KashiYatra '09 (23-26 Jan 2009) - Announcement
Chronicle Editor @ Dec 28, 2008
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(Forwarded by Devender Singh Maun, 2nd year Ceramic.

Email: devender.maun@gmail.com)

27th Annual All India Cultural Festival of Institute of Technology – Banaras Hindu University, KashiYatra 2009 is scheduled to be held from the 23rd to the 26th of January 2009. Every year KashiYatra showcases Professional Nights, Crosswindz – All India Rock Festival, Mirage – Fashion Show, Fire n’ Ice – The Discotheque and a host of other competitive events which includes music, theatre, dance, literary, fine-arts events and a series of informal events. Over the years KashiYatra has witnessed remarkable participation from colleges spanning across the nation and has emerged as one of the largest events of its kind in India.

The Kavi Sammelan event hosts 6 Kavis and is a four hour long affair. Catering to a mature audience, the Kavi Sammelan offers excellent prospects as a forum to the mature audience of BHU.  Antarnaad is open sesame to a whole gamut of fun, thrill and excitement. Antarnaad has showcased the best of music artistes making packed stadiums sway to their tunes. Antarnaad is one of the most awaited nights of KashiYatra. It gathers the largest crowds of KashiYatra

Abhinav features the very best of the theatrical talent from colleges across the nation. Performances in Abhinav will make you laugh, make you cry and make everyone watch is awe as amazing acting and great direction breathe life into innovative storylines and make you believe the surreal. Natraj is the most crowd pulling competition of KashiYatra. Held at the jam packed indoor auditorium, Swatantrata Bhavan, Natraj spills out enthusiastic and thrilling performances.

Samvaad is a war of words featuring the ultimate showdown of the best of the best delighting with their speaking skills. Fire n’ Ice is the place to let your hair down and dance like no one’s watching. It is bewitching experience to see the spirited crowd groove, sway and gyrate like the souls possessed by the swanky rhythms of absolutely alluring music in a magnificent Dancing Arena. Held at the Open Air Theatre, the Final Cut has the notoriety of being the loudest night of KashiYatra. Toolika is for the aesthetically inclined featuring the confluence of stunning fine art by young artists all over the country. With a series of art events Toolika attracts a large number of visitors from students to Professors and art lovers; colour and creativity being the punch line.

For further info, visit the website: http://www.itbhu.ac.in/kashiyatra/



 We have received following message from Anup Sheshadri, Convener of KashiYatra ’09:

This is Anup Sheshadri, Convener, Kashi Yatra '09. This email is to request for some kind of help and support from alumni side.

The budget requirement for the Kashi Yatra ’09 event is more than Rs. 15 lakhs, and we are expecting sponsorship worth just Rs. 3 to 4 lakhs. But as we have much better and sentimental alumni, we have better chance to show off this year.

It is my kind request to you all, to help us to make the event successful. Help of any amount will definitely be accepted and appreciated considering the sour situation. We are planning to have the names of the alumni or alumni chapters/batches who contribute in our Kashi Yatra '09 souvenir.

The procedure and other required details for transaction will be given soon.


Convener, Anup Sheshadri (Mining 2009) anup.shesh@gmail.com

Co-Convener, Pulkit Bohra (Metallurgy 2009)  pulkitbohra@gmail.com


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