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IT to IIT Conversion Update
@ Jan 28, 2012
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As informed in the past issues, the IT (Amendment) 2010 Bill (IIT Bill) has been passed by Lok Sabha on March 24, 2011. The Institutes of Technology (Amendment) 2011 Bill is meant for converting IT-BHU to IIT-BHU and giving official status of IITs to the 8 new IITs.

As a next step, govt. tried to introduce it for Rajya Sabha several times, but Bill could not be taken up (due to some by the opposition members) for consideration and passing in winter Session of parliament (which began on November 22 has been extend till December 29, 2011). Our institute and alumni volunteers are taking up the case with the govt. and with members from opposition parties.

It is expected the bill will be taken up soon in the next Rajya Sabha session, which likely to start from March 12, 2012.


We have learnt from reliable sources that there is an opposition to the IIT status for our institute by some forces within our university. Few retired faculty members of another faculty of BHU have started a campaign to prevent the govt. to declare IT-BHU as an IIT (BHU). The group has contacted key members of opposition parties, member of parliaments and influential govt. officials. This has resulted in the demand by some members of opposition parties in  Business Advisory meeting of Rajya Sabha (prior to placing the Bill in the Rajya Sabha)  to delay the passing of the bill.

This unexpected opposition by some political parties to pass the Bill has slowed down govt. efforts to convert our institute to IIT.  Moreover, there is state election announced in February for the U.P. Although central govt. is in full favour of granting us IIT status, it does not have the majority in Rajya Sabha. However, the political situation may change after the election in UP. This means we shall have to wait few more months.

Meanwhile our volunteers are contacting govt. officials, Members of Parliament, leaders of opposition parties, etc. to canvass for their support for our cause. We are hopeful that ultimately, decision will be in our favour.


*Attached is the letter written by ex-Dean of Science Faculty, BHU along with colleagues to MPs of Rajya Sabha requesting the rejection of IT (Amendment) Bill 2011. It lists 12 points in the support of their arguments.



*Attached is another letter sent by students/faculty and alumni of our institute supporting the Bill for converting IT-BHU to IIT-BHU



The following statement was issued by Shri Giridhar Malviya ji, former Chief Justice (Allahabad High Court) and grandson of Mahamana Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya ji. It was issued on his visit to IT-BHU on 1st February 2012, in support for the conversion of IT-BHU to IIT-BHU

“IT-BHU has been a temple of excellence for more than 90 years, but due to higher funding and greater government support to IITs, they are treated to be ahead of IT-BHU. It is thus essential that the bill for the conversion of IT-BHU to IIT(BHU) be passed at the earliest. Being within the University, the IIT will remain an integral part of Banaras Hindu University. Also, the degrees of the students from last three years are pending. It is imperative that the bill be allowed to go through Rajya Sabha unhindered and all the concerns regarding the bill can be addressed later.”



*News clippings below show the protest of VHP for IIT issue.


130-VHP against IIT.png

(From “Dainik Jagaran” January 28, 2012)

130-VHP against IIT-2.png

(From "Amara Ujala" January 28, 2012)


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Chronicle needs news
@ Jan 28, 2012
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The Chronicle is the voice of our IT-BHU community. We need more news, reports, photos, etc. from students, faculty and alumni. Please send your news at: chronicle@itbhuglobal.org.

Deadline for submitting articles is 15th of each month.

Since we plan to publish chronicle issue by 25th of each month, we request our readers to send articles latest by 15th. Articles received later than that date will be published only if time permits. Please add “for chronicle” in the subject line.

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Dr. Jagadish C Agarwal Scholarship for students with highest IIT-JEE ranks

Silver Jubilee Reunion of 1986 batch on campus

Interview page

-Interview with Dr. Jagdish C. Agarwal (Industrial Chemistry 1945), investment banker at Boston, MA, USA.

-Interview with pavan Raina (Chemical 1986), Vice President (Technology) with M/s Aquatech Systems (Asia) Pvt. Ltd, Pune, India.

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-Complete with articles on science & Technology, IT, business, health, world politics, etc collected from leading newspapers and magazines around the world.


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@ Jan 28, 2012
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1) We are pleased to announce Dr. Jagdish C. Agarwal (Industrial Chemistry 1945) Scholarship for students with best performance in IIT-JEE exam. Starting this year, one boy and one girl student from each incoming batch will receive a prize amount of Rs. 10,000 each for getting highest IIT-JEE rank among General Category of students.

