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IT to IIT Conversion Update
@ Oct 28, 2011
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As informed in the past issues, the IT (Amendment) 2010 Bill (IIT Bill) has been passed by Lok Sabha on March 24. The Institutes of Technology (Amendment) 2011 Bill is meant for converting IT-BHU to IIT-BHU and giving official status of IITs to the 8 new IITs.

As a next step, govt. tried to introduce it for Rajya Sabha several times, but Bill could not be passed by raising demands on other issues by the opposition during the introduction of the Bill in September.

Now we have to wait till it is passed in Rajya Sabha for attaining IIT status for our institute in the winter session (likely to open on November 21) of the parliament.

Once the Bill is passed by Rajya Sabha, next steps are straight forward, including signing of the Bill by the President.


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Chronicle needs news
@ Oct 28, 2011
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The Chronicle is the voice of our IT-BHU community. We need more news, reports, photos, etc. from students, faculty and alumni. Please send your news at: chronicle@itbhuglobal.org.

Deadline for submitting articles is 20th of each month.

Since we plan to publish chronicle issue by 25th of each month, we request our readers to send articles latest by 15th. Articles received later than that date will be published only if time permits. Please add “for chronicle” in the subject line.

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*Two IT-BHU teams secure 3RD rank in The Al Gore Sustainable Technology Venture Competition 2011 at IIT-Madras

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*2011 Chicago Global Alumni Meet-Report

*2011 Account statements from IT-BHU Global Alumni Association


Yogesh K. Upadhyaya (Chemical 1977)

Email: yogesh@optonline.net


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Publication Scholarships for students/faculty-modified announcement.
@ Oct 29, 2011
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(Please view full announcement on Campus View page of this issue.)

We are now pleased to announce the 2012 Publication Awards for all students / faculty of the institute. The award will be given to the selected students/faculty who have published their articles in national/international technical/scientific journals or at seminar/conference between May 1, 2010 and September 30, 2011.

This is a modified announcement. Please ignore the earlier announcements. Any student (B. Tech/M. Tech/PhD) who is has published the publication during that time period, is eligible to apply, irrespective of whether currently he/she is a student or not of our college.

Deadline for applying in the prescribed form is extended till 30 November 2011.

For any questions, contact Yogesh Upadhyaya at: yogesh@optonline.net

For IT-BHU Global Alumni Association


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