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IT-BHU Chronicle: December Edition
Chronicle Editor @ Dec 31, 2008
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Published on December 31, 2008
The Chronicle December 2008 issue.
Vol.2008 : Issue 0012
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In this issue
Chronicle Editor @ Dec 31, 2008
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120- in this issue.png

 Chronicle Wishes its Readers a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

We are pleased to announce the chronicle December issue with a number of articles.

On the sad note, we have published obituary of Manoj Gupta (Civil 1979) who was murdered by political mafia in UP state. This senseless murder has shocked our entire nation. Readers can pay tribute online in the comment box provided below the obituary.

Under news section, we have published govt. decisions for the education front, including revising pay-scale for faculty members. The section also includes news about Dr. Anil Bhardwaj (PhD Physics 1992) receiving 2007 Bhatnagar Award from our Prime Minister.

The Report section contains inaugural speech given by former president Prof. APJ Abdul Kalam while inaugurating Malaviya Smriti Bhavan in New Delhi. The Opinion sub-section contains interesting article about first day of college in 1954, by Ambassador (Retd.) K Gajendra Singh of 1958 batch. We welcome any topic (art, literature, poetry, story, science and technology, economics, book review, etc.) from our readers for our Opinion sub-section.

Under Campus View section, we have published a number of news articles reported by Devender Singh Maun and Praharsh Sharma, our student reporters. Among the campus news are: appointment of Dean of Engineering faculty and Dean of Students for BHU; restrictions on internet access in hostels, official list of upcoming seminars, etc. The campus reports include speech of Animesh Pathak to campus students, Student Research Convention (Anveshan-2009), National Youth Festival-East Zone Finals, etc.

Under Alumni World section, details are provided for formation of CoR Council by alumni association. This section also contains alumni news of Yogendra Shah, who co-founded 5,000+ employee-strong Hexaware Technologies. The profile of Manu Vora (Chemical 1968), whose noble work to run Blind Foundation of India was aired on Chicago Public radio, is also included in this section.

The Interview section contains interview of Deepak Ahuja (Ceramic 1985), who is CFO of Tesla Motors, California. Excerpts of rediff.com interview of IIT-madras Director, Prof. M S Ananth is also posted in the section.

We need more news. Please send your news and feedback at: chronicle@itbhuglobal.org.

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Campus View
Alumni World
Chronicle Extras
Front Page
IT-BHU conversion to IIT-Official Update
Chronicle Editor @ Dec 31, 2008
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The amendment to the IIT Act, 1961 did not come up in the winter session of Parliament, which was held in December.

The govt. plans to add the names of 8 new IITs and IT-BHU in the list of IITs by amending the IIT Act. Before IIT Act is amended, govt. has to complete all the necessary formalities and ensure that all pending issues pertaining to the institutes under the Act are resolved. For example, locations of new IITs are to be finalized, and finance allocation is to be reconfirmed with Planning Commission.

It is now hoped that govt. will bring the agenda for amending IIT Act in February 2009 session of Parliament. It is expected that the conversion will be complete before the start of next academic session, i.e. latest by July 2008.


View of our Director Prof. S. N. Upadhyaya in “LiveMint”


IIT status still eludes IT-BHU

The Union Cabinet had approved the setting up of eight new Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) in Bihar, AP, Rajasthan, Orissa, Gujarat, Punjab, HP and MP at a cost of Rs6080 crores for 6 years period.

Varanasi: Even after five months of the Union Cabinet decision to upgrade IT-BHU to an IIT, the status still eludes the institute as no further step has been taken to give the decision a concrete shape, adding to the deep disappointment of the students and the faculties here.

“We are deeply disappointed at this juncture as no visible steps have been taken to accomplish the Cabinet decision to upgrade the IT-BHU to an IIT and the present Lok Sabha is about to complete its five years’ term,” Prof Siddh Nath Upadhyay, Director of IT-BHU, said.

The Union Cabinet had approved the setting up of eight new Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) in Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Orissa, Gujarat, Punjab, HP and MP at a total cost of Rs6080 crores for 6 years period, on 17 July this year.

At the same meeting the Cabinet also approved in principle the taking over of the IT-BHU, a unit of the Banaras Hindu University, its conversion into an IIT and integrating it with the IIT system in the country.

