Election for BoD (Board of Directors) - announcement
@ Jan 23, 2011
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We are pleased to announce the 2011 election for Board of Directors for our IT-BHU Global Alumni Association. The announcement is also posted on our official website: www.itbhuglobal.org.

All 14 posts of BoD are open for contest. The detail about sending nomination is given below. Our website will be frequently updated to show the nominations received so far.

The election process of forming new Board of Directors shall be over in next 2 months. The new BoD shall be ready by April end.

  • Announcement of BoD election: January 25, 2011
  • Last date of receiving nomination: February 20, 2011
  • Last date of withdrawing nominations: February 25, 2011

Any registered alumnus can stand for a particular post of director. The candidate should state his preference for a particular post. The different posts for BoD are as per the instructions below.

In case of more than one nomination for a particular post, voting shall be done by the members of CoR (Council of Representatives). The election shall be monitored by the election team, whose decision shall be final. The 8-member team of election officers is lead by Dr. Supten Sarbadhikari (PhD. Biomedical Engineering, 1995) and Jairaj Hegde (Electrical 1982).


Vish Laxminarayanan (Electrical 1983). Email: vish.narayanan@gmail.com

President, IT-BHU Global Alumni Association

Amit Gupta (Chemical 1996). Email: amit.gupta.bos@fmr.com


About Board

The Board of Directors (BoD) is the highest-level, decision-making legal body to help our alumni association in the day to day functions. It has 14 members from alumni; and 3 ex-officio members from institute, faculty and students. The Board represents interests of alumni, students, faculty and staff for our alumni association.

Our association has 3-tier structure: bottom is 8,500 (current) registered members, Council of Representatives (CoR) with 152 (current) members and top is Board of Directors (BoD) with 17 Directors.

 BoD makes all executive decisions and directs the working of our organization.  Its duties include:

 -To discuss and decide about any alumni related issues such as alumni projects, funding, chapters, etc.

-To act as a communication link between institute and members and within members

-To work for the improvement of the institute and IT-BHU community, to maintain public relations between institute, IT-BHU community and with general mass.

The term for BoD members is for two years and next election is planned for the end of March 2013.

BoD holds discussion by email exchange as well as by teleconference.

Additional links:

*List of BoD members


*Bye-laws of the organization


*FAQ for Organization Structure



Instructions for sending nomination for BoD election

Below please find general instructions for sending nomination for member of Board of Directors.

Last day for sending nomination is February 20, 2011.

Last day of withdrawing nomination is February 25, 2011.

Send your nomination to; election@itbhuglobal.org

For any questions, please write to electionteam@itbhuglobal.org


1. Checklist

Please verify that you meet the following criteria

a) You are an alumnus of our institute (Only alumnus need apply. The students, faculty and staff are already represented by ex-officio directors)

b) You are a registered member of our alumni association, IT-BHU Global Alumni Association (as verified on our registered alumni database).

 If you are still not a registered member, you can register with us by visiting www.itbhuglobal.org/register and filling out details, which takes only few minutes.

c) You are willing to work on alumni related activities and devote some time on alumni issues and projects.

2. Application

You may apply by providing the following information.

Please send your response to election@itbhuglobal.org.

    a) Your full name (first, last)

    b) Your branch/year of graduation

    c) Type of degree (B.Sc. /B. Tech., M. Tech/Integrated M. Tech. /Dual degree/PhD)

    d) Location (City/state/country)

    e) Applying for the following position (Pick one out of 14 available)




        *Deputy Secretary


        *Deputy Treasurer

        *Director-External Affairs

        *Deputy Director-External Affairs

        *Director-Institute Affairs

        *Deputy Director-Institute Affairs


        *Deputy Director-Website


        *Deputy Director-Reunions


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