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IT-BHU Chronicle: January Edition
Chronicle Editor @ Jan 31, 2009
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Published on January 31, 2009
The Chronicle January 2009 issue.
Vol.2009 : Issue 0001
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In this issue
Chronicle Editor @ Jan 31, 2009
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We are pleased to announce the chronicle January issue with a number of articles.

We have provided brief but important news about conversion of our institute to IIT. The govt. will decided on this important issue in February session of Parliament. We hope for the best. Meanwhile our alumni volunteers are working behind the scene to make it happen.

About late Manoj Gupta (Civil 1979) who was murdered about a month ago, we have provided news update. On the report page, we have provided more photos about him and painting work done by him.

On the Home page, we have published guidelines for subscribing/unsubscribing or changing Email address for chronicle. In the Feedback section, we have randomly picked few comments from our readers and posted along with our reply.

On the Alumni World page, we are pleased to publish reunion reports of class of 1958, 1974 and 1983. On the interview page, we have published interview with Atul Vashistha (Metallurgy 1988) and founder of NeoIT consulting group.

We need more news. Please send your news and feedback at: chronicle@itbhuglobal.org.



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Chronicle Help Desk
Chronicle Editor @ Jan 31, 2009
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 (Chronicle note: This section is for the benefit of alumni/students/faculty. Anyone who needs non-job related help or want to send a particular message to our community can write to us with a brief announcement at chronicle [AT] itbhuglobal.org.. You may choose to remain anonymous, if you wish. The readers are advised to contact the concerned party directly.)

We have received the following request from one of our alumni, who is looking for some of his batch-mates. Please contact him directly at the email address provided.


I passed out in 1973, Mechanical Engineering.  I am looking for whereabouts of Mr. T B Pandey & Mr. Deleep Mishra (both Mechanical 1973 batch) who passed out with me.

If u can provide me their e-mail address, I will be grateful.

Warm regards,

Vikram Duggal

General Manager –Works

Oman Cables Industry (SAOG)

Rusayl, Sultanate of Oman

Email: gmworks@omancables.com



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Update on Manoj Gupta (Civil 1979) murder case
Chronicle Editor @ Jan 31, 2009
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Here is the update as received from the surviving family of Manoj Gupta, which is more reliable and may be somewhat different from the news media report.

Photos of Manoj Gupta and the painting work done by him are posted in the Reports page of this issue.  Also an article titled, “Manoj Gupta’s murder: More skeletons in the cupboard” (published in Merinews and written by our alumnus) is posted in the Reports page.


Following feedback was received from the Ishita, daughter of Manoj Gupta:

“We were invited by the Chief Minister Mayawati at Lucknow on 13 January for discussion about the case. Our key demand was to seek justice and punishment to Tiwari and his associates. CM assured us of speedy investigation and justice. She also informed us that we can anytime apply for CBI enquiry if we are not satisfied by the investigations. There is no compulsion on us that we cannot apply for CBI. 

 I would like to clarify on various speculations made by media and opposition parties. My Mother is offered a type IV flat at Ganesh Ganj Lucknow, in an officers’ colony for next few years, till the time papa would have been in service.

Vishu (Prateesh, son of Manoj Kumar) is offered with a class II govt. job at Lucknow although he hasn't yet decided on taking it.  A house and a govt. job to any member of the victims family is under govt. policy, As per the govt. policy Vishu has been offered a Class II job, while Papa was an Class I officer.

 I would like to explain that nothing can compensate my father's life .Whatever we have accepted is our official right; not as compensation from Mayawati govt.

The crime committed by Tiwari cannot and never be lessen despite of whatever the govt. does.

There is not much progress in the case after 15th January.  

 We simply don’t see any progress in the case; Vibha Tiwari and Hoshiyaar Singh haven’t been arrested yet.”


According latest news update, expressing "extreme disquiet" over "close nexus" between police and "criminalised politicians and their goons", the Allahabad High Court on Tuesday ordered that investigation and trial in the case relating to the killing of PWD engineer M K Gupta be concluded within six months.


Additional news links:

1) Obituary article in Express India:

UP engr’s death: his classmates seek justice


2) Article in Express India

3 decades on, Class of ’79 reunites to fight for slain engineer


3) Article in Times of India

Property of MLA's wife attached


4) Article in Times of India

Cong demands white paper on Maya's 'double amount'


5) Article in Times of India

End engineer’s murder trial in 6 months: HC

Court expresses ‘extreme disquiet’ over ‘close nexus’ between police and ‘criminalised politicians and their goons’ in Uttar Pradesh


6) Article in Merinews

Manoj Gupta’s murder: More skeletons in the cupboard




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Chronicle Subscribe/Unsubscribe features
Chronicle Editor @ Jan 31, 2009
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About publishing and mailing of chronicle

The chronicle is a monthly news magazine published by IT-BHU Global Alumni Association. It contains news and articles of interest to IT-BHU community, which includes alumni, students and faculty/staff. The magazine is published online at www.itbhuglobal.org/chronicle. It is published at the end of each month (give or take few days).

The magazine is also mass-emailed to our readers based on the mailing list kept on our database. It is mailed to our alumni who register their names on our registered alumni database maintained on www.itbhuglobal.org website. It is also mass-mailed to students and faculty/staff based on registered names maintained on the institute’s website www.itbhu.ac.in. Each month, the issue is emailed to about 7,500 registered alumni and about 3,000 students/faculty/staff. Additionally, estimated 2,000 readers from outside IT-BHU community view it.

