Ghanashyam Mishra (Mining 1961) publishes the book "From Primitive to Privileged-Story of An Indian American Immigrant"
@ May 05, 2009
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Mr. Ghanashyam Mishra, a Mining 1961 graduate is settled in South Carolina, USA. He has decided to publish his life-time experience in the form a narrative. He has described his life journey-from childhood and education in India to his professional career in USA-in the book. The book is paperback edition, with 90 pages and 6” x 9” size. The ISBN number is to be applied for. The initial print is for 1,000 copies.

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An internet version of the soft copy will be available on chronicle in the future. 

If anyone wants a copy of the book, he/she can write to Ghanashyam Mishra at 395 Green Winged Teal Road, Johns Island, SC 29455, and he/she will receive booklet via US mail.  His email address is: Cost per copy is $7.00 ($2 for postage included), payable to OSA, a charitable organization for children. 

(OSA stands for the Orissa Society of the Americas.  It was founded 40 years ago by a handful of families from Orissa in 1969.  OSA is a tax-exempt organization that helps several charitable organizations for the development of rural Orissa and organizes relief efforts during cyclones.  Mr. Mishra has been a patron of this group since mid 1970's.)  

Ghanashyam Mishra writes:

“This booklet is a true portrayal of my childhood in an impoverished out-of-way village in Coastal Orissa, my two years of stay at a monastery in Puri, and my further journey to BHU to study engineering in mid 1950's.  My struggle for survival continued well after my graduation from the College of Mining and Metallurgy in 1961.  Through many twists and turns of my Karma, I travelled to Germany and finally settled in USA.

 My life spans over seven decades across three continents.  During my life time, tremendous changes have taken place on this planet.  From splitting of the atom to space travel and finally to the computer technologies that has impacted our lives positively.  But did the modern technologies and innovations change us as human beings?  Are we anyway superior to our not so privileged parents and grandparents?  The answer is obviously "No".  My illiterate mother loved, nurtured and sacrificed for her children as any modern educated mother of today.

 The primary purpose of writing my life story was for the benefit of our children and grandchildren, who have been raised in an affluent and privileged society.  The children of the first generation Indian immigrants have limited knowledge of their parent's struggles and sacrifices in the new world.  It was not easy for them, but they did not give up.  I hope, my life's chronicles will instill the desire for the young readers to follow their dreams leading to a successful future.”

 Ghanashyam Mishra

395 Green Winged Teal Road

Johns Island, SC 29455

With best wishes,

Ghanashyam Mishra



Additional Link:

OSA (Orissa Society of the Americas)



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