“But since then while the academic sessions commenced in 6 new IITs opened with effect from 23 July this year, even without any formal campus for them, the sprawling lush green campus of IT-BHU has been left out without any visible further step in the direction of upgrading it to the IIT status,” a senior official of the institute said.

“The IT-BHU has not been even officially informed about the Cabinet decision to upgrade it till date,” Prof Upadhyay said.

“We had demanded for an additional estimated fund of about Rs300 crore for the first phase of the upgradation plan of the institute but still waiting for the response of the Union Government,” he added.


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Chronicle format-new fonts used
Chronicle Editor @ Dec 31, 2008
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We are pleased to announce formatting of fonts from this issue. We shall be using “Frutiger” fonts. It will be in size 12, which is easier to read. The color of the fonts shall be soft black, i.e. 25% lighter as per latest MS Word color palette. This is soothing to the eyes compared to natural black.

The most commonly used fonts in everyday typing are Times New Roman and Arial. However, these fonts are not very clear and some of the letters can be easily get mixed-up while reading. On the other hand, San Serif fonts, are clear in reading and divine looking.

Frutiger fonts are derived from the more exotic Frutinger fonts. Both belong to the class of san serif fonts. In typography, a sans-serif or sans serif typeface is one that does not have the small features called "serifs" at the end of strokes. The term comes from the French word sans, meaning "without". That means there is no confusion between “g” and “q”; between “t” and “i”, for example.

Frutiger is a sans-serif typeface by the Swiss type designer Adrian Frutiger. It was commissioned in 1968 by the newly built Charles De Gaulle International Airport at Roissy, France, which needed a new directional sign system. Instead of using one of his previously designed typefaces, Frutiger chose to design a new one. The new typeface, originally called Roissy, was completed in 1975 and installed at the airport the same year. Frutiger is not your average cheap freeware font. Both Frutiger and Frutinger fonts are best among all the fonts available.

Both Frutiger and Frutinger fonts are owned by Linotype Company. Frutinger are very expensive to buy and hence only handful of govt. agencies and large corporations can afford it for publishing their literature, pamphlets, etc. On the other hand, Frutiger are lighter version of Frutinger, still with divine look. “Frutiger Linotype” can be downloaded free from various sources, including MS Reader. More details are provided in the discussion tread at: http://www.frontpagewebmaster.com/m-348433/tm.htm

If you do not have Frutiger font installed, you will view chronicle page in default san serif fonts.


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Timeline for submitting news and articles
Chronicle Editor @ Dec 31, 2008
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We are pleased to state that recently we have received positive feedback from our readers, including forwarding of news and articles. In fact over 2/3rd of the news and articles we publish are forwarded by our readers. So far we have published almost all the news and articles forwarded to us, since our magazine belongs to our entire community.

At the same time, we are also struggling to maintain our deadline of publishing chronicle by the end of each month. It takes few days to research the forwarded news and articles, prepare a draft for comment, send it 2-3 times to the concerned party for comments and approval and finally upload on server. Hence we request our readers to forward all news and articles to us as early as possible, preferably before 20th of the month of publication. We may not able to do justice on the feed provided after 25th, and it will be marked for publishing for the next month’s issue. Of course, all obituaries, late breaking news, etc, can be considered even on the last date prior to publishing.


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Manoj Gupta (Civil 1979) murdered by political mafia
Chronicle Editor @ Dec 31, 2008
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a) Introduction

Dear Readers,

With heavy heart, we wish to convey the sad news about murder of Manoj Kumar Gupta, our alumnus. He did his B. Tech. in 1979 and M. Tech. in 1981, both in Civil Engineering, from our institute. He was 54 year old. He is survived by his mother, wife, a son and a daughter. May his soul rest in peace.

His death is sad not only for the class of 1979 but for all our IT-BHU community. He is the second alumnus from our institute to die fighting corruption. In November 2003, Satyendra Kumar Dubey died fighting corruption in highway construction projects in his native state of Bihar. He belonged to B. Tech. (Civil 1994) batch of IIT-Kanpur and M. Tech. (Civil 1996) from IT-BHU.