About subscribing/unsubscribing

Each month, we receive several requests for subscribing and unsubscribing for chronicle magazine. The magazine is open for all the readers, including those from other colleges.  There are also few requests about changing email ID for receiving chronicle.

a) Best way to subscribe a chronicle is to register your name on the registered alumni database, if you are alumnus/student/faculty/staff of IT-BHU.  For that, visit www.itbhuglobal.org/register and enter necessary details. It takes only few minutes to register. You shall be contacted by our web team in few days. In the alumni database, please have your email redirection enabled, which will allow us to mass-mail chronicle at your selected email address.

b) You can always read latest issue of chronicle on our website at: www.itbhuglobal.org/chronicle.

c) To subscribe or unsubscribe for chronicle, please email to: admin [AT] itbhuglobal.org

Full name (First, Last)

Status (Alumnus, student, Faculty, Guest)

Year of pass out (branch/year) optional

Email ID (Email where you are/would like to receive chronicle)

You can also use dialog box at: http://www.itbhuglobal.org/contactus.php

d) To update your email ID for receiving chronicle, you can do so by logging to the system at: www.itbhuglobal.org (use member login on right-side). Please note that website admins do not have privilege to do that.



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IT-BHU Conversion to IIT-Official Update
Chronicle Editor @ Jan 31, 2009
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(Chronicle note: This is Update 1 posted on February 4 to reflect the latest news media reposts and the feedback provided by the informed sources.)

Government drops the plan for converting IT-BHU into an IIT.

From the stream of news coming out in last few days, it appears that conversion of IT-BHU into an IIT is dropped, at least for the foreseeable future. The news link is provided at the end.

We have also got separate reports from our informed sources that the HRD Ministry has decided NOT to go ahead with the planned upgrade of our institute into an IIT. The whole situation is unclear now. It appears that when the govt. amends IIT Act in February 12-26 session of parliament, the name of our institute will not be included in the list of institutes to be designated as IITs.

The govt. sources have cited various reasons for the decision to deny us IIT status. It includes questions raised by the University for allowing separation of institute, flood of new IITs being set up in a short time, objections being raised by IIT Council in the recent meeting and lack of funding to convert the institute into an IIT. In our opinion, most of the objections do not stand on merit or alternation solutions can be found for the problems.

This is despite the fact that the new IITs which are being set up in unplanned manner, will not have necessary infrastructure, faculty and resources ready for next few years. Compared to that, our institute is already in ready mode from day one of the implementation of the decision about conversion. Moreover, each of the new IITs will require funding of about Rs. 3,000 crores over a period of 6-8 years, while our institute will need only about the half of that cost for upgrade.

During the meeting of union cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on March 28, 2008, it was decided to set up 8 new IITs and also to convert IT-BHU into an IIT. Now the govt. has gone back on its decision without stating any reason behind the move.

We all hope that govt. will take the necessary decision and will work towards fulfilling its promise to convert our institute to an IIT.


1) Following is the report on 39th meeting of IIT Council: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/IIT_faculty_likely_to_be_exempt_from_quota/articleshow/4044599.cms


“There was a lot of discussion on converting IT-BHU into a fully fledged IIT but no decision was taken." IT-BHU is an important part of the BHU system. There was discussion on how to empower IT-BHU without taking it out of the BHU system. But there is no clarity on that front yet," an official said.”


2) Following is the report on the discussion took place at IIT Council meeting:


IIT tag eludes Banaras tech school 


 Banaras Hindu University: Upgrade hurdle 

New Delhi, Feb. 3: The Centre plans to shelve the promised upgrade of Banaras Hindu University’s engineering school to an Indian Institute of Technology, citing opposition from the IITs’ top decision-making body.


The upgrade was opposed last week at a meeting of the IIT Council by R. Chidambaram, member of the Prime Minister’s Scientific Advisory Committee, government officials have said.

Now, the human resource development ministry plans to cite the opposition to freeze the transformation of one of India’s best and oldest engineering schools into an IIT.

The ministry had prepared a note seeking the expenditure finance committee’s clearance for the upgrade but is now likely to argue that the plan be kept in abeyance, a top ministry official said.

The committee’s clearance is a precursor to seeking the mandatory approval from the cabinet. The ministry, the official added, has no plans of approaching the cabinet.

The Institute of Technology, BHU (IT-BHU), has admitted students based on the IIT Joint Entrance Examination since 1971 and is widely regarded as the best government engineering college after the IITs. But at the council meeting, sources said Chidambaram argued the government was opening too many IITs together — six were started in 2008 and two more are planned in 2009.

Chidambaram also argued that IT-BHU was a crucial component of the varsity, the sources said. Separating it would hurt the university, he said.

A decision to backtrack from the promised upgrade is, however, unlikely to please Uttar Pradesh chief minister Mayavati, now opposed to the ruling UPA. Mayavati is learnt to have written at least once to HRD minister Arjun Singh voicing concerns over the delay in the upgrade.

Early in 2008, first the Prime Minister and then Arjun had announced the government was starting eight new IITs besides converting the IT-BHU into an IIT. But in July last year, when the cabinet cleared starting eight new IITs, it did not take a decision on IT-BHU.

Today, a senior IT-BHU administrator questioned the opposition to the upgrade. Officially, BHU has not opposed the separation of IT-BHU, required for the conversion, he said.



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Readers' Feedback
Chronicle Editor @ Jan 31, 2009
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We are pleased to publish feedback received from our readers for the previous issue (December 2008 issue). We have randomly picked up some comments which we like to share with our readers. Our reply to the feedback is also published here.

Please write your branch/year along with your feedback.

1) Home Page-Chronicle format-new fonts used

 Ketan Kothari said:

The download link does not work. Please update it to include a valid link.

Chronicle replied:


The link was active few months ago. Now it is no longer working.

Still you can download Microsoft Reader from its official website:

MS reader is a free Microsoft program for Windows. After download is complete, you can open Frutiger fonts, which are provided free along with Reader program.



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