BHU Alumni meet at Mumbai on 04 December, 2011-Announcement
@ Sep 24, 2011
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(Chronicle note-We have received the following announcement by R S Shetty from BHUAA for its Mumbai Meet.)


Dear Friends,

The B. H. U. Alumni Association (BHUAA), Mumbai is organizing the annual get-together on Dec 04, 2011. I also had the pleasure of attending such a meeting last year in BPCL club, Chembur, Mumbai and enjoyed it all through. It would be nice to have all of you with your family participating in the same so that we can meet our college mates and re-live our BHU days. Two young and energetic gentle men Mr. G. S. Agrawal (Age 81, Electrical 1954 batch) and Mr. J. K. Jain (Mechanical 1968 batch) are the strong back bones of this association. They have provided a platform for all of us to get together under one roof which is highly commendable. I had the good fortune and opportunity to meet them with Rakesh Mehra & R. G. Rajan in R. G. Rajan's office and admire their enthusiasm and energy levels. It is also heartening to acknowledge that our own R. G. Rajan has extended the full support and help to the annual gathering meeting by ensuring all support from his organization which we all should be proud of.

Now during this meeting, these two gentlemen requested if we can cast our net wider amongst all BHU alumni and try to include as many alumni to enroll under the banner and increase the participation and closer interaction amongst us. I readily appreciate their wish and agreed to sound at least all our class mates and other known BHUITians.

Accordingly, I am forwarding a mail received by me from Mr. Jain to all of you with my appeal to enlist your membership and let us contribute our might and also actively participate and acknowledge the selfless effort by these two senior gentlemen So, friends, please fill in the Membership form and let us meet on Dec 04,2011

R. S. Shetty (Electrical 1980)



Email sent by Mr. G. S. Agrawal (Electrical 1954), President, inviting alumni to become member of BHUAA.


The membership form is attached here.   BHUAA-Membership Form.doc


531-BHUAA appeal.png



BHU Alumni Association (BHUAA), Mumbai:


More info about BHUAA, Mumbai meeting on November 2010 and info about the association in Chronicle:


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