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@ Jun 25, 2011
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(Report forwarded by: Aviral Srivastava, B. Tech IV, Mechanical Engineering. Email: avirals1@hotmail.com)

Final year students often have the urge to give back to the institute. Akshay Saxena (ECE 2011) played his part and founded Enquizta- the quizzing page of ITBHU on Facebook. Akshay has been a regular on the college quizzing circuit and has represented the institute in a number of national-level quiz competitions. Explaining the need to create Enquizta, Akshay says, “There wasn't a common platform for the quizzers of IT to share their knowledge and experiences. We created Enquizta to address the need and provide a zone for IT quizzers (past and current).” The mission statement on the Facebook page reads:

·                     To promote the general spirit of quizzing into the youth;

·                     To instigate a habit of lateral thinking - a must in today's competitive world.

·                     To HAVE FUN...

Enquizta is maintained by a group of quizzing aficionados- Akshay Saxena (ECE 2011), Aviral Srivastava (4th year Mechanical), Ankit Maheshwari (4th year SMST) and Anant Raman Sharma (Metallurgy 2011).  A new question (a picture/video/trivia etc) is posted on the page daily and the quizzers across the world post their answers. Questions range from the field of music, sports, literature, history etc. The page also contains archives of past quizzes conducted in IT-BHU by IEI (Institute of Engineers of India) Varanasi Chapter, Literary Activities Club, Kashiyatra, etc.

Since its creation in April 2011, the page has received enthusiastic response and already boasts of over 350 members. Members include students from IITs, IIMs and even foreign colleges. The page has also received appreciation from celebrity quizzers of India like Ravi Handa (of Handa ka Fanda and Bizworld fame) Arkadev Ghosal (author of the blog Quizzing Realms), Rohan Danait (Quizlexic) and Kapinjal Chaudhary (Author of AEC-QFACTOR, the first quizzing blog of Northeast India).

The Enquizta admins eventually plan to have an IT-BHU Enquizta club in college, where students can interact and organize weekly quizzes.

To join Enquizta and become a part of the IT-BHU quizzing experience, go to www.facebook.com/Enquizta and click on “LIKE”.

Happy Quizzing!


Aviral Srivastava

B. Tech IV, Mechanical Engineering

Email: avirals1@hotmail.com




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Snapshots of the Enquizta page on Facebook ((www.facebook.com/Enquizta)


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Enquizta founder Akshay Saxena (ECE 2011). Email: akshaysaxena89@gmail.com


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 Raunak said:

Nice initiative.
But what's the logic behind the strange title 'Enquizta'?

July 11, 2011 9:39 AM

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