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IT-BHU Chronicle: March 2009 edition
Chronicle Editor @ Mar 31, 2009
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Published on March 31, 2009
The Chronicle March 2009 issue.
Vol.2009 : Issue 0003
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In This Issue
@ Mar 31, 2009
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We are pleased to announce the chronicle March issue with a number of articles.

Under news section, we have published IT-BHU news, which includes Prof. V K Srivastava (Dept. of Mechanical Engineering) receiving prestigious Erasmus Award from European Union for teaching internationally. Prof. Veer Bhadra (former head of Dept. of Civil Engineering) has received the Award for his tireless campaign for keeping Ganges water clean. Under BHU news, there is report about BHU 91st convocation with President Pratibha Patil as the Chief Guest of the ceremony.

The Report section contains latest news update on our IIT conversion issue. It shows some positive things happening in that direction. The report section also contains a detailed article about BHU Kulgeet. It is really enjoyable to see and hear it on YouTube!

Under Campus View page, we have published the campus news about convocation function at IT-BHU with photos and list of graduating students who received distinction/awards/gold medals. Under campus reports, we have published a number of activities reported by Praharsh Sharma, our student reporter. It also includes announcement for speech by Dr. Michael Cremo about Devolution of Human on April 11 at G-14 hall (opposite IT Library).

Under Alumni World page, details are provided for formation of new Board of Directors for our alumni association. Also included is announcement for the tax-exemption status received from US govt. by our association.

In the alumni reunion/meet section, we have posted reports of several alumni meet happening around the world. We have also posted announcement for some upcoming alumni meet.

This page also contains profile of our alumni who are contributing their efforts for political awareness. It includes the Never Forget It! Website started by Animesh Pathak and Varun Grover, both from 2003 batch; and Abhay Chawla (Electronics 1988) who is a honorary lecturer in Delhi Colleges and encourage students for creating idea about monitoring election and politics as a model citizen.

The Interview page contains interview of Anil Sood (Ceramic 1990) who has given candid interview about his technical career in ceramic and glass industries.

The Chronicle Extra page contains selected articles from news media around the world in the fields of science & technology, health & life sciences, and business & economy. From this issue, we are adding two more sections:

*PC, Internet and Information Technology

*Art, Life, Politics, Life Style, etc.

We hope readers will enjoy dozen articles posted in this section.

We need more news. Please send your news and feedback at: chronicle@itbhuglobal.org.



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In This Issue
Campus View
Alumni World
Chronicle Extras
Front Page
IT-BHU to IIT conversion
@ Mar 31, 2009
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At present, our institute is at the critical moment. Past two months had been very eventful for us. Our entire IT-BHU community, including students, faculty and alumni has worked together towards the goal of making our institute an IIT.

The Report section of this issue contains some positive news for the conversion of our institute to IIT.

We have made some progress on the conversion front. There is greater political and mass awareness about our issue, which was captured by the news media. Both the candidates from Varanasi seat (Mr. Rajesh Mishra of Congress and Mr. Murli Manohar Joshi) are supporters of IIT conversion. We have to monitor the situation and maintain the vigil and focus on the issue. For next few months, the govt. shall be busy in the parliament election. The new government shall be formed on June 02 and the next parliament session shall be in July.

There are some issues which are yet to be resolved. The major one is the university’s insistence on retaining control over institute. This may hit a road block as all IITs are autonomous and independent. If necessary, the matter should be referred back to Executive Council of BHU for further resolution.

We hope that HRD ministry and BHU administration will resolve the issue in a manner acceptable to all parties.



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Timeline for submitting news and articles
@ Mar 31, 2009
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We are pleased to state that recently we have received positive feedback from our readers, including forwarding of news and articles. In fact over 2/3rd of the news and articles we publish are forwarded by our readers. So far we have published almost all the news and articles forwarded to us, since our magazine belongs to our entire community.

At the same time, we are also struggling to maintain our deadline of publishing chronicle by the end of each month. It takes few days to research the forwarded news and articles, prepare a draft for comment, send it 2-3 times to the concerned party for comments and approval and finally upload on server. Hence we request our readers to forward all news and articles to us as early as possible, preferably before 25th of the month of publication. We may not able to do justice on the feed provided after 25th, and it will be marked for publishing for the next month’s issue. Of course, all obituaries, late breaking news, etc, can be considered even on the last date prior to publishing.



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