Manoj Kumar Gupta was working as a Class I Executive Engineer in the PWD department and posted in Auraiya District, UP. The Chief Minister of UP, Ms. Mayawati had planned to celebrate her birthday on 15th January, for which a target collection of Rs. 1,000 crore was made. As part of that fund drive, the local MLA from the ruling party, Shekhar Tiwari demanded Rs. 50 lakhs as contribution from Manoj Gupta. On refusal, Tiwari sent two goondas to the house of Manoj. He was beaten up, given electric shocks, tortured and finally killed. He died on December 24th.

As per the latest info, due to the political fallout, Mayawati has canceled her birthday celebration party. The National Human Right Commission has asked the state govt. to conduct an inquiry and submit the report in two weeks. The MLA and 3 other goondas are in police custody. 

NSA (National Security Act) is stamped on Shekhar Tiwari, which doesn’t allow him bail for 12 months.


Chronicle has received following clarification about news media reports from Ishita, daughter of Manoj Gupta:


“There is no confirmation for the amount demand and the accused Shekhar Tiwari is also denying from the fact. He is confessing that Papa was not visiting him frequently and greasing his palms with money as the predecessor was doing.


The goondas were not sent by Shekhar Tiwari rather Shekhar Tiwari and others  (Putthi, Awasthi, Dohre alias Bhatia, 2 gunners, 2 drivers) went all together to conduct this brutal crime.” 

What is more shocking about the incident is the way Manoj was tortured and the way state govt. tried to cover it up.

We all condemn this ghastly murder and demand that justice should be served. It is high time that Central govt. take over investigation in the matter.

We have published additional news links and future plan of action by our alumni. We have also posted an obituary, which includes his biography and memoirs from the surviving family members. Please pay your tribute below the obituary post.

Chronicle Team


*From Times of India

Rattled Maya reads out riot act to party men


Tell-tale signs of torture


MLA accused in engineer's murder wields clout on cops


BSP buckles under pressure, turns heat on murder accused


Tewari likely to wriggle out of charges?


SHO was in touch with Tiwari that night: DGP


 *From Indian Express

Engineer murdered by MLA for Maya’s 'birthday hafta'


Maya's claim falls flat: no engineer behind killing


Mayawati to ‘remove’ all SHOs posted during Mulayam’s reign


Gupta was a ‘quality conscious’ worker, remember colleagues


*From DNA India

Mayawati cancels birthday celebrations

Slain engineer's son declines Maya's compensation

32 torture marks on murdered UP engineer


*From merinews

Happy birthday, Madam


 *From Mangalorean

Underhand deals killed engineer, says Mayawati


 *From NDTV

UP engineer's family demands justice



c) Next steps

Class of 1979 is in touch with the surviving family of Manoj Gupta. Pramod Joshi (Electronics 1979) and other volunteers are spearheading the efforts to achieve the following:

*To maintain contact with the family and to provide comfort and offer condolence

*To spread the awareness about the incident and to push for legal justice and political reforms

*To keep the memory of Manoj Gupta alive

The group is planning following steps in coming weeks:

* Media coverage of the incident in leading national newspapers, including publishing obituaries

*Creating petition online for forwarding it to Prime Minister

*Arranging meetings with senior govt. officials

*Creating a blog for Manoj Gupta for posting all relevant information at one place

*Creating trust in the memory of Manoj Gupta, etc.

*Plan for annual award in memory of Manoj Gupta to persons involved in the work of social reforms, fight against corruption, rural development, etc.

To get more info or work as part of a team, please contact Pramod Joshi at: pramodkjoshi@gmail.com


d) Action taken by NHRC

The National Human Rights Commission has taken immediate steps in the case of the murder of Manoj Kumar Gupta. It has asked the UP state govt. to investigate and submit a full report on the incident within two weeks.


NHRC notice to U.P. Government on the death of PWD engineer Manoj Gupta

New Delhi the 26th December 2008

The NHRC taking suo-motu cognizance of newspaper reports has issued notices to the Chief Secretary and the Director General of Police, Uttar Pradesh for their comments on the death of executive engineer of PWD Manoj Gupta allegedly caused due to beating by the ruling BSP, MLA Shekhar Tewari in Auraiya in the wee hours of Wednesday, the 24th December 2008. The reports alleged that MLA had been demanding 50 Lakh rupees from Gupta. It is also mentioned that the killing was planned and brutal manner by the said MLA along with some of his goons who entered Gupta house around 3.00 AM posing as CID staff. They locked up Gupta's wife inside the bathroom and attacked Manoj Gupta with stick and rods which eventually led to his death. The Commission has asked the Chief Secretary and the DGP, of Uttar Pradesh to submit the report on the incident within two weeks.


e) Online petition created

The online petition for “Justice for Murder of Manoj Kumar Gupta” is up at http://www.PetitionOnline.com/mkgupta/petition.html.

