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@ Jun 16, 2010
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Two of our students, Akash Dutt Dubey and Shahnawaz Khan have started a website for Bhojpuri cinema:

Both are research scholars in the Computer Engineering Department of our institute. Both of them did B. Tech. from colleges in Greater NOIDA. They cleared the GATE exam and personal interview and directly joined IT-BHU Computer Engineering Department in 2009 for PhD program. The website is perhaps the first site exclusively for Bhojpuri cinema, a popular cinema among people of eastern UP/western Bihar.

Apart from photos, reviews and details about Bhojpuri cinema, the site has many other features, such as: TV, games, jokes, interviews, online discussion groups, wallpapers, etc.

It also has a section for classical music:

The website states:

“You can watch and listen to some of the greatest performance of great performer of India, taken from the live performance from different programs in Varanasi. Bageshwari Devi, Dr. Shoma Ghosh, Kumud Jha, Bismillah Khan, Vilayat Khan, Amjad Ali and many more. Find some greater than life performances from the great land, INDIA.”


Akash Dutt Dubey

Akash did his B. Tech from Greater Noida Institute of Technology, Greater NOIDA, UP (

Akash can be contacted at:


Shahnawaz Khan

Shahnawaz did his B. Tech from Galgotias College of Engineering & Technology. Greater NOIDA, UP (

Shahnawaz Khan can be contacted at:


My blog:

I tweet:



Chronicle interviews Akash Dutt Dubey about his new venture:

Q-1: Akash, congratulations for starting this unique website. How and why it was started?

Thanks for the wishes sir. Actually, the idea of was just a random thought. In January, we searched for Bhojpuri websites on Google. We got many results but none of them were too impressive. Suddenly, my mind flashed “why shouldn’t we develop a Bhojpuri site?” But this idea of a Bhojpuri site was too big, considering it was so huge to be covered. So, we rather concentrated on the Bhojpuri cinema industry because it also lacked a portal. Slowly, we also covered some literature, jokes and games. Actually, the success of the website encouraged us very much and here we are, with, through which we will be trying to promote and encourage the local artists. Within three months, we have as many as 700 unique visitors per day with more than 2000 page views per day.

Q-2: How does the business model of this site work? What efforts are needed to maintain the website?

We never intended to make money from this website. Since beginning, our soul aim has been to provide a proper and international platform for the Bhojpuri Culture, Literature, Movies and the local artists. Of course, money is always an integral part, but till it hurts too much, we will keep trying. Before launching this site, we had to go through a survey for a month or so, and then we had to meet all the PROs of the celebrities, collect the videos and audio songs of the artists listed in classical section. We did everything which we could do for the site. It was our sheer passion and confidence that we continued our work without any financial assistance. We mainly work after the department works are over and I think we give almost 4-5 hours daily for the website. My Dad, Mr. Alok Kumar Dubey, helped us a lot by providing us the contacts of some very important personalities who helped us very much. Being a cinema exhibitor, Dad has been helping us through all the time. Convincing the celebrities wasn’t a tough job mainly because Dad has very good terms with all the celebrities.

Q-3: What are your future plans?

Well, as far as the future plans are considered, we are thinking of starting a social networking site for the Bhojpuri people, we want to provide them a place where they are too comfortable speaking Bhojpuri. Right now, we are working on adding some more features to the website like chatting (which will be introduced by the name of “BATKAHI”). Other than this, we are also in search of the local artists who have lots of talent but haven’t been discovered yet. I strongly believe that the talents we see on the reality shows are just a glimpse, India has lot more talent, it’s just a matter of chance and who knows, we might be able to find some real diamonds. Also, we are thinking of launching the English version of the website along with the mobile version.


Media news

Website to promote Bhojpuri cinema

Akanksha Sarraff/ HTC, Hindustan Times

June 02, 2010

They might be western rock music and Indipop fiends, but their heart lies in the Bhojpuri land.

Budding engineers from IT-BHU have developed a website to promote Bhojpuri Cinema,

The research scholars from Computer Science, IT BHU, Akash Dutt Dubey and Shahnawaz Khan created the first ever website which clubs Bhojpuri Cinema, Art and its Culture on one, making the Bhojpuri land just a mouse click away.

"This website has been created to spread awareness about Bhojpuri language. This is the first ever Bhojpuriya site which will provide world level platform with bhojpuri cinema along with the local artistes of Varanasi," excited Akash Dutt Dubey claimed during the launch of ''.

Latest superstar of Bhojpuri film industry, Dinesh Lal Yadav aka 'Nirahua' launched the website on Monday.

Akash further said, "You can find Bhojpuri Songs, trailors and wall papers of Bhojpuri Films, Bhojpuri Samachar, games in Bhojpuri language, Bhojpuri Greetings, details about people from Bhojpuri speaking area and tons of other Bhojpuri related information."

Speaking on the occasion, Shahnawaz said, "Today Bhojpuri cinema is at par with Hindi cinema and it too is going global. Having a website for the film and its culture will be helpful for those who want to know more about the film. It will help to develop business too."

"We were working on this site from the first week of February and it became online on March 25. You can assume its popularity that within two months the site has got more than one lakh hits which is an achievement for us," added Shahnawaz.

Emboldened by the over one lakh hits, the IT-BHU duo is planning to add the live concert of regional artiste of classical and semi classical music, like Soma Ghosh, Bageshwari Devi and others to the site.

"The journey doesn't stop here. We want to see our local artiste on Internet. People who love to listen chaiti, Kajri and other semi classic renditions can enjoy listening through our website. Apart from this, we want to prepare social networking site in Bhojpuri, which will be a new revolution," shared Akash.




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Kaviji Prayeshlal Yadav, Dinesh Lal Yadav, Dr. R. B. Mishra (Supervisor), Dr. O. P. Upadhyay


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A most awaited step in bhojpuri cinema

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