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@ May 06, 2009
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We are pleased to announce the chronicle May issue with a number of articles.

On the Home Page, the latest update on IIT conversion issue is discussed. In the Feedback section, some of the interesting feedback from the readers are posted and discussed.

On the News page (all pages are listed on top menu bar), we have published news about BHU alumni cell. We have published news about IIT-JEE results in IIT News Update section.

On the reports page, we are pleased to publish two reports. One report is about letters sent to HRD ministry about IIT conversion issue by former and current VC of BHU. The goal is same but the approach is different. Another report is about recently held general elections and its result, election result analysis, new cabinet formed, etc. We hope it will be of interest to our readers.

Under Campus View page, we have published announcement about seminar on bioseparation processes. We have also published some photos of 2009 graduating classes.

On the alumni page, we have published the important news about IBGAA (India) registered with govt. of India. In the alumni news section, we have published the news (along with technical paper) of research on corrosion to Indian Rails by Prof. Balasubramaniam, Professor at IIT-Kanpur.

The Interview page contains interview of Teji Singh (Mechanical 1985) who is practicing as patent attorney in California. We hope his experience will help students/alumni to pursue a non-traditional career.

The Chronicle Extra page contains selected articles from news media around the world in the fields of science & technology; health & life sciences; business & economy; PC, Internet and Information Technology; Art, Life, Politics, Life Style, etc.

We hope readers will enjoy dozen articles posted in this section.

We need more news. Please send your news and feedback at: chronicle@itbhuglobal.org.

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IT-BHU to IIT conversion update
@ May 06, 2009
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At present, our institute is at the critical moment. We shall have to watch development for next few months. Our entire IT-BHU community, including students, faculty and alumni are working together towards the goal of making our institute an IIT.

The national election results are announced is under progress and Congress lead UPA government has come to the power at the central. (A full election results report is published in the Reports page of this issue).  Mr. Kapil Sibal has been appointed as new Human Resources Development Minister, Mr. D. Purandeswari has been appointed as Minister of State for HRD.

The parliament budget session will be convened during first week of July. Hopefully, IIT Act shall be amended during that session. To become an IIT for our institute, the question is now or never. Hence it is essential that our institute’s name is included in the IIT Act amendment by parliament in the July 2009 session.

We hope that the new HRD ministry and BHU administration will resolve the issue in a manner acceptable to all parties.

In order to continue to press for our demand for IIT status for our institute, an online petition was created. We received 2,272 signatures in one month of posting. The site has been locked out since June 03 and the soft copies as well as printout are being sent to VC and 8 members of Executive Council.


The petition requests for calling a meeting of BHU Executive Council by VC and passing the necessary resolution in favour of IIT status for our college. The meeting of EC is necessary as the earlier resolution passed by Council on 21st February does not address the complete requirement needed for our institute for conversion to IIT.

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Feedback received for April 2009 issue
@ May 05, 2009
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(Chronicle note: We shall publish some of the responses received (picked at random) for our published issues.)

a) Comment from Anand Mishra (ECE 2001)

 (Ref. article “Helping Students for Summer Internship” in Chronicle April 2009 issue:http://www.itbhuglobal.org/chronicle/archives/2009/04/index-alumni-world.php#004271)

“As far as training in VLSI companies is concerned no company wants to take trainee for such a small duration. Who wants to give 4 week induction for a10 week training? So now trend is to have trainees for at least 6 months. There are institutes which have provision for this (BITS, Manipal, Thapar Institute of Technology ...).

I have proposed in past to allow the students to choose between 6 month training and B. Tech project. If one sees the learning opportunities in 6 month training and the final job offer made by companies to the trainees, he will agree with me that our summer training is more a formality rather than a learning opportunity.

Hope the concerned authority (TPO) will do something in this regard.”


Anand Mishra (ECE 2001)

Email: anand.mishra@st.com

Dated: May 06, 2009


Chronicle replies:

Dear Anand:

 Thanks for your comments posted on chronicle April issue.

Although 6-month training provides practical opportunity to students to learn about application of engineering knowledge, our institute cannot implement it. The reason is that our institute's curriculum is same as that of IITs. Moreover, we have to complete certain credit hours of study, which is not possible if one semester is entirely devoted to non-class room training.

In 1972 (when our institute joined IIT-JEE system for admissions) the course was re-named as 5-year Integrated B. Tech. It was called as integrated course, since it included few subjects of M Tech to better prepare students for advanced study abroad. At that time, 5-year Integrated B. Tech. course was offered only at IITs and IT-BHU.

The B. Tech program doesn't allow for a 6 month internship but the Institute is aware of this and has made this possible for the M. Tech and PhD programs.


Chronicle Team


b) Michael A. Cremo thanks Chronicle for publishing article about his visit to our campus.

(Ref. article “Vedic alternative to Evolution-A seminar by Dr. Michael A. Cremo“in Chronicle April 2009 issue:


“Dear Yogesh K. Upadhyaya,

Thank you very much for the copy of the newsletter and the link to the video! It was a great honor for me to speak at BHU. “

Sincerely yours,

Michael A. Cremo

Email: mcremo@cs.com

Website: http://www.mcremo.com/

Dated: May 15, 2009



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