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IT-BHU Chronicle: April 2009 edition
IITBHU Global Editor @ Apr 30, 2009
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Published on April 30, 2009
The Chronicle April 2009 issue.
Vol.2009 : Issue 0004
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@ Apr 30, 2009
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We are pleased to announce the chronicle April issue with a number of articles.

On the Front page, we have published the info about our Petition supporting IIT conversion and we request readers to kindly sign it.

On the News page, we have published news about Morvi, Rajputana and Vishwakarma Hostels receiving Star Performers Award from BHU. Under IIT news, we have informed our readers about The PANIIT 2009 Global Conference on Oct 9 – 11, 2009, Schaumburg, Illinois, USA.

On the reports page, we are pleased to publish two reports. One report is about IT-Day celebration held on the campus on April 25. Two of our alumni, Dr. Himadri Sen (Pharma 1971) and Prof. Pankaj Chandra (Mining 1983) were presented with Distinguished Alumni Awards. The report section also contains contents from Newsletter of Mahamana Malaviya Foundation. It includes full-text of BHU Execution Council resolution passed on Feb 21 for the conversion of our institute to IIT. It also includes speech by late Dr. Gopal Tripathi in 1968 to support conversion of IT-BHU to IIT. It also includes rare stunning photographs of our college of 1920’s era.

Under Campus View page, we have published the report on speech by Dr. Michael Cremo about Devolution of Human on April 11 at G-14 hall (opposite IT Library).

In the alumni reunion/meet section, we have posted reports of several alumni meet happening around the world. In the alumni news section, we have posted the news of Nikesh Arora (Electrical 1989) becoming President of Global Sales at Google. He is the highest ranking executive among our young alumni.

The Interview page contains interview of jag Humar (Civil 1958) who is currently professor at Carleton University at Ottawa. His Technical paper on SkyDome design is also published. There is also interview of Vijay Kumar (Mining 1995). His technical paper on Mining of Diamonds is also published.

The Chronicle Extra page contains selected articles from news media around the world in the fields of science & technology; health & life sciences; business & economy; PC, Internet and Information Technology; Art, Life, Politics, Life Style, etc.

We hope readers will enjoy dozen articles posted in this section.

We need more news. Please send your news and feedback at: chronicle@itbhuglobal.org.


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IT-BHU to IIT conversion
@ Apr 30, 2009
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At present, our institute is at the critical moment. Past three months had been very eventful for us. Our entire IT-BHU community, including students, faculty and alumni has worked together towards the goal of making our institute an IIT.

The Report section of this issue contains some positive news for the conversion of our institute to IIT. It also shows the full text of resolution passed by BHU Executive Council on 21st February. As can be seen from the resolution, it does not address to meet the requirements necessary for conversion of our institute to IIT. For example, the resolution states that “after conversion, BHU will retain its control over IIT-BHU.” This is not acceptable, as IIT-BHU shall be governed only by IIT Act, 1961 (amended) and not by BHU Act, 1915.

The existing resolution by EC also suggests that “after conversion, the institute will move out to new campus at Mirzapur”. This is not acceptable to us, and we ask to have the institute remain at the present campus in Varanasi. Shifting to new campus will also cause unnecessary hardship to students and faculty of our institute.

To further resolve these and other issues (such as members to be nominated by BHU in the Governing Council of IIT-BHU), VC should call for another meeting of Executive Council immediately. We have published a petition online to that effect and explained in the next article. All alumni, students, faculty, staff and well-wishers are requested to sign the petition, which shall be forwarded to VC shortly for necessary action.

The national election is under progress and timeline announced is as follows:

-Announcement of results for national election: 16 May

-New government is formed: June 02

-New parliament is convened: July

It is expected that IIT Act shall be amended during July session of parliament. To become an IIT for our institute, the question is now or never. Hence it is essential that our institute’s name is included in the IIT Act amendment by parliament in the July 2009 session.

We hope that the new HRD ministry and BHU administration will resolve the issue in a manner acceptable to all parties.


