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IT-BHU Chronicle: October '08 edition
Chronicle Editor @ Oct 31, 2008
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Published on October 29, 2008
The Chronicle October 2008 issue.
Vol.2008 : Issue 0010
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In this issue
Chronicle Editor @ Oct 31, 2008
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We are pleased to announce the chronicle October issue with a number of articles.

On the sad note, we have published obituary of Anand Gupta (Mechanical 2001) and Kailash Chopra (Civil 1958). Readers can pay tribute online in the comment box provided below the obituaries.

The Report section contains some articles with varied interest background in Opinion sub-section. We welcome any topic (art, literature, poetry, story, science and technology, economics, book review, etc.) from our readers for our Opinion sub-section.

Under Campus View section, we have published a report on Software Freedom Day celebrated on our campus. We have also listed achievement of our Devender Singh Maun who received first prize at Shaastra technical festival at IIT-Madras for the invention of a unique water purifier, which can be used in rural area without the need for electricity.

Under Alumni World section, details are provided for ongoing CoR election by alumni association and the brief profile of Election Officers. This section also contains alumni profile for Ms. Vijaya Israni and Suresh Israni about their singing concert in Chicago; and about Rajat Kashyap for starting learn2consult consulting firm.

The Interview section contains interviews of two of our illustrative alumni from mechanical 1958 batch.  It includes interview of Padmashree Prof. S. P. Sukhatme, who was Director of IIT Bombay and Chairman of Atomic Energy Regulatory Board; and that of Mr. Mahen Das, who had long experience in working in Shell Refineries and who developed Merit, the world-standard Asset Management Program for process industries.

Finally, in About Us page, we have listed tags used for some of the articles in this issue.

We need more news. Please send your news and feedback at: chronicle@itbhuglobal.org.

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In This Issue
Campus View
Alumni World
Chronicle Extras
Front Page
Miscellaneous Notes
Chronicle Editor @ Oct 30, 2008
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Chronicle needs more news and articles:

With the emphasis on more user generated contents, chronicle invites news, articles, ideas and leads from our community. Please send us your thoughts and contributions to chronicle@itbhuglobal.org.

Deadline for submitting articles:

Chronicle welcomes news, event reports and articles from its readers. The magazine is usually published between 20th -25th of each month. Please try to send submissions as early as possible, preferably by 20th for articles to be published in the same month. Any articles received after 20th may be considered for the next month’s issue. This is because it takes few days of time to prepare the draft of the article, submit for review and final uploading on server. Articles such as obituary, late breaking important news, etc. can be accepted anytime before the actual publishing of the issue.

Chronicle ties up with leading Internet Search Engines:

We submitted our URL (http://www.itbhuglobal.org/) to different websites for better search results. It included: Google, Yahoo!, MSN and www.dmoz.com. These 4 websites account for over 90% of internet search.

There is good news about Google search of chronicle articles. Now majority of the articles (or the keyword names or places/events) from chronicle are appearing in one of the top 3 pages of the search results, within a week after the issue is published. You can enter your name or other names from chronicle and find out.

The search works like this. Since we have registered our website with Google Search, Google lets loose a crawler on our front page, and then it goes to other pages and then to older issues. Crawling takes some time, since it has to wait in queue to send indexed pages to Google head quarter, as there are hundreds of thousands of crawlers working day and night. This search facility will be an added incentive for people to contribute to chronicle article.


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Chronicle format - new features added
Chronicle Editor @ Oct 30, 2008
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We are pleased to announce that in this issue, we have added few more features to make the reading of chronicle enjoyable and more useful.

We have placed “x comments posted” link in addition to “read and post comments”. This way a reader can know whether any comment has been posted and read them before posting his own. For Obituary, all comments are visible and comment dialog box remains open, so that reader can easily pay his/her tributes.

Another improvement is the printing and downloading facility for each article. Now one can send the article of his choice directly to his printer by clicking on “view in one page and print” next to a print icon.  One can also download and save the required article by clicking on the link “[download and right click on this link and “save as” to download article]”.

We have also tagged some of the relevant articles and tag is provided at the end of the article. This will help us to collect and retrieve all articles with related themes. Tags are selected manually based on central idea (or theme) of the article. A tag list is provided on the last page (About Us section). By clicking on any tag name, a person can read all the articles with the same tag name.

More changes are planned in the coming issues.


