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IT-BHU to IIT conversion update
@ Jun 18, 2010
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(By Yogesh K. Upadhyaya. Email: yogesh@optonline.net)


As stated in past issues, the Institutes of Technology Act, (IT Act) 1961 is expected to be amended in the parliament. The cabinet note prepared by HRD ministry includes 8 new IITs and conversion of our institute to IIT-BHU as well as several other issues.

It has been earlier mentioned (refer Chronicle May issue) that the main obstacle to the IT Bill is due the fact that MHRD has proposed in the cabinet note that IITs can start the medical courses and award medical degrees. This has been objected by the Health ministry as they are responsible for supervising setting up of medical colleges and running of medical courses (MBBS, etc.).  The Law ministry accordingly has asked MHRD to get the approval of Health Ministry for its inclusion. It is important to realize that our file on the conversion issue is alive and constantly moving. As there is policy decision involved on the bill, it is taking time.

The passing of amendment of IT Act will depend upon the settlement of medical education issue between HRD ministry and Health ministry. According to MHRD officials, the fresh approach and discussion will be made between the two ministries and even then if the medical issue in IT bill is not approved by the Health ministry, this issue will be removed for the time being. All attempts will be made to place the IT Bill in the Monsoon session (July-August) of parliament.

The Alumni, Teachers, Parents and Students are in constant touch with the officials and the help is being rendered wherever it is required. Hence let us hope for the best in the forthcoming Parliament session. It will be taken as a great success if the above mentioned problem is settled and the cabinet approval is obtained on the issue of the Conversion of IT-BHU to IIT-BHU within a month. Let us all work together!




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Chronicle Notes
@ Jun 18, 2010
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Chronicle completes 5 years

We are pleased to state that our magazine, IT-BHU Chronicle has completed 5 years of publication. The first issue (May 2005 issue) was published on June 10, 2005.



That issue was brief and contained only the web links of the published articles. Since most of the links of the published articles are broken after a while (due to storage capacity limitations by news media), it was decided to publish full articles in subsequent issues. The Chronicle is able to publish issues month after month. It is the only engineering college news magazine in India which is regularly published online each month over a period of five years!

The decision to start a college magazine was taken during discussion among our alumni (including Anshuman Singh, Animesh Pathak, Keerty Nath, Rahul Saxena, Arun Tangri and Yogesh Upadhyaya) due to the following reasons:

*There was no official published medium to provide authentic info to IT-BHU community about institute

*Many students receiving awards and having excellent achievement could not persuade main stream media to publish the news reports about their achievements

*Even the main stream media sometimes lacked the official info about IT-BHU to IIT conversion issue

*Readers wanted in-depth information about any news related to our community

The Chronicle is a monthly online news magazine published by IT-BHU Global Alumni Association (IBGAA). The magazine represents news and views of IT-BHU (Institute of Technology-Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi) community including: students, alumni, faculty and administration. The magazine’s views are independent to those of alumni association or the institute.

Website: www.itbhuglobal.org/chronicle

The magazine faithfully records all the news and events happening for the IT-BHU community (hence the name chronicle-recorder of events). It publishes news and articles from a variety of published sources, which are important for the engineering students and professional engineers.

The Chronicle is selecting and presenting articles (with rich photographs) as it believes in golden principles of journalism, that of being educative, informative and entertaining. It avoids any controversial articles which can defame others. All news sources/web links of published articles (taken from other news media) are greatly acknowledged.

The magazine is published around 20th/25th of each month. It is mass emailed to 11,000 alumni, students and faculty of the institute. Moreover, about 3,000 estimated students/alumni from other engineering colleges and from BHU read it regularly.

For more info, please visit “About Us” page of this issue.

Chronicle needs news

The Chronicle is the voice of our IT-BHU community. We need more news, reports, photos, etc. from students, faculty and alumni. Please send your news at: chronicle@itbhuglobal.org.

Deadline for submitting articles is 20th of each month.

Since we plan to publish chronicle issue by 25th of each month, we request our readers to send articles latest by 20th. Articles received later than that date will be published only if time permits.



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