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Online Petition created for IT to IIT conversion
@ Apr 30, 2009
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In order to continue to press for our demand for IIT status for our institute, an online petition has been created. It has been posted and can be viewed on Petitiononline website. (PetitionOnline.com provides free online hosting of
public petitions for responsible public advocacy.)


Please view the above petition and sign it at the earliest. Our goal is to collect enough signatures and forward it to our Vice-Chancellor for kind consideration and quick action in the matter from his side. The petition also requests for calling a meeting of BHU Executive Council by VC and passing the necessary resolution in favour of IIT status for our college. The meeting of EC is necessary as the earlier resolution passed by Council on 21st February does not address the complete requirement needed for our institute for conversion to IIT.

The petition is prepared by IT-BHU Global Alumni Association with the input from faculty and students.

The full-text of the petition is as follows:


To:  The Vice-Chancellor, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India

Sub: Conversion of IT-BHU to IIT-Petition from IT-BHU Community

Respected Sir:

We, the alumni, students, faculty and staff of the Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University (IT-BHU), are deeply disturbed by the contents of the resolutions of the Executive Council of BHU, which met on February 21, 2009 to consider the MHRD’s plan to convert IT-BHU into an IIT.

As you may kindly recall, the MHRD and the Union Cabinet have in principle decided to take over IT-BHU, convert it into an IIT and integrate with IIT system, as per PIB notifications dated March 28 and July 17, 2008. In February 2009, you had spoken to the Hon’ble HRD Minister and he had assured that the IT-BHU would be converted into an IIT. A few days later, there was another press release on your behalf on February 10, 2009 and an announcement by the Hon’ble Rector before the agitating students of IT-BHU that the University is committed to the conversion of IT-BHU into an IIT. However, the version of the EC resolutions which have come in the media does not reflect the commitments made by the University and is also not in consonant with the MHRD and the Union Cabinet’s decision for the takeover of IT-BHU, its conversion into an IIT and integration with the IIT system in the country. This has puzzled us beyond our imagination, as we have been sincerely hoping that IT-BHU will be converted into IIT from July 2009 session. In view of the above, we appeal to you to kindly stand by your commitments made to us all along for the conversion of IT-BHU into IIT-BHU. We sincerely believe that with your kind help, strong support and active persuasion in this matter, IT-BHU will become an IIT very soon. From this conversion, Malaviyaji’s great Institute of technology will be given the due respect and status in National and International scenario and days will come when it will become one of the outstanding Institutes in the World.

We request you to kindly take all necessary steps for removing the obstacles/ confusions arising out of the EC resolutions in connection with the conversion of IT-BHU into an IIT. We earnestly request you kindly to convene a meeting of BHU Executive Council as soon as possible and kindly have the following agenda discussed and approved:

1) Kindly accept the decision of the Union Govt. to convert IT-BHU into an IIT and integrate with IIT system in the country. After the conversion, IIT-BHU will be governed only under the proviso of Institute of Technology Act, 1961. However, it will still be an inseparable and integral part of BHU in terms of its physical location, existence, tradition and common heritage.

2) Kindly consider and approve that Vice-Chancellor and an elected nominee of Executive Council of BHU be the ex-officio members of IIT-BHU (Varanasi) Governing Board. In addition, two members may be nominated by the Vice-Chancellor of BHU to be the members of Senate of IIT-BHU. This will obviously ensure the participation and contribution of BHU in the Governance of IIT-BHU.

3) Kindly approve the retention of IIT-BHU, Varanasi in the same campus in order to remain an inseparable and integral part of BHU and to maintain the close linkages (academic, professional, social etc) with BHU and to uphold the noble vision and objectives of its founder, Pt. Madan Mohan Malaviyaji.

We can assure you, Sir, that the culture and ethics instilled by our Visionary Founder will continue to prevail in the same spirit. We can also assure you that you will be respected and remembered as an another Visionary in the History of IT-BHU for taking such an innovative step for making IT-BHU into an World Class Institution. IT-BHU fraternity will be grateful to you forever.

With best regards,

Yours sincerely,

The Alumni, Students, Faculty and Staff of IT-BHU, IT-BHU Global Alumni Association



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