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December 31, 2007
Start-up co-founded by IT-ians
Chronicle Editor @ Dec 31, 2007

(Forwarded by Anshuman Singh, Electrical 1998)

ubona.pngUmesh Singhal(CSE-93), Vishal Lal (EEE-98) and Anshuman Purushottam (MIN-99) along with Jyotirmoy Chakravorthy(Assam Engineering College) and Giridhar Shanbagh(University of Mysore) have launched a start-up , UBONA Technologies, based out of Bangalore .

Ubona is a Speech Recognition Technology based start-up that was founded 8 months ago . Ubona has launched its first "Speak and Connect" – Foodies Hotline service in Bangalore. Using this service , user can call a hotline number (+91 80 40700000), speak the name of the restaurant and get directly connected to the restaurant. Right now it's only for all Wine and Dine places in Bangalore but soon it'll be available for other domains as well, including Entertainment, Hospitality, Personal Care, Finance & Banking, Automobiles etc across all major cities in India.

Ubona's charter is to create a new medium that will be able to understand what people say and trigger appropriate actions to service what has been said. Ubona's vision is to make the contact simple and help build the association between consumers and businesses in the real world.


(Team members, from left to right: Umesh, Giri, Vishal, Jyotirmoy, Anshuman)

The live wire of Ubona's service is its state of the art speech recognition platform. The speech recognition platform is completely in-house developed and uses a paradigm different from the prevailing methodologies. At Ubona, speech recognition is performed using their own architecture and algorithms.

You can check them out @ and send your feedback at feedback(at)ubona(dot)com