Election for Council of Representatives is over
Praharsh Sharma ECE2010 @ Nov 30, 2008
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As we are aware, the Phase II of CoR (Council of Representatives) election is complete The CoR election Phase I and Phase II has come to an end by November 30, 2008, except for voting for a seat. There are 128 council members from alumni and 16 from students. Thus nominations for student members from all the 16 departments have been received. The list of candidates is posted online on our website: 

In very few (only 2) cases we received more than one nomination for the same seat (or constituency). In such case, we informed all the candidates to consider withdrawing their nominations to avoid voting process. Despite this, there were two cases with more than one nomination.
CoR election-voting process:
For any seat with more than one nomination, the issue is resolved by holding online voting process, for which we have set up an online poll at our election site. The polling can be viewed at: https://www.itbhuglobal.org/elections/pollingbooth/
We have used Drupal Advanced Poll to set up poll booth:
The voting is done by the respective class only (such as Mechanical 1999 for alumni and Mining dept. for students). The online voting has various safeguard mechanisms for conducting fair election, which is monitored by our independent Election Commission.
Future CoR elections:
The first meeting of elected CoR members (both alumni and student members) shall be held during beginning of December 2008. The meeting will be by email only. After brief introduction, major alumni activities shall be planned.
The next CoR election shall be held after two year, i.e. during Oct-Dec 2010. There will be also a CoR by-election to resolve minor issues and to fill out any seats which become empty. It will be held after one year, i.e. during Oct.-Dec. 2009.
About CoR
The Council of Representatives (CoR) is a legal body to help our alumni association in the day to day functions. It has members from alumni and students. The council will represent interests of alumni, students, faculty and staff for our alumni association.
For student, it is one representative from each dept (total 16).  For alumni, it is one representative from each branch/year.
Our association has 3-tier structure: bottom is 7,300 (current) registered members, CoR with 100-200 members and top is Board of Directors (BoD) with 17 Directors.
BoD makes all executive decision and directs the working of our organization. CoR members elect BoD and help them in making informed decision.
Thus the responsibility of CoR members will be (“alumni” include alumni, students, faculty and staff):
-To elect BoD by voting process
-To help BoD in making day-to-day decisions
-To discuss about any alumni related issues such as alumni projects, funding, chapters, etc.
-To act as a communication link between BoD and members
-To vote on key issues as and when needed
-To put forward problems faced by own community (from class/department)
The term for CoR member is for two years and next election is planned for the end of 2010. Once elected, a CoR student member shall serve for full two years, even if he/she leaves college earlier. Most of the work involves participation in discussion by email exchange.
The advantage of CoR is that not all 7,300 members can be consulted every time for decision making (it is not possible). With CoR, the number is manageable. Also by communicating with CoR member, a message can be sent to entire class/department effectively. This also gives the opportunity for a class/batch or department to put forward its view/suggestion/complaint to BoD officially, so that it can receive special attention.
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