The Chronicle completes 4 years
Chronicle Editor @ Jun 04, 2009
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We are pleased to state that our magazine, IT-BHU Chronicle has completed 4 years of publication. The chronicle is an online monthly news magazine for IT-BHU community. It is published by IT-BHU Alumni Association. Its goal is to provide reliable news about IT-BHU events and issues, about national education and about India and World events. It aims to become educative, informative and entertaining news magazine.

The first issue was published on June 10. 2005. Basically it was a simple issue, containing mostly the news links without any photos:

Later on, it evolved many changes, and more categories of news and articles with photos were added. Because of large volume of publication (equivalent to about 200 standard A4 size of articles), it is published in 8-page format.

The magazine is also mass emailed to about 10,000 registered members of IT-BHU Alumni Association (students, faculty, alumni and staff) each month. The magazine current and past issues can be accessed online at:

You can search for names, events and places covered in chronicle by searching in the dialog box at: (located on right-side)

More info about chronicle can be found in “About US” in this issue.


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