Welcome to the ITBHU Chronicle, September 2008 Edition.
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Chronicle Editor @ Sep 28, 2008
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We are pleased to announce the chronicle September issue with lots of articles.

The Report section contains news about our library, information about Malaviyaji Trust and about FAARD organization (launched by our ex-VC, Dr. Panjab Singh). It also contains a brief review about recently launched Google Chrome browser and posting of poetry and movie review by our alumni. We welcome any topic (art, literature, poetry, story, science and technology, economics, etc.) from our readers for our Opinion sub-section.

Under Campus View section, we have published announcements for seminars in Chemical and Mining dept. We have also listed achievements of our students for their award-winning inventions of hexapod and water purifier.

Under Alumni World section, the announcement for formation of election team and forthcoming election for CoR is made. This section also contains announcement for campus reunion of some classes. The Interview section contains interview of Govindan Ramu, CEO of midcareers.com. In Chronicle Extra, We have provided the overview of Digital Inspiration, a unique website for computer and internet technology.

Finally, in About Us page, we have listed tags used for some of the articles in this issue.

We need more news. Please send your news and feedback at: chronicle[AT]itbhuglobal.org.

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IT-BHU Conversion to IIT-Official Update
Chronicle Editor @ Sep 28, 2008
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For the last few weeks, there is no major news update. Our university administration has welcomed the IIT status for our institute and requested HRD ministry for IIT-BHU name, keeping university's sentiments in mind. HRD ministry is going through the proposal. The work on modifying BHU Act is also being done simultaneously by the Ministry.

We shall come to know about outcome only when the Parliament meets again in mid-Oct. and the Bill for modifying IIT Act is introduced.

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Chronicle format-new features added
Chronicle Editor @ Sep 28, 2008
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We are pleased to announce that from this issue, we have added more features to make the reading of chronicle enjoyable and more useful.

We have placed comments link at the end of each article. A reader can now place the comment online and view comments by others in real-time.

We have also tagged some of the relevant articles and tag is provided at the end of the article. This will help us to collect and retrieve all articles with related themes. Tags are selected manually based on central idea (or theme) of the article. A tag list is provided on the last page (About Us section). By clicking on any tag name, a person can read all the articles with the same tag name. The tags are expected to be linked by September end.

Another improvement is the printing and emailing facility for each article. Now one can send the article of his choice directly to his printer. One can also email the required article to his friend, instead of sending the entire chronicle issue.

More changes are planned in the coming issues.

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Miscellaneous Notes
Chronicle Editor @ Sep 28, 2008
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Chronicle needs volunteers

With more articles added each month, chronicle needs few more volunteers to join its team. The volunteer can be any student or alumnus, willing to work few hours each week. The work will include; collecting news, uploading articles on server, planning for each issue, etc. Interested candidates please write to chronicle@itbhuglobal.org.

Chronicle needs more news and articles

With the emphasis on more user generated contents, chronicle invites news, articles, ideas and leads from our community. Please send us your thoughts and contributions to chronicle@itbhuglobal.org.

Register for itbhuglobal.org

We have received the following message from IT-BHU Global Alumni Association:

“Currently we have over 6,400 alumni registered on our alumni database. We are requesting all the members of IT-BHU community to register on our database. All of our alumni, students, faculty and permanent staff of our institute are requested to register their names, if not done yet. To register, please visit www.itbhuglobal.org/register and enter necessary details.

All registered members shall be able to take part in the forth coming CoR (Council of Representatives) elections, either as candidates or voters. They will also be able to participate in our alumni projects, will be able to maintain contact with other alumni and will directly receive each issue of chronicle, when published. Please spread the message to your other batch-mates who have not registered so far.”

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Chronicle Editor @ Sep 28, 2008
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Thanks for your efforts for publishing the article in Chronicle. Another thing which came out is that I could connect with another IT-BHU Alumnus in Jaipur because of the chronicle and he lives and works just within a km of my place of work and residence.
Keep up the great work.
Shiv Shanker Kedia (Mechanical 1975)
Jaipur. September 9, 2008
Email: ersskedia [ AT] gmail.com

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