The Petition is created by alumni of class of 1979 (Manoj Gupta’s batch).

Justice for Murder of Manoj Kumar Gupta

  To:  The Prime Minister of India, New Delhi

Jan 08, 2009

Sub: Demand for Justice through a Full, Impartial and Time-bound National Level Inquiry into the Murder of Shri Manoj Kumar Gupta, UP State PWD Executive Engineer, Killed in Auraiya on 24 Dec 2008 for resisting corrupt demands by the local MLA.

Hon’able Prime Minister, We seek your kind attention to the widely reported case of the brazen and brutal murder of the above-referenced citizen of India. Mr. Gupta’s life was tragically cut short by the local MLA and his goons when they entered his house in the wee hours of Wednesday, December 24, 2008, and then threatened, thrashed, tortured and electrocuted him to death. The perpetrators of this crime exhibited unparalleled audacity in throwing the dying man at the doorstep of the local police station.

Mr. Gupta, an educated, law-abiding and honest citizen of this country, did not deserve to die, least of all in this ghastly manner. His refusal to toe the line of the local MLA and award PWD contracts to people who would then siphon money off the public exchequer to fatten their own pockets and those of their political mentors, became his undoing.

Mr. Gupta was a graduate of Civil Engineering from the prestigious Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, which has been approved for upgrading to IIT status by your government. As you are well aware, Banaras Hindu University was founded on the exemplary values of service, loyalty and dedication to one’s profession and one’s nation, by none other than Mahamana Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviyaji, someone even the Father of the Nation called his mentor. It is tragic that Mr. Gupta lost his life a day before the 147th birthday of the Mahamana, for upholding his cherished values.

We, the undersigned, fear that the process of justice will be severely compromised if the local police continue to handle the investigations into this dastardly crime, for very obvious reasons. The extent of the clout of the accused local MLA can be gauged by the fact that of the 14 criminal cases lodged against him, including attempted murder, assault and rioting, 10 were dismissed with Final Reports (FR) from the police. He has yet to be convicted for any of these crimes.

We therefore beseech you to direct the attention of the Home Ministry to this case and call for an independent CBI inquiry, free from any undue political influence, to be conducted immediately.

We are the common men and women of India, who believe in the idea of India as a superpower of the future, a moral and spiritual benchmark for nations, a land where truth and justice always prevail.

We are confident you will restore our faith in the Indian polity by acting in a just manner.


The Undersigned


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Manoj Gupta (Civil 1979)
Chronicle Editor @ Dec 31, 2008
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(Chronicle note: We are extremely pained to announce the senseless killing of our co-alumnus, Manoj Kumar Gupta from Civil 1979 batch. He was killed by the political mafia on December 24, 2008 in Auraiya district, Uttar Pradesh. May his soul rest in peace. The Chronicle team, along with the entire IT-BHU community, shares the grief and anger of the family and urges you to inform others in your community about the facts around this tragic news.)

  The news of this politically motivated murder has been published and reported all over in the Indian news media. More details are provided by Chronicle on this page. The biography and other information was forwarded to us by Ishita and Prateesh, Manoj's son and daughter, via his IT-BHU batchmate, Pramod Joshi (Electronics 1979).


151-Manoj Gupta.png

 (Late Manoj Kumar Gupta) 

Manoj Kumar Gupta, B. Tech. Civil Engineering batch of 1979, passed away in an inhumane killing in district Auraiya of UP on 24th December 2008.   

He was born on 21 November 1954. He was a class I Executive Engineer in the UP state PWD dept.


*School: Government Inter-College, Lakhimpur Kheeri, UP.

