Dr. Animesh Pathak (CSE 2003) gives inspirational speech to campus students
Chronicle Editor @ Dec 31, 2008
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Our alumnus, Animesh Pathak (CSE 2003) visited our Varanasi campus during Christmas vacation and interacted with faculty, students and administration on campus. He also gave speech to students about his life after graduation and his career plan. After the speech, he also interacted with students and answered their questions. His lecture on “IT-BHU and Beyond: Views of an Alumnus” was arranged on December 29 at Entrepreneurship Hall, Department of Chemical Engineering. About 175 students listened to him.

Here is the brief report about his speech:


Report on Dr. Animesh Pathak’s visit to IT-BHU


(Animesh Pathak)

Animesh Pathak (CSE 2003 Batch) working as PostDoc at INRIA, Paris, France had flown down to India for a couple of weeks and dropped in the town during Dec 28 –30, 2008 primarily to visit the campus of his Alma Mater and its people. He travelled down to Varanasi from IIT-Kanpur where he delivered a talk on his research topic the previous day. During the short time of his visit to IT-BHU, he managed to hold meetings with many of the faculty members and students in order to attend to various pertaining issues in the near past and the present in the campus.

A lot has changed since the last time he visited the campus in December 2005.  He noticed that new big building in front of Rajputana Hostel after the Rajputana Grounds had new Lecture Theatres for the fresher students of the institute.  On the morning of the 28th, he met the students of Theatre Group of the institute. While meeting the theatre students, he discussed with them the contemporary scenario of theatre at IT-BHU. The theatre group students are running their endeavors in close time to come viz. Abhivyakti 09, Kashiyatra 09, Spandan 09 and some other outstation cultural festivals. Animesh Pathak (Ex-Joint Secretary, Theatre Club and Ex- General Secretary, Cultural Wing, IT-Gymkhana) was happy to learn that students take up theatre activities these days in a professional and very interesting manner in spite of the little unconductive environment which was prevalent in the institute particularly during the last semester. Most importantly, he suggested probable solutions to major problems of the students and assured them of various alumni efforts in response to the enthusiasm and efforts of the students. He also interacted with the students of dance group whom he accidentally spotted practicing in the Dance Room, NCC/IEI Building as he crossed by.

Each year in the month of December, IT-BHU witnesses a Batch of alumni in the campus celebrating the Silver Jubilee of their year of Graduation. Animesh met alumni from ‘83 Batch including Mr. Rajiv Hukku and Mr. Vasudevan Raghavan. For the day, lunch was arranged for the alumni at Morvi Hostel and he met a host of alumni/students/faculty at the lunch. He interacted with student team of Kashiyatra ‘09 and Magnum Opus ‘09 who wanted to discuss important issues about the festival with him like sponsorship, contacts and marketing. He had scheduled meeting with the Website Management Group (group of students that manage the website of IT-BHU and look after issues like itbhu.ac.in e-mail domain, intranet and similar stuff). Animesh is involved in the management of WMG as Alumnus Advisor, and with the IT-BHU Global Alumni Association as Director, Web Affairs. In the evening he had dinner with the alumni of ‘83 batch.

The next day (Dec 29) Animesh had scheduled a couple of talks for the evening. He delivered the first talk on ‘Compiling Data-driven Macro programs for Networked Sensing Applications’ at the Batch of ‘98 Hall, Department of Computer Science and Engineering at 4-5 pm to the students of the department. Students also turned up in large numbers at the Entrepreneurship Hall, Department of Chemical Engineering for his second talk on 'IT-BHU and Beyond: Views of an Alumnus‘ at 5-7 pm. Central idea of the talk was about life at ITBHU – how one can possibly get great grades while still excelling at extra-curricular and about options after IT-BHU - Job, MS/PhD, MBA etc,  lessons learnt from his own life as well as lives of friends. He talked about various issues in relation to students’ career and academia. His most passionate advice to the soon to graduate technocrats in view of today’s market scene, was to consider post-graduate courses. He also iterated a number of times, the benefits of attending class lectures, sitting on front benches and asking questions to clear doubts. He narrated his experiences at IT-BHU, USC and INRIA to make students aware about the different situations and prospects after graduation viz. MBA, MS/ Ph. D and industry jobs.

Finally he talked about various alumni activities like IT-BHU Chronicle, www.itbhuglobal.org and Google/ Yahoo groups of immense potential and interest like itbhu-gradschool@googlegroups.com and itbhu@yahoogroups.com. At the end, students received the opportunity to clear their doubts by queries and questions. He chatted with all sorts of students for varied matters like Projects viz. Surface Computing, Internship for Comp. Sc. Part-III students, career opinion and guidance. He was also both surprised and pleased to see students who had had their primary education from ‘St. Michael's Convent School, Mankapur’, from where he has done his schooling. The talk was big inspiration for many students of IT-BHU.  He ended the day visiting M. Sengupta Memorial Hall (popularly known as G-11) to witness the theatre students practicing plays for upcoming cultural events.