The report is published in the Alumni page of this issue of Chronicle.

2) Our alumni association (IT-BHU global Alumni Association) is pleased to announce 2012 Publication Awards for students and faculty. The award carries prizes ranging from Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 8,000 and awarded in 3 categories of applicants (B Tech students, M. Tech/PhD students and faculty). This year there are total 16 prizes with a total prize amount of Rs. 75,000. The Publication Award was started by our alumni association 3 years ago.

The report is published in the Campus View page of this issue of Chronicle.

3) In the last (December 2011) issue of Chronicle, we invited applications from students for 2012 Student Awards:


We are still waiting for more response from our students. For that, we are now extending the deadline for applying to February 29, 2012. The awards are in 3 categories (Leadership Award, Achievement Award and Volunteer Award). Interested students can view the Chronicle link provided above and apply online.

4) Since I shall be traveling to India during the month of February, the next (February 2012) issue of Chronicle will not be published. The March issue will be published as usual.


Yogesh Upadhyaya (Chemical 1977)

Email: yupadhyaya2003@yahoo.com


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Obituary for Commander (Retd.) Netra Pal Singh (Electronics 1977)
@ Jan 28, 2012
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 151-N p Singh.png

(Mr. Netra Pal Singh)

(Chronicle note-Our Chronicle team shares the grief of Mr. N. P. Singh’s demise with his family. May his soul rest in peace.)


The obituary was forwarded by Shanker Roy (Electronics 1977). He can be reached at: shanker_roy04@yahoo.co.in

“With a heavy heart I would like to inform you all that our IT- BHU 1977 (Electronics) batch mate Commander (Retd.) N P Singh is no more. He had a massive heart attack (first and last) on 30 December 2011 while he was on his morning walk and immediately collapsed on the road. After hearing this news I was shocked and devastated. I remember that myself, NP Singh and Vikram Karve were very good friends and all three joined Indian Navy.   

NP Singh left Navy just two months back and was in the process of shifting to Mira Road (near Mumbai) where he had taken a house near to his new office in order to avoid long travelling in Mumbai. He got a very good job but alas God has snatched everything without any notice. As I learnt, there was no ailment with him and he was hail and hearty. As per the witnesses on the road (where he fell) it is learnt that everything was over in few seconds. When he was lying senseless on the road people called two local doctors but nothing could be done.

I talked to his wife- Archana and will visit her tomorrow. I will pay condolence on behalf of complete IT- BHU 1977 batch. His son has passed engineering and is working with INFOSYS and daughter studying in first-year of engineering.


Tribute by Mr. D. D. Sharma (Electrical 1977) Email: ddsharma@pacbell.net

I was close to him at BHU-IT. Among many of us chicken freshmen; he stood tall as the more matured and courageous one. He had an air of "everything is possible", "don't worry, be happy", a "Hatharasi" sense of humor. Yes, he hailed from the town of Hatharas, about 1 hr bus ride from Agra, the town famous for making kitchen knives, heeng, edible oil, and Kaka Hatharasi. I was born in Hatharas though never lived there. However, NP knew some of my relatives. And he provided me with a connection to my some of my family. 


Tribute poetry by Arpan Khastagir (Electronics 1977). Email: arpank31@gmail.com

Mahaprasthan of N. P. Singh

Do come, come again to see the real face

Today, tomorrow, next day, everyday

World awaits farewell or funeral

Shows emotions to hide reality

Do remember when we came

Only remember where we came.

Ceaseless weariness, tireless dissatisfaction

Inexorable unhappiness overshadows real face

Makes all invisible when we depart

Do remember how it was

Only remember where it was

Look at the sunshine

Know how to live with joy

And live to know to greet with smile

Suddenly one day in the faint twilight

Snatching so many words

And arousing so many pathos

Vanishes our consolation

Reality reveals:

Do remember where we go

Only remember how we go.


Readers may offer tributes in the comment section provided below.)


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 R C SINGH said:

I remember NP form the days when we continued our stay at BHU-IT for M Tech. During that period we had gone for a long tour of south India.
May his soul rest in peace.

February 1, 2012 5:53 AM

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