Welcome to the IITBHU Chronicle, September 2009 Edition.
IT-BHU Chronicle: September 2009 edition
@ Sep 30, 2009
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Published on September 30, 2009
The Chronicle September 2009 issue.
Vol.2009 : Issue 0009
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IT-BHU to IIT conversion update
@ Sep 11, 2009
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(By Yogesh K. Upadhyaya. Email: yogesh@optonline.net)

The proposal for conversion of IT-BHU to IIT is being processed in MHRD (Ministry of Human Resource Development).

It is expected that the Union Cabinet will accord their approval soon. After the Cabinet approval, this is further expected to be placed in November Parliament Session

Amendment to the Institutes of Technology Act is expected to be passed by the Parliament during its November Session, if all the formalities by that time is completed.  The name of our institute will be changed to IIT-BHU.

The Institutes of Technology Act will be modified to include names of the eight new IITs being set up in the country, along with our institute.


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Chronicle notes
@ Sep 11, 2009
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The chronicle is expected to be published by 10th of each month (there may be delay of few days). The deadline for forwarding news and articles is by the end of the previous month. For example, For example, Chronicle October issue will be published by around November 10th. The deadline for submitting new articles is October 31st. News and articles received after that date will be published subject to time available and importance of the news. Some late breaking news and obituaries will be accepted at any time before publishing.

Each issue of chronicle is mass emailed to over 10,000 registered alumni, students and faculty. To receive chronicle issue by email each month, please register your name (if not registered so far) at: www.itbhuglobal.org/register.

Currently the comment feature (at the end of each article) is not working. We are trying to resolve the problem.

Please send your suggestions, feedback at: chronicle@itbhuglobal.org


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Goonj magazine from IT Gymkhana-inaugural issue published
@ Sep 11, 2009
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(Forwarded by Vikas Kumar Pandey, 3rd year Electrical Engineering. Email: vikaseeealg@gmail.com)

The inaugural issue (September 2009 issue) of Goonj magazine is published. It is a campus magazine published by IT Gymkhana volunteers. The 32-page colorful magazine contains a variety of articles (written and edited by students’ community), including news, music, sports, cartoons, etc.

The Goonj magazine is managed by a team of volunteers as listed follows:

Team Goonj:

 Vaibhav Sharma; Vikas Kumar Pandey; Raunak Kalra; Mithali Shekhawat; Abhinav Pandey; Ram Gopal Varma;  Aviral Srivastava; Abhilasha Purwar; Jayantika Soni; Shriti Raj; Anant Raman Sharma; Piyush Ranjan; Swarnim Ranjan; Harshit; Sharath M; Mohit Tundir; Ankit Raja; Rahul Reddy; Ayush; Saurabh Malwe.

About Goonj Magazine

Goonj is not just a collection of papers; it is basically a dream living inside the heart of ITians. This time, difference is just that a bunch of them had finally decided to make this dream true. Goonj comes on paper when Vaibhav Sharma and Vikas Pandey (both 3rd year Electrical) had decided to come with a magazine which can be IT's own identification, inspired from the magazines of some other institutes. They have been accompanied by their team who was also having the same dream but not received sufficient support yet. Due to the combined efforts of all the team members of Goonj, anyone can now hear "goonj" of Goonj everywhere in Institute of Technology.

As Goonj takes the first step in the phase of its infancy, we as a team would like to thank every individual who has participated in this beginning. We express our gratitude towards our honorable Director and the teachers for supporting this initiative. Our heartfelt thanks go to Prof. P. K. Mishra, Department of Chemical Engineering who has been a strong support in leading the idea of the magazine to fruition. Without his help it would not have been possible.

It has been a truly gratifying experience for all of us working for the magazine. The beginning of every venture is faced by uncertainties and apprehensions but our enthusiasm and team effort kept us going. Monetary assistance is the basic necessity for any activity, which was the major problem faced by us, though we have tried to optimize the use of all possible resources. In an attempt to encourage the creative minds, we invite volunteers to join us and help preserve this trend. We have put in our best efforts to make this magazine a perfect reflection of our institute outlining the lifestyle we all share. We are trying to reach out to the people in every possible way and hope in the coming years Goonj will reach the zenith of its heights.


The PDF copy of the issue is attached here.





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