Vikram Karve (Electronics 1977) publishes a book on Food
Chronicle Editor @ Aug 27, 2008
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A Foodie Book - Appetite for a Stroll by Vikram Karve

VikramKarveBook.jpgAre you a passionate foodie?
Want to learn the ART OF EATING?
Searching for yummy heritage cuisine?
Then you must read APPETITE FOR A STROLL.
ISBN: 978-81-906900-9-6 Publisher: Cinnamon Teal Print & Publishing Services. Rs. 200
Sulekha Book Series Volume III – Appetite for a Stroll
 About the book
Appetite for a Stroll is Volume 3 of the Sulekha Book Series, a Blogprint initiative.
If the aroma of good food brings a smile to your face and lightens up your mood, then Vikram Karve's Appetite for a Soul is your best bet. As the author travels through the streets of Mumbai, Pune and other cities in search of good food, he shares his invigorating experience of food hunting and learning new recipes. His explorations lead him to some of the rarest cuisines and authentic rustic preparations.
Going by the mantra "there is no love greater than the love of eating", his writings could transform any lay man into a delightful food connoisseur. His experiments with recipes, reviews of some of the oldest restaurants and mouth-watering description of dishes would mark an everlasting image in the minds of the reader.
Appetite for a Stroll covers Karve's explorations, eating and food walking experiences coupled with vivid photographs and features that are sure to heighten the appetite of readers. His passion and love towards food takes a new dimension that will not only create a niche for himself but also pave way for his fellow foodies.
Sulekha’s food guru has arrived! Yes, the third volume of the Sulekha Book Series is up for grabs. In Appetite for a Stroll, food connoisseur Vikram Karve takes you on a delicious journey as he discovers new places to eat, new styles of cuisine and some ways to prepare them.
As he walks along the galis of Mumbai and Pune, Vikram Karve describes the delectable flavors of the rich Indian cuisine, its creation, taste and the complete gastronomical experience he enjoys. His tongue-in-cheek reviews and mouth-watering descriptions coupled with vivid photographs are sure to ignite the food enthusiast in you. The book stands testimony to the details, efforts, interest and the undying passion of a die-hard foodie, who has, in addition to providing readers with valuable tips and suggestions, also submitted an absolute value-for-money guide for food lovers.
With special bonus features never before posted on Sulekha, photographs of both dishes and destinations across India, Appetite for a Stroll promises to be an enjoyable read that will leave a lingering flavor in your minds for a long long time. So go on, grab a copy of this steaming food book which is sure to set your taste buds on fire. The book is available on a first-come-first-serve basis and is priced at Rs. 200 only. To know what’s more in store,
About Vikram Karve
VikramKarve.jpgVikram graduated from IT-BHU in 1977 with B. Tech. in Electronics Engineering. At IIT-Delhi, he did M. Tech. in Electrical Engineering [Electronics & Communications] in 1983, and PGDM [HR] in 1985. He was selected for the Navy while studying in his final year at IT-BHU through a campus interview under the University Entry Scheme. Currently he is working as Senior Faculty at the Defence Institute of Advanced Technology (a Deemed University), Pune.
Vikram is a prolific writer and has written over 1,000 blogs on He writes on a variety of subjects, including, food, travel, social issues, etc.
Vikram Karve can be contacted at:
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