ITBHU Teams Win at Tata Crucibles Business Quiz
@ Apr 26, 2011
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The Tata Crucible Business Quiz, Regional round was conducted on 28th March in Varanasi. This was the first time that Varanasi has played host to this B-Quiz. Teams from IT BHU swept away the top two prizes worth Rs 1.1 lakhs. The top team was that of Raunak Kalra (4th Mining) and Ankit Maheshwari (3rd SMST). The runners up was the team of Anant Raman Sharma (4th Metallurgy) and Aviral Srivastava (3rd Mechanical). Raunak and Ankit will now compete with 23 other teams from all over the country on 23rd April at Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai for prize money worth a whopping 4 lakhs!

Forty nine teams were competing in the Business quiz, including those from IIT Patna, BIT Mesra, SRMCEM-Lucknow, IMS-BHU, Kashi Institute of Technology etc. IT BHU showed maximum participation with 9 teams. The quizmaster was Giri “Pickbrain” Subramaniam, who has been working with the Tata Sons since 2004. He was highly impressed with the quizzing standards of the teams from Varanasi, and showed special appreciation for the teams from IT BHU.

Six teams were to qualify for the final round, out of which 4 teams from the top 4 institutes made it directly to the finals, which included the team of Anant Raman Sharma (4th Metallurgy) and Aviral Srivastava (3rd Mechanical) from IT BHU who scored highest in the preliminary round. The other 2 had to qualify from the wildcard round. This round too was dominated by IT BHU, with 5 out of the 6 teams coming from our institute. Both the qualifying teams turned out to be from IT BHU again- that of Akshay Saxena (4th Electronics) and R Dushyanth (4th Electronics) and that of Ankit and Raunak, the eventual winners.

The quiz comprised of 4 rounds, which were consistently dominated by the winning team, followed closely by the runners up. The teams from IIT Patna and IMS managed to put up a good fight.

Goodies were given out to the qualifying teams and to teams who narrowly missed the cut-off.  The audience showed a lot of enthusiasm and support for the teams on the stage.

The Regionals of Tata Crucible Business Quiz at Lucknow were won by Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow students Sumantra Mukherjee & Anurag Singh (ITBHU alumnus of 2007 Electronics batch).


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Tata Crucible

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IT-BHU Students


421-crubile ITBHU.png


IIM-Lucknow students-Sumantra Mukherjee & Anurag Singh (ITBHU alumnus of 2007 Electronics batch).



  About Crucible

'Tata Crucible - The Business Quiz' seeks to bring together sharpest young minds in India to take on the heat of the toughest business quiz in India. Youth is a key audience cluster which the Tata Group is focusing its communication at and Tata Crucible is one of the key initiatives towards this engagement.

Tata Crucible was started as a key initiative in 2004, a year which was christened as the 'Century of Trust' year to commemorate the death centenary of the Founder of the Group - J.N. Tata and the birth centenaries of two of its illustrious leaders - J.R.D. Tata and Naval H. Tata. It generated huge response as a high quality business quiz in the very first year and has now become an annual event. In a commissioned research Tata Crucible Campus Quiz has been judged highest rated ground quiz by the students of participating colleges.

The Tata Crucible Quiz is a team based contest (2 participants per team) and is held in 3 tracks. Two back to back tracks - separately for Tata Corporates and Non-Tata Corporates which is followed by the National Finals. The third track is held for Campus students each year which culminates into a National Final. Six editions of Corporate Crucible and five editions of Campus Crucible have been held so far to enthusiastic response.

Tata Crucible Campus Quiz 2010 now expands its horizons to four new cities (i.e. Manipal, Nagpur, Ranchi & Guwahati) and also emerges as the biggest business quiz for campuses in India spanning across 20 key business destinations.

Why Crucible?

Crucible", as defined in the Oxford dictionary is "a place or a situation in which people or ideas are decided severely, often creating something new or exciting in the process".

Crucible, as all of the Science students would also know, is fire resistant and is used for work involving very high temperatures. It withstands extreme heat and comes out undamaged at the end of the process.

The name "Crucible" was chosen as it signifies test of fire where-from the individual comes out unscathed and successful if he / she is able to withstand the test of fire.


Photos of TATA crucible quiz

421-crucible prize1.png


Anant Raman Sharma (4th Metallurgy) and Aviral Srivastava (3rd Mechanical)



421-crucible prize2.png

Ankit Maheshwari (3rd SMST) and Raunak Kalra (4th Mining)



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