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@ Mar 21, 2010
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a) Report in Dainik Jagran dated 18 March 2010


आईआईटी के लिए वित्तीय मंजूरी पर झूमे आइटियंस

वाराणसी: आईटी बीएचयू को आईआईटी का दर्जा देने की कवायद तीन वर्ष से चल रही है। वित्त मंत्रालय की व्यय वित्त समिति (ईएफसी) की ओर से भी स्वीकृति दे दी गई है। यह सूचना मिलते ही बुधवार को परिसर स्थित आईटी हॉस्टल में जश्न का माहौल बन गया। हर विद्यार्थी की आस जगी कि अब कुछ दिनों बाद आईटी बीएचयू आईआईटी में तब्दील हो जाएगा। परिसर स्थित धनराज गिरी छात्रावास में छात्रों ने जमकर जश्न मनाया। छात्रों ने सहपाठियों को बधाई भी दी। शशांक सिंह, अभिषेक, अनिमेष, अकरम आदि का कहना था कि लगता है कि उनकी तमन्ना जल्दी पूरी हो जाएगी। गौरतलब है कि ईएफसी ने 238 करोड़ रुपये की अतिरिक्त राशि देने के प्रस्ताव को मंजूरी दी है। अब आईआईटी का प्रस्ताव कैबिनेट के सामने जाएगा और उसके बाद संसद में उसका विधेयक लाया जाएगा।

English Translation

ITians dance on Financial approval for IIT

311-IT students.png

(Students celebrating in Dhanrajgiri Hostel on IT-BHU campus)

Varanasi: The exercise to give IT-BHU the status of IIT is going on for 3 years. The approval is also given by EFC (Expenditure and Finance Committee) of Finance Ministry. It was festival type mood in IT hostels, after hearing this news. Every student hoped that IT-BHU shall be converted to IIT in a few days. Students in campus based Dhanrajgiri Hostel celebrated. Students gave congratulations to each other. Shashank Singh, Abhishek, Animesh, Akaram, etc. said that their wish will be fulfilled soon. EFC has approved the proposal to release additional Rs. 238 crores. Now the proposal for IIT shall be put forward the cabinet and then a bill will be introduced in the parliament.


b) Sibal promises IIT status to IT-BHU very soon


TNN, Mar 5, 2010, 10.47pm IST

VARANASI: Union HRD minister Kapil Sibal made it very clear that the education policy was being finalised by keeping the country's children in view and not just the political agenda of any party. He assured that the IT-BHU would get the status of IIT very soon.

311b-Kapil Sibal.png

(Kapil Sibal, HRD Minister)

Talking to reporters on Saturday, Sibal said the HRD ministry had plans for core syllabus not the common syllabus. He said the decision for implementation of core syllabus had been taken unanimously by 22 boards and it would be implemented in the country. He said only 12.4 per cent students passing intermediate were getting admissions in graduation courses. To increase that percentage, he said it was a compulsion of government to attract private and global players to invest in education sector for increasing the number of universities and colleges as government had its own limitations.

He said there was a huge demand of skilled hands and experts in all the sectors across the world. Against their actual requirement, the number of engineers was very less in the US while the demand for young engineers would also increase in countries like Germany, he said and added India could fulfil all those requirements but only by ensuring quality education for the students. He said ensuring higher and technical education for talented children coming from poor families was proving to be a major challenge as their parents were not in a position to take loans from bank.

Keeping the same fact in view, he said the ministry had planned to constitute an `Education Finance Corporation' with a fund of over Rs 20,000 crore. He said the ministry was in contact with the Planning Commission for the approval of the plan. He said if the plan materialised, ending problem of fund for talented students would be over. He said the issue of providing status of IIT to BHU-IT was in process and would be completed very soon.


C) Report in Dainik Jagran dated 19 February 2010.



 आईटी-बीएचयू हो जाएगा आईआईटी-वाराणसी दिल्ली : आई- बीएचयू का नया नाम आईआईटी-वाराणसी होगा। बनारस हिंदू विश्वविद्यालय (बीएचयू) से उसका कोई वास्ता भी नहीं रह जाएगा। लगभग तीन साल से बीएचयू के प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान को आईआईटी का दर्जा देने की चल रही कवायद के बाद केंद्र सरकार ने उसे पूरी तरह से भारतीय प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान (आईआईटी) बनाने को न सिर्फ हरी झंडी दे दी है, बल्कि उसकी प्रक्रिया भी तेज कर दी गई है। खुद मानव संसाधन विकास मंत्री कपिल सिब्बल ने आईटी-बीएचयू को आईआईटी में तब्दील करने की मंजूरी की पुष्टि की है। सूत्रों के मुताबिक मानव संसाधन विकास मंत्रालय की पहल के बाद वित्त मंत्रालय और योजना आयोग ने भी आईटी-बीएचयू को पूरी तरह नये आईआईटी में तब्दील करने की सैद्धांतिक सहमति दे दी है।

English Translation

IT-BHU will become IIT-Varanasi

New Delhi: IT-BHU’s new name will be IIT-Varanasi. It will not have any connection with Banaras Hindu University (BHU). After exercising for about past 3 years for granting IIT status to IT-BHU, central govt. has not only given green light for converting it to full-fledged Indian Institute of Technology (IIT); it has also hastened the process. Mr. Kapil Sibal, Human Resource Development Minister, has himself confirmed the approval for conversion of IT-BHU to IIT. According to sources, after the initiative by Ministry of Human Resource Development, Finance Ministry and Planning Commission have also granted approval in principle for converting IT-BHU to full-fledged IIT.


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