics. In short, it should be educating, informative and entertaining.
c) It should not contain any offensive language or subject, such as about politics, race or religion.
d) The blog should be accessible for general public, and preferably should have place for anyone to submit a comment.
e) At appropriate time, we will also publish the complete profile of the blog-owner, on whose blog readers can post comments.
f) The Chronicle reserves the right to include or not to include any submitted blog.

For this issue, we begin with publishing the following blogs:

1) Blog by Prof. T. A. Abinandanan, (Meta 1985)

Abi, who is currently a professor in the Dept. of metallurgy at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, has a public blog, which is posting a topic almost daily. It deals with educational issue and issues with national or general interest. Readers can post comments on his blog.

(His profile appears separately in this issue of Chronicle)

2) Animesh Pathak, CSE2003:

Animesh, who is currently studying PhD in Computer Science Engineering at University of Southern California has a website, which discusses variety of subjects, ranging from IIT-JEE to old Hindi cinema posters. It also contains blogs of other bloggers. He posts new topics weekly (sometimes daily). Readers can post comments on his blog.

3) Mukul Agrawal, ECE2000

Mukul, who is currently studying PhD in Electrical Engineering at Stanford University, has a website full of technical resources on the subject. It includes research papers, research groups, publications, articles, etc. It also includes photo album for IT-BHU, Stanford University and other places. It should be remembered that long before our alumni association was formed, he created and maintained a publicly accessible database of our alumni at Stanford University

4) Nitin Mohan, ECE1999

Nitin, who is currently studying PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Waterloo, Canada has a website which contains a lots of information about his research subject, i.e. CMOS, IC and VLSI design. The site contains Papers, Publications and Patents, along with some personal quotes.

5) Blog by Sunil Pal, Meta2002

Sunil, who is currently studying PhD in Material Science and Engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, New York has a website which contains a number of links for research journals, international newspapers and mathematics literature. For example, Famous Curves Index lists more complete details about more than 60 geometrical curves.

Note to readers:

If you come across any such blogs by our alumni or others, please let us know at

More about Nanopolitan blog
Chronicle Editor @ Oct 10, 2005
Prof. T. A. Abinandanan
 (Undated photo)
The Chronicle decided to look at the popular blog "Nanopolitan" and the person behind it.

The blog is managed by Prof. T.A. Abinandanan (Abi), who is a professor at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and alumnus of IT-BHU.

Profile of Abi:

Originally from: Madras.

Years at IT-BHU: 1981 - 85. It was the first batch of the four-year B.Tech. program, universally hated by the last five-year batch. When the two batches graduated together in 1985, the competition was (perceived to be) intense for everything: jobs and higher studies abroad, in particular.

Degree from IT-BHU: B.Tech. in Metallurgical Engineering.

Went to Carnegie Mellon for Ph.D., and got it in 1991. Spent 18 months doing a post-doc in Paris. Returned to India in 1993, and been a faculty member in the Department of Metallurgy at IISc. since September 1993.
Blogs of Abi:

His work-related website is at:

He maintains two blogs. One is work-related (and, unfortunately, it is seriously in need of resuscitation), it is called the Blog of Small Things:

The other one is a personal blog, in which he posts on all kinds of things not (directly) related to work. He calls it 'nanopolitan' (small citizen), shamelessly trying to be hip and geeky at the same time. It is at:

This blog receives about 40 hits/day.

His views about blogs in general:

For the last two blogs, the first post gives a general idea of what they are about. They are primarily outlets for expressing my ideas on a variety of things. Some are fun, some not (particularly, the discussions in blogs on the issue of poverty in India, and how to tackle it). Much of it is poorly informed; I seem to be commenting on many things in which I do not have a lot of knowledge, but some opinions!

However, there are two things that I have been doing on a regular basis: (a) comment on the state of university and college education in India; and (b) offer snippets from blogs of other academics, that provide an instant snapshot of what makes academics tick. I am a big fan of Brad DeLong's blog, Crooked Timber, The Dynamist, Marginal Revolution (all from the US); Death Ends Fun, Indian Writing, A Time to Reflect, Balancing Life and Desi Pundit (all Indian).

I think our society will benefit from more blogs by academics (particularly if they write on their subjects/fields of research). Except for one or two management professors' blogs (which are rarely updated), I am not aware of any other Indian academic who is into blogging (even as a personal hobby). I fervently hope this will change. There are quite a few Indian academics (both graduate students and faculty members) in the US who blog. Zoo Station, Amardeep Singh come to my mind immediately.


VC, BHU hints at IIT conversion.
Chronicle Editor @ Oct 10, 2005

Our VC gives a hint at prospect of converting IT into an IIT.

Reader's Feedback
Chronicle Editor @ Oct 10, 2005

For our 4th issue (Sept. 10, 2005 issue) we received responses from our valuable readers.

The readers’ responses are as follows:

I wish good luck and salute the team of ITBHU chronicles team for their effort

Amit Pandey, (Sept. 11)
Mining 2003

Nice to see the good work done by ITans is now captured and shared across.
Keep it up.

I would suggest following things-

a. Involve some external agencies that can draft these materials so that the spelling errors and other small errors can be minimized and the get up is improved. This can be done for one issue and on subsequent issues; the basic form can be retained.

b. Publish a PDF version of the material.


Nilesh Kumar (Sept. 12)
Tata Steel
Mining 1996

The article on workshops is good and an open fact known to all the students and administrative body. This article brings me to think about another question. Are workshops essential for all the streams of engineering? As of speaking of Computer Science, it seems completely irrelevant to learn about carpentry skills. Carpentry skills are useful in daily life, but definitely not necessary for learning concepts of computer science. Similar are other workshops. During my graduate study in US, i was a Teaching assistant for undergraduate computer science courses and here the undergrad students don't have these workshops in syllabus.

Cutting long story short, it is necessary for us to modify our curriculum, so that students do not spend their time in doing things, which they will not need after getting grades.

Returning back to fund issue, if for maintenance of workshops require funds then alumni can start a separate project for workshop renovations and i am sure it will not be tough to arrange something.

With regards
Anup Mayank (Sept. 12)
CSE 02

There seems to be a serious error in the news item " Faculty openings in BHU". It is written that only Professor and Reader positions have been advertised. The fact is that Lecturer positions have also been advertised in almost all Departments of IT. The BHU Advt. has been put up in such a lousy format that one has to scroll till infinity to the right to locate the Lecturers' positions. Please go through the Ad on the BHU site once again and make corrections immediately.

Dr. Ashim K. Mukherjee
Department of Applied Chemistry

Reply by The Chronicle Team:

Dear Dr. Mukherjee:

Thanks for your email. We shall correct the news about faculty openings in the next chronicle issue.

We will now have 24 to 48 hrs cool-down time between posting of articles online and making announcement about it. During this period, chronicle team members will review the articles already posted for any typos, corrections or omissions.

We appreciate your effort to bring the error to our attention.

With regards,
Chronicle team,

Chronicle Editor @ Oct 10, 2005

Nitin Mohan (ECE1999), Rajneesh Kumar (CSE1995) and Madhur Garg (Mech 2008) for contributing news

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