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IT-BHU conversion to IIT - Official Update
Chronicle Editor @ Oct 30, 2008
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The amendment to the IIT Act, 1961 is delayed. The winter session of parliament is adjourned on Oct 24 and will re-start on December 10. Thus the amendment to the IIT Act can only be taken up during December session or may be in February 2009 session of parliament.

The govt. plans to add the names of 8 new IITs and IT-BHU in the list of IITs by amending the IIT Act. Before IIT Act is amended, govt. has to complete all the necessary formalities and ensure that all pending issues pertaining to the institutes under the Act are resolved. For example, locations of new IITs are to be finalized, and finance allocation is to be reconfirmed with Planning Commission.

Our alumni volunteers and institute administration are meeting HRD ministry officials and other govt. officials almost every month to follow up with the matter. According to informed sources, conversion of our institute to IIT is under active consideration by the HRD ministry. It is hoped that the conversion will be complete before the start of next academic session, i.e. latest by July 2008.

Additional links:

Parliament to reconvene on Dec 10:

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Chronicle Editor @ Oct 26, 2008
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1) The website is really good; in fact this was my first visit.

Keep it up guys.

With Regards,
Susanta Rakshit (Mechanical 1985)

Noida, India.

Dated:  October 7, 2008

CEO, Reynold India Pvt. Ltd.



2) In august Chronicle topic JEE 2008, you mentioned 3 five year integrated programs named APPLIED PHYSICS, APPLIED CHEMISTRY AND APPLIED MATHEMATICS. I just want to tell you that these are not programs but they are relative department here I mention the programs.

First of all "ENGINEERING PHYSICS" second one "INDUSTRIAL CHEMISTRY" and the last one is "MATHEMATICS AND COMPUTING". I think you will correct this and will keep in mind for next time.

Lalit Bharat (Mathematics and Computing 2011)
Department of Applied mathematics, IT-BHU

Dated: October 9, 2008



Chronicle replies:

Dear Lalit:

We want to add that we published the list as received from the institute. Probably the list meant departments but mentioned under programs.

Thanking you for your feedback,


Dated: October 9, 2008

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Obituary of Anand Gupta (Mechanical 2001); expired on December 06, 2007
Chronicle Editor @ Oct 26, 2008
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(Chronicle note-We are sad to announce the demise of Anand Gupta on December 06, 2007. May his soul rest in peace. Anand died at very young age of 28 years. Here is the report and tribute by his brother Gaurav. A book is planned to be published in memory of Anand around December 06, 2008, in which comments and memoirs from the batch-mates and friends will be incorporated.)


Here are the few words about Anand Gupta …

AnandGupta.JPGAnand bhaiya was born on 19th Dec 1979 at Katni near Jabalpur, MP. He did his initial schooling at Bharatpur, Rajasthan. Since childhood he was vibrant, intellectual and very interrogative. Then our family relocated to Kanpur. Defeating all presumptions of friends and relatives, he made it to best UP Board school of Kanpur (R. K. Mission) to get an admission in 6th class. During this course he was greatly influenced by Swami Vivekanand and always wanted to contribute something to society. He proceeded in academic excellence by making to F-1 section (known to be section reserved for brilliant students) of BNSD Inter College in class XIth. Class XIth and XIIth were purely dedicated to studies and IIT JEE preparation.  As expected, he cracked IIT JEE in first attempt and joined Mechanical Engineering in IT – BHU in 1997.

He qualified B. Tech. in 2001 and got into IBP (Indian Oil Group Company) from campus recruitment and his first posting was in Goa. Here he had some time where he could indulge into his hobby – reading literature. And there bhaiya started writing book on “Women empowerment in society”. Bhaiya being the eldest son was very close to mummy ji and greatly influenced by her. Bhaiya was also in reading of scriptures and many autobiographies. Can’t say what inspired him. He started a book on women empowerment in society spelling how women can contribute to society and how can they play a substantial role in men dominated society emphasizing their strength in character and will power.

Mean while we had an addition to our family with Sapana Gupta as wife of bhaiya in 2005. Subsequently he transferred to Kolkata and then Gurgaon in 2007. Life was going smooth and bhaiya was blessed with a son in 2007, Vedant, he will turn two this November.