*College: B. Sc. from Lucknow University

*Professional College:

     B. Tech. (Civil) 1979 from IT-BHU

     M. Tech.1981 from IT-BHU


*Started his career with UP Irrigation & shifted to UP PWD in 1983

*Worked with NHAI at Bareilly during 2000-06 

*Worked at Mathura during 2006-08

*Shifted to Auraiya in 2008

 Manoj Kumar Gupta was a very honest and hardworking man throughout his career. Even while at college, he was involved in activities such as dramatics, debating, volleyball, etc. He was an all-rounder, fond of sports, painting, yoga, meditation, cultural activities, etc. He was strong in all his subjects and was an extremely knowledgeable person with a lifelong learning attitude. He was known for his uprightness in an environment full of corruption and did a lot for the common citizenry. He did not get cowed down by the political elements that wanted him to grease their palms and show partiality to their kith and kin. The price he paid for this honesty now hangs heavy on the nation's conscience. We salute this noble and courageous man, who died a hero's death.

 He was cremated on 25 December at 11.00 AM at his parental home at Lakhimpur Kheeri, a small town near Lucknow.

 Late Manoj Kumar Gupta is survived by the following family members:

*Wife Mrs. Shashi Gupta

*Mother, Mrs. Kiran Bala Gupta

Address: Aashirwaad Bhawan, Opp. District Hospital, Lakhimpur Kheri, U.P.

*Son: Prateesh Gupta, B. Tech. 2007, Software Engineer in Hewlett-Packard, Bangalore.


*Daughter: Ishita Verma (nee Gupta), New Delhi.

Email: ishi.nift[AT]gmail.com


This is a great loss for not only our IT-BHU community, but for all the people of India fighting against corruption in our nation. We pray for peace for his soul and join hands to support his family members in their quest for justice. 


 Memoirs of their Papa Manoj Gupta by surviving son and daughter:

  An All Rounder:

 Papa used to execute each and every task in an artistic manner from packing to cooking. I remember him preparing gol-gappa and chat at home just for his kids. He taught me how to cook chapattis. From keeping our bed to our book racks clean and organised, he designed and tailored my Barbie dresses when I was a little girl.

 He used to teach us all the subjects from Maths to Sanskrit. My teachers were impressed with the corrections my dad used to make in their sample papers. I was very good at my craft classes for which the credit goes to my dad. Whatever he crafted for me was always kept by my teachers or school principal.

 Papa was a passionate painter. He has made beautiful paintings and gifted them to many of his friends and family members. He was very kind, very helpful, jovial, fun loving and a spontaneous person. He was always a learner and kept himself updated with the latest technology and subjects. He was a chess champion and used to play word scramble with us. He had very good knowledge of Homeopathy and all family members used to take medication from him.

 He was a very honest and brave person and always taught his kids the same. He had a strong faith in God. He was a spiritual person, very regular with his yoga meditation and was an active member of Sahaj Marg, Shri. Ram Chandra Mission.


 This is a very painful and sad ending of a great human being!!! We will miss him always!!!

All family and friends await Justice for Papa and a harsh punishment for the culprits.

Ishita (daughter) and Prateesh (son)


Please pay your tribute here:


16 Comment(s) (The views expressed here are those of the commenters, and ITBHUGlobal.org is not responsible for them.)
 Jonas said:

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July 19, 2011 2:08 PM
 write my paper said:

Manoj Kumar Gupta was a very honest and hardworking man throughout his career. Even while at college, he was involved in activities such as dramatics, debating, volleyball, etc.

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July 14, 2010 5:02 AM
 Prasad J Parulekar said:

I am M.Tech (Chemical) 2002 batch from IT BHU. Currently working as Lecturer in Mumbai University.
It is very sad to read about Mr. Manoj Gupta. May god give the strength to the surviving family.
Politicians who murdered Mr. Gupta should be hanged to death for his such shameful and wrong deeds.
The honest peoples like Mr. Gupta should be encouraged strongly to free our country from corruption.

February 2, 2009 6:50 AM
 Prakash Bajpai said:

The shocking manner of his sad demise is really very difficult to digest. Pray to god for his family to have strength to bear the loss and for his soul to rest in piece.

The senseless killing highlights the basic issue of corruption and lawlessness of the political class of our society. To avoid recurrence of the this sort of tragedy, we the people who pride ourselves on our integrity have to involve ourselves more and more to management of political environment.
This is only hope for the environment to be cleaned.