Next morning (Dec 30, 2008), beginning the day early he yet again met host of students from IT-BHU Chronicle Student Team and ‘Pulse’ Team at the newly reformed IT-Cafeteria giving key-notes about the future plans and ways to execute them in time to show up. He met some faculty members and administration officials of the institute who he was happy to know were very positive in various developmental matters of the institute and offered/promised help on various grounds. He also spent time guiding the volunteers helping code the alumni information system at www.itbhuglobal.org . He was very happy to have spent time at the campus among students, alumni and faculty. In the afternoon around 2 pm, Animesh bided ‘Au Revoir’ to the campus and left for his home town Patna. The campus saw him off, eagerly awaiting his next visit. . .


About Animesh Pathak:

Animesh Pathak is current working on Post-Doctorate Fellowship at INRIA, Paris.

About Dr. Animesh Pathak:


*   PostDoc at INRIA, Paris, France (July 2008 to current)

* Ph. D in Computer Engineering, Ming Hsieh Department of EE-Systems, University of Southern California, Los   Angeles (2008)

* MS in Electrical Engineering, Viterbi School of Engineering, University of Southern California, Los Angeles (2005)

* B. Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering, Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University (2003)

Achievements :

* Best Teaching Assistant Award, Department of EE-Systems, USC, 2005.

*President Shankar Dayal Sharma Award for Outstanding Overall Achievement, Banaras Hindu University, 2003

*Outstanding Student Award, Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University, 2003

*Late Shyam Sunder Lal Razdan Memorial Gold Medal for securing highest percentage of marks in B. Tech. Part-IV   Examination, 2003

*Institute Gold Medal for securing highest grades, Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University in 2000,   2001, 2002 and 2003.

* Scored 10 pointers for 4 consecutive semesters (Semester III, IV, V and VI).

* Best Student Award of ITBHU and BHU.

* Awarded IT Color in Theatre, 2002.

* Joint Secretary, Theatre Club, Cultural Wing, IT-Gymkhana for the session 2001-02.

* General Secretary, Cultural Wing, IT-Gymkhana for the session 2002-03


Animesh’s blog: http://animeshpathak.blogspot.com/

Animesh’s home page: http://www.animeshpathak.in/

Website of IT-BHU, Varanasi: www.itbhu.ac.in

Website of USC: http://www.usc.edu/

Website of INRIA, France: http://www.inria.fr/rocquencourt/


Feedback from the audience

Many students were ecstatic about hearing valuable experience from their alumnus. According to students, many of their doubts regarding career were cleared and some were saying that they would be devoting more time to studies.

Here is the feedback from students received by chronicle team:


The seminar held today by Dr. Animesh Pathak was a motivating experience for me. I think such seminars by our alumni, held from time to time, help newcomers like us to get a clear picture of the job or research prospects that lay ahead after our academics. Dr. Pathak also told us how to be involved in extra curricular without messing up with the grades. So I think that if such an alumnus is willing to be a part of our faculty, then it would really benefit our institute

 Yours Faithfully,

Rohit Singh Chauhan,

Ceramic Engineering, M. Tech. IDD


It was a great experience attending the workshop of such a personality of it-bhu. It gives us various tips for our life after it-bhu and also various web links (itbhuglobal and university list) which we were not aware of, now helps us to access vast network.

With regards,

Puneet Goyal


It was excellent being with such a personality among us. Dr. Pathak proved to be a motivating force for the freshers like us. He helped enhancing our knowledge about the future prospectus after we leave this institute.




442-Animesh lecturing.png

(Animesh Pathak delivering speech)

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(Animesh Pathak, Dr. P. K. Mishra, Dr. S. K. Shukla)



442-Students listening.png


(Students listening to Animesh Pathak)


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(Animesh Pathak in conversation with students)




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 Pramod Joshi said:

I have known and interacted with Animesh over the last few years, beginning with one of my first post-graduation visits to the IT-BHU campus. He is a shining example of what potential any IT-BHU student has, AND how that potential can be put to good use for the world of technology, culture, communities and alumni activities. At a young age, Animesh has achieved a lot more than might have been expected from a man his age, and he is only beginning his real journey now.

All of us have found in Animesh a passionate man, tireless activist, selfless alumnus and a thought leader. His desire to do something really meaningful and long-lasting for his Alma Mater, even by returning to it as a teacher, bodes well for IT-BHU.

Here is my bold vision for Dr. Animesh Pathak - 20 years hence, he becomes the youngest VC of BHU, after having successfully led IIT Varanasi to the top of the league of world-class engineering / technology institutions. He cleans up the decaying systems, eliminates nepotism, tightens up the administration, inspires world class faculty to join, teach and stay in BHU and reignites the dream that made the Mahamana set up the University in the first place.

Go, Animesh, go!

Best of luck from all alumni members!!!

Pramod Joshi
Class of 1979
EcE Dept, IT-BHU

January 27, 2009 2:29 AM

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