To fulfill his dream, Bhaiya along with his family went to Jabalpur on a holiday trip. He was looking for purchasing a land and trying organic farming and additionally a school for under privileged children of society free of cost. His main aim was to inculcate moral values at the basic level itself. He was in way of seeing the site and he met with an unfortunate accident and he was rushed to hospital and admitted to ICU. Bhaiya even fought like a savior and regained his conscious, only to bid us farewell forever. His soul departed his body on 6th Dec, 07.


He is still with us in form of his memories, his intellectual and inspiring thoughts and his undying spirits. We wish God grants us strength and vision to fulfill his dreams. As of now, we are trying to publish his book and hope to have your testimonials.


Gaurav Gupta

Younger brother of Late Shri Anand Gupta

Mob 9911110125

Email – ggauravuee@gmail.com

7 Comment(s) (The views expressed here are those of the commenters, and ITBHUGlobal.org is not responsible for them.)
 Vivek Khare said:

This is indeed shocking news to hear. May god give courage and strength to the family and near ones to bear this grief and may his soul rest in peace.

November 12, 2008 4:31 AM
 Ranjan said:

may his great soul rest in peace

November 11, 2008 3:19 AM
 Alok Gupta said:

IT-BHU is one of the Institutes in India that doesn't require further endorsements. An Institute is recognized by its students and the wonders they perform in the world outside.

A meritorious student affiliated to such an Institution is in itself a testimony in todays competitive world.

Coming this far is extraordinary in itself. Imagine adding to such a capability a skill that is rarely seen in Bright Modern Science and Technology experts. A deep interest and understanding of Scriptures (Vedas, Bhagwatam etc), Capability to judge The Right, See beyond what a physical Eye could See. In short associating with more than the physical aspect of life.

"Anand was one such person"

I wish and hope that Anand's thoughts and vision continue to inspire his friends, colleagues and family members for what he really wanted to do for Women Empowerment and Liberation, Social Justice thus directly contributing to Humanity.

He didn't get enough time to present Himself formally to the rest of the world, but in his mind he was already clear and firm on how the future would look to be.

We all miss him around but his memories would stay with us forever for the time to come.

Regards to the Soul --

November 10, 2008 12:50 PM
 Amitabh Chattopadhyay said:

I am totally shocked to hear the sad news of Anand's demise.He was almost same age of my son.I don't find words to write anything and pray to GOD to keep him safe at HIS home.

I feel for young Sapana...let almighty give her all the strength to recover from this loss & move on for the sake of Vedant.My hearfelt condolence to his parents...Gaurav,please take care of them because you are the person who has to control by being the strongest

November 10, 2008 3:53 AM
 S.RAKSHIT said:

Such a sad end to such a young life. May his soul rests in peace.

November 10, 2008 1:49 AM
 Sandeep said:

May his soul rest in peace.

November 9, 2008 7:26 PM
 arpit modi said:

i wish his soul will rest in peace.

November 6, 2008 9:43 AM

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Obituary of Kailash Chopra (Civil 1958); expired on December 10, 2007.
Chronicle Editor @ Oct 26, 2008
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Kailashji Chopra.JPG
















                                                       (Late Shri Kailashji Chopra)

(Chronicle note-We are sad to announce the demise of Shri Kailash Chopra on December 10, 2007. He was among our senior most alumni. May his soul rest in peace. Here is the report and tribute by his son Navin.)

After finishing his higher education, Kailash Chopra went on to work for Tata Engineering in Bombay until immigrating to the USA in 1960.  He finished his PhD studies in Civil Engineering at Ohio State University, but didn't complete his degree due to a conflict with one of his professors.  He taught as a Professor in Ohio for 10 years prior to relocating to Phoenix Arizona where he ran a successful Civil Engineering and Land Development Business from 1970 to 1990 after which he became a Consulting Engineer in California and Hawaii.  He finally retired at the County of Hawaii.  After retirement he built and ran a Naturopathic Center in Chandigarh, India until his death on December 10, 2007-just six days before his 75th Birthday.

Kailash Chopra is survived by his devoted Wife, Usha, who splits her time between India, the U.S. and Canada.  He is also survived by his Son and Daughter-In-Law Naveen and Shweta.  He also has two grand-daughters named Aarya and Aneesha.

He will always be remembered for his will power.  Even though he was physically not well for many years, he was mentally very active.  He is also known for being a selfless person who would help anyone with our asking for anything in return.  We will always miss and love him.


Navin Chopra

Son of late Shri Kailash Chopra

Phoenix, Arizona

Email: navchop@hotmail.com

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