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IT-BHU Chronicle: February 2009 Edition
@ Feb 28, 2009
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Published on March 7, 2009
The Chronicle February 2009 issue.
Vol.2009 : Issue 0002
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IT-BHU to IIT conversion
@ Feb 28, 2009
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We have made some progress, obstacles ahead, but we are hopeful

At present, our institute is at the critical moment. Past one month has been very eventful for us. Our entire IT-BHU community, including students, faculty and alumni has worked together towards the goal of making our institute an IIT; a goal which has eluded us since 1973, when our institute tried for IIT status.

The Report section of this issue contains complete coverage on our heroic struggle to become independent and march towards our bright future. More details are also on our website, www.itbhuglobal.org. We have made some progress on the conversion front. At last the files have started moving in the HRD ministry. There is greater political and mass awareness about our issue, which was captured by the news media. Our movement to support our demand has largely remained forceful but peaceful. The Executive Council of BHU has passed a resolution approving separation of our institute from the university.

The remaining pending steps are signature by HRD Minister, approval by union cabinet committee CCEA (Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs) and finally inclusion of our institute in the amendment of IIT Act by the parliament.

Still we have to monitor the situation and maintain the vigil and focus on the issue. For next few months, the govt. shall be busy in the parliament election. The next parliament session shall be in July.

There are some issues which are yet to be resolved. The major one is the university’s insistence on retaining control over institute. This may hit a road block as all IITs are autonomous and independent. If necessary, the matter should be referred back to Executive Council of BHU for further resolution.

We hope that HRD ministry and BHU administration will resolve the issue in a manner acceptable to all parties.

Yogesh K Upadhyaya

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