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IT-BHU to IIT conversion update
@ Mar 24, 2010
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(By Yogesh K. Upadhyaya. Email: yogesh@optonline.net)


As stated in the last issue, the Institutes of Technology Act, (IT Act) 1961 is expected to be modified by the parliament during February/May session. The BHU Act, 1915 will also be modified along with the amendment of IT Act at the same time.

The EFC (Expenditure and Finance Committee) has approved conversion of IT-BHU to IIT, as stated in news below. It was a major development in the journey of conversion. Still there are two more major steps before our goal will be fulfilled. These are as follows:

* The cabinet note will be prepared which is a huge task and takes minimum 3 weeks normal circumstances after the minutes of EFC meetings are available.  However it can still be pushed if there are enough pressures on the officials.

* The cabinet note will be distributed to several ministries for their comments and suggestion. These suggestions will be incorporated in the cabinet note and then forwarded to PMO (Prime Minister’s Office) and then to Cabinet Secretariat for Cabinet meeting.  Every Thursday is scheduled for Cabinet meeting.

*Cabinet will review the file and send its recommendation with a cabinet note to CCPA (Cabinet Committee on Parliamentary Affairs)

*CCPA will have any last-minute check on file to verify that all legal and financial matters are in perfect order before sending it to Parliament for inclusion in the Bill.

*Parliament will then introduce the IT Amendment Bill and approve it for amendment of IT Act (along with amendment of BHU Act).

* After the Bill is passed by the parliament, the 8 newly set up IITs and IT-BHU will be officially considered as IITs. IT-BHU will have its name changed to IIT-BHU.

Director of our Institute, Prof. K. P. Singh accompanied by Prof A.K. Ghose, Prof. A. K. Tripathi, Prof N. K. Mukhopadhyay and Dr S. N. Singh were in New Delhi (15-17 March) to discuss with govt. official (including HRD ministry and Finance ministry) regarding EFC meeting in connection with the conversion. Unfortunately Prof. B. B. Bansal who was also supposed to be in the team could not attend the meeting due to his bad health.

We shall wait till then for any announcement about conversion of our institute to IIT-BHU.


IT-BHU to Become IIT; Expenditure Proposal Cleared


New Delhi | Mar 16, 2010

Paving the way for creation of a new IIT in Varanasi, the Finance Ministry today gave the go- ahead to a proposal to convert Institute of Technology of Banaras Hindu University (IT-BHU) to an IIT.

The Expenditure Finance Committee under the Ministry cleared the HRD Ministry's proposal to provide additional Rs 238 crore grant to IT-BHU in the next three years. Now the matter will now go to the Cabinet for consideration.

As per the proposal, the government will provide Rs 154 crore in remaining period of 11th Plan and another Rs 83 crore in the first year of the 12th Plan.

The Banaras Hindu University Act will have to be amended to convert the IT-BHU to an IIT. The IIT Act of 1961 will also have to be amended to include IT-BHU as an IIT, ministry sources said.

At present, there are 15 IITs in the country. ISM Dhanbad is also considered as institute of IIT standards.

An HRD Ministry committee in 2003 recommended IIT status for seven institutions. However, another committee of the ministry later did not support IIT status for all the seven institutions, but suggested the status of IT-BHU.

IT-BHU, like all other faculties and departments of BHU, was created during in 1971 by the merger of three premier engineering institutions of the university.

The institute has so far produced more than 22,000 B. Tech graduates, 2700 M. Techs and 650 doctoral degree holders.


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University of Houston signs MOU with IT-BHU
@ Mar 21, 2010
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Here is great news for our students/faculty and for IT-BHU community. University of Houston, Texas, USA (www.uh.edu) has signed MOU (Memorandum Of Understanding) with our institute for the exchanges of students and faculty for next five years.

The Institute has been working on this collaboration for last 2 years. One of the biggest help for this came from a couple of faculty members at UoH who are IT- BHU alumni.

The MOU will particularly help students and faculty to pursue higher education and research work at University of Houston.

Chronicle will get more info and publish in the coming issues about the subject.

We hope our alumni in other prestigious universities will take the same initiative and help our institute by collaboration agreements.



UH Inks Memorandum of Understanding with Prestigious Engineering Institute in India

March 11, 2010 - Houston -

The University of Houston and the Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University (IT-BHU), Varanasi, India, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that will allow the two universities to explore new methods of cooperation in instruction and academic exchange. This new working relationship will include joint education programs at the graduate level, exchange visits of scholars and faculty collaboration in research and technology.

IT-BHU is one of India's oldest and highest-ranked engineering colleges, having pioneered degree courses in mining, metallurgy, ceramics and pharmaceutics in India. IT-BHU contributes significantly to the advancement of science and technology in India in a number of ways and has produced world-class engineers and scientists. Alumni of IT-BHU are achieving success in India and abroad as entrepreneurs, managers, technocrats, consultants and advisers, and as faculty members and researchers. It is frequently rated as one of the best technical institutes in the world.

"We are committed to providing our students with a nationally competitive global education in which they'll get to know students from around the world and from down the street," said UH President Renu Khator. "The Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University provides versatile postgraduate training and conducts sophisticated research in engineering and technology. The collaborations made possible by this MOU will benefit both institutions and will enhance the already comprehensive education we offer in the UH Cullen College of Engineering."

133-renu khator.png

(Renu Khator, President-University of Houston)

According to the MOU, IT-BHU seeks a more vital graduate program that would attract more of their students to graduate study, as well as meeting critical national and regional needs in their country. UH seeks to assist that effort by aiding in the development of programs that meet those needs, and by providing expedited entry into UH graduate programs.

 Collaborative programs the two institutions will explore include:

* Dual degree programs in which degrees could be granted by both parties.

* A program in which IT-BHU students would participate in specially designed master's programs, following which the students would have the option to complete their Ph.D.s in similar programs at UH.

* A program in which IT-BHU students could take at UH a certain fraction of courses required for selected graduate degrees at IT-BHU, either in residence or by appropriately designed distance education.

The MOU agreement is for five years.





University of Houston, Texas, USA (http://www.uh.edu/)



133-IT BHU.png


Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India (www.itbhu.ac.in)



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Chronicle Notes
@ Mar 21, 2010
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Chronicle March issue

This issue is being published as March issue (instead of February issue planned earlier). No issue is lost, just the renaming of the issue. This is because the need to name the issue in the month it is published and available online.

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