Prakash Bajpai
1980 Metallurgy

January 15, 2009 7:31 AM
 Ashish said:

We salute Manoj Gupta for his courage and sacrifice. For all of us he has set an example of integrity and fight against corruption. He was up aginst a menace which is deeprooted in this country. Hope his sacrifice would not go in vain and induce all of us to fight against corruption.

Ashish Singh
2005 Batch Electrical Engg.

January 15, 2009 6:48 AM
 o.p.nautiyal said:

Wish Mr.Manoj Gupta's sacrifice is not lost in the wilderness & all of us wake up to eradicate the evil that has engulfed our society.

January 14, 2009 5:14 PM
 Amitabh Chattopadhyay said:

Frankly speaking,I did not know that Manoj was from our Institute till I was told by one of my colleagues,who was his batchmate.
It is well known that there is no place for an honest person in this country and Manoj's unfortunate incident is another proof & it will go on till we get rid of these politicians (I am not naming any because of space constraint)..yes,I am really angry,but our limitation is there & we now have to give a fitting reply through our voting power,which is the only weapon we can carry.
My heartfelt condolence to his family & let ALMIGHTY give them the strength to bear this big loss
A Chattopadhyay
'76 Mech

January 14, 2009 4:03 AM
 Badrish Vishal Gautam said:

This event was really shocking for me when I heard it from news. It is really tragic that Late Shri Gupta was bruttaly murdered by MLA of ruling BSP and they did for CMs birthday party.

I pray to God for peace of soul of Shri Gupta.

Badrish Vishal Gautam
Civil 1999.

January 14, 2009 3:53 AM
 Munish Fauzdar said:

I may not have known him personally, but Mr Manoj Gupta is a model citizen for everyone. In life and death they will continue to inspire more and more people to stand up and uphold righteousness.

God be with their family in providing them strength and with everyone who still believes in justice over injustice and defending truth.

Munish Fauzdar
Chemical 2001

January 13, 2009 3:21 PM
 Anup Bagla said:

I have no words ... overwhelmed by grief and pain! It is all so barbaric, where will all this demonic / violent tendencies lead us ALL, society and the world to ...?

I have been witness (and victim ... short of murder) to such mindset in our stupid / divisive society (based on caste/community) and am also a member of Sahaj Marg (Ram Chandra Mission) and other spiritual bodies; I am at a total loss and feel so helpless/weak about what can be done and yet again, I believe that many persons of stature of Sw Vivekananda are needed time and again with the iron muscles of Netaji to set the things right ...! Only the Creator can give justice and root out the evil ...

May the Malik (Divine Almighty) prevail and give strength to deceased family and our bretherens!

Anup Bagla
Chemical 1977

January 13, 2009 2:01 PM
 Tapas Dey said:

I read the News totally ignorant of the Victim. I came to Know Today that I am his Civil Engineering Class mate at BHU.

It is so shocking. We must all condemn and demand justice ( from GOD ).

A lines from my memory:-

Sh Manoj Gupta was THE most LIVELY /Jovial person of 1979 Civil batch from BHU. He kept every one in good Humour all the time. In class room , In Hostel, In Canteen. He was in Great Deman during Holi and elections.

I last met him during M Tech Entrance Exams in 1979 Summer at BHU.

May God Provide solace to family and give justice.

(Tapas Dey 1979 Batch Civil-BHU.)

January 9, 2009 6:52 AM
 TV Sinha, 1986 Chemical said:

It is very sad to hear of this. One had thought that the tragic death of Satyendra Dubey would have taught us enough lessons to ensure a non repeat of such horrendous events. It is truly sad that such events continue to recur.

Being from 1986 Chemical batch, I had no occassion to know Mr Gupta personally. But I can see that in an era when going abroad was the norm, he decided to stay back and serve in the state engineering department. His tragic death illustrates how difficult it is to work in such an environment. It is indeed heart wrenching how our system treats those who wish to work at the grass root.

May his soul rest in peace and may god provide strength to his family to bear this collosal loss.

January 7, 2009 12:15 PM
 Yogesh K Upadhyaya said:

The murder of Manoj Gupta is really a tragic loss to all of us. It is tragic not only because he was brutally murdered, but the wat the state govt. tried to cover it up. We all alumni should condemn it. It also calls for reforms in political and legal system of our country.

May God give the strength to the surviving family.

Yogesh K Upadhyaya
Chemical 1977

January 7, 2009 1:06 AM

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