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IT BHU Chronicle: August '08 edition
Chronicle Editor @ Aug 31, 2008
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Published on August 25, 2008
The Chronicle August, 2008 issue.
Vol.2008 : Issue 0008
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Front Page
Chronicle Editor @ Aug 28, 2008
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We are pleased to announce the chronicle August issue with totally new 8-page format and lots of articles.

First we begin with sad news of demise of our outstanding electronics engineer (Mr. Madan Mohan Tiwari (Electronics 1973). May his soul rest in peace. You may pay tribute to him online in the space provided below the obituary article.
This time, we have been able to put a number of articles related to campus and students. The complete JEE admission analysis and list of admitted undergraduate students are posted in the Reports section. We have published 4 interviews in Interview section. Two of the interviews are related to career and placement field. We have also posted cartoons (where appropriate) along with some articles.
The issue also notes the news from alumni world. It includes announcement by alumni association about documents for bylaws and organization structure. It also has announcement about alumni projects.
We need more news. Please send your news and feedback at: chronicle@itbhuglobal.org.
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IT-BHU conversion to IIT -Official Update
Chronicle Editor @ Aug 27, 2008
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So far the process for converting IT-BHU to IIT has been going smooth. A senior advisor of Planning Commission, Mr. Bhasker Chatterji visited our institute on August 11 to discuss about IIT conversion. He was satisfied with the steps being taken by our institute for the conversion and discussed the funding needs of about Rs. 500 crores.

On the other hand, there are two issues which need to be resolved before the conversion process can proceed further. One is about the governance of IIT and other about naming of our institute.
For governance, BHU administration has proposed that Vice-Chancellor of the University should be always head of the Chairman of the Board for the proposed IIT. Currently the Chairman of the Board of each IIT is the outside person appointed by the central government. Usually he is a distinguished person, such as industrialist, academician, scientist, etc. Since he is always a person outside of the institute, the current IIT Council (apex group of all IITs) may not have much objection about appointing VC as the Chairman of the Board of our institute.
However, the second problem is more complex. Our University wants to rename our institute as IIT-BHU, Varanasi after conversion. On the other hand, HRD ministry and IIT council wants to have name similar to other IITs, i.e. IIT, Varanasi only. This is to maintain the brand-image of IITs, as IITs are named after the respective city only. Anything else is not acceptable to them.
Our alumni volunteers are in constant touch with University administration and officials from HRD ministry. We hope that the issue will be quickly resolved as per our expectations and process for conversion of our institute to IIT will move forward.
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Chronicle in new format
Chronicle Editor @ Aug 27, 2008
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To make chronicle more readable and for consistent nomenclature, we have changed the chronicle format from single page to eight-page format. Thus beginning this issue, each issue will have articles conveniently divided into 8 pages or sections. A reader can go through different sections by clicking on top flaps (page bars). This will spare readers the time and efforts needed to scroll entire issue to find a particular article of his/her interest. This will also enable us to put more articles per issue, which readers can enjoy. A reader can also access an article directly from “In this page” sub-section on the Home page. He can also come back to the top quickly by merely clicking “TOP” icon at the end of each sub-section.

The entire issue is divided into 8 pages or sections as follows:
This is the opening page, which will contain standard announcement of the issue, front page (including editorial), feedback and obituary. In this issue, we have published the obituary of Mr. M. M. Tiwari, along with provision to pay tribute online below the obituary.
The Home page also contains list of articles under the sub-section “in this issue”. A reader can simply click the article of his choice and read it.
This section will contain news about our institute, university, publication news, Varanasi news and national Publication news as well as news update from IITs.
This section will contain special reports which are not covered elsewhere. In this issue, we have covered admission statistics, including list of undergraduate students admitted to our institute this year.
This section is devoted to campus news and events. It carries news about campus, students and faculty, articles by students, campus activities such as seminars/conferences/exhibitions, etc.
This section will contain all about alumni. It will have news update from alumni association, alumni projects, alumni meets and reunion announcements/reports, etc. It will also contain profile of alumni and alumni news.
This section is exclusively for interviews. Thus anyone looking for reading of interviews will straightway go this section. This issue contains 4 interviews; while earlier we used to publish only 1-2 interviews per issue.
This section is for articles for general reading such as; blogs, topics and photo gallery. They will be more for general interest and entertainment purposes. Topics will contain interesting articles in health, science and technology, travel, economics, etc., taken from reputed news magazines.
This section contains basic info about chronicle magazine. It will contain info about Chronicle and its policy, copyright information and list of chronicle team.
In coming months, more changes are planned in chronicle format.
About August issue
Due to change in methodology, the current issue of chronicle (dated August 20) is called August issue. The previous published issue (dated July 20) was called June issue. Hence no issue is lost in-between; just the issue month is assigned differently.
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Sad demise of Mr. Madan Mohan Tiwari (Electronics 1973)
Chronicle Editor @ Aug 30, 2008
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We want to share the sad news with our readers about the demise of Mr. Madan Mohan Tiwari (Electronics 1973). He expired on 14th august. He was admitted in PGI Lucknow where he breathed his last. May his soul rest in peace.

The above news was received from Biswarup Banerjee (Electrical 1974). Here is the message received from him:

“Myself and Tewariji started our job carrier together from Solan. From there he left and joined Weston, and then UPTRON (R&D Division) Lucknow. I had a chance to work again with him in UPTRON. From there he joined Philips India Ltd. Pune. He was a name in Television Industry.

He was very intelligent and knowledgeable man, a very good guide and top of all a nice GENTLEMAN. I have lost a great teacher and a guide.
May his soul rest in peace and we pray to the almighty to give strength to the family to bear this loss.”
1st batch of Electronics
Mr. Madan Mohan Tiwari was from the first batch of engineers from the electronics engineering department. At that time, IT-BHU was one of the two institutes (other was IIT, Kharagpur) offering degree in electronics engineering. Prior to 1973, electronics subject was offered as optional in electrical engineering degree, as low voltage engineering.
According to Dr, Banmali Rawat, who did B. Tech. (electrical- electronics) in 1968 and M. Tech. (Electronics Eng.) in 1970 from IT-BHU, there was no electronics engineering branch at undergraduate level. It was electrical engineering but in the final year we could select either High Voltage/Power area for EE or Microwaves, Radio Communication, EM for electronics group. However, at master’s level the first degree in Electronics Eng. was awarded in 1970.
(Chronicle Note: We are expected more details for this sad news in few days. We shall post the update later, whenever it is received. You may pay tribute to him in the space provided below.)
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November 13, 2008 1:53 AM
 Ananta Prasad Panda said:

The effort to bring " Chronicle in new format" by the team members is praise worthy. I was thinking of the same few months back and now my intuition has come true. Thanks & congratulation to all the members collectively.

A. P. Panda.
Civil (1968)

September 9, 2008 7:24 PM
 Yogesh K. Upadhyaya said:

It is indeed a sad news for all of us and particularly for electronics dept. of our institute. Mr. Tiwariji was among the first batch (1973) of electronics engineering dept. He was a known authority in television technology in our country.

May his soul rest in peace.

Yogesh K. Upadhyaya
Chemical 1977

August 31, 2008 1:47 PM
 arunava dutta gupta said:

The new look ITBHU Chronicle and the selection of topics are well thought out in nature. At the out set let me convey my deep appreciation and gratitude for the untiring efforts given by the team, the editor and the management. My heartiest congratulation to the entire Chronicle collective.

Arunava Dutta Gupta

August 31, 2008 7:30 AM

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