Prof. J. N. Sinha appointed as new Director of our institute
@ Mar 20, 2012
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Prof. J. N. Sinha has been appointed as new Director

Prof. J. N. Sinha has been appointed as new Director for Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University (IT-BHU), Varanasi. He took charge with effect from 1 February, 2012. He is currently professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering at the Institute.

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(Prof. J. N. Sinha)

Prof. J. N. Sinha will accord priorities on conversion of our institute to IIT and to get necessary funding for the institute from the government under 12th 5-year plan.

Prof. J. N. Sinha can be contacted at:;


Profile of Prof. J. N. Sinha


Prof. K. P. Singh left office as IT Director

Prof. K. P. Singh left office as IT Director on 31 January, 2012. He is from the Department of Electronics Engineering. He was IT director for past 2 years.

He was involved in pursuing our institute’s case for IIT conversion and actively lobbying to the Human Resource Development Ministry for the same.

Prof. K. P. Singh can be contacted at:

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 (Prof. K. P. Singh)


List of Directors for IT-BHU

(Source: office of the IT-Directorate)

1. Gopal Tripathi                                         1968-71

2. S. S. Saluja                                                1971-81

3. T. R. Anantharaman                               1981-86

4. V, V, Challam                                           1.10.86-30.4.88

5. S. L. Malhotra                                           1.5.88-31.3.92

6. V. S. Subbarao                                         1.4.92-31.7.92

7. R. N. Singh                                                1.8.92-31.1.93

8. R. B. Singh                                                1.2.93-31.3.94

9. N. K. D. Talukdar                                    1.4.94-31.10.96

10. M. Bhattacharya                                    1.11.96-26.4.99

11. P. M. Prasad                                             27.4.99-31.3.2001

12. G. S. Raju                                                 1.4.2001-30.6.2001

13. B. N. Roy                                                  1.7.2001-20.7.2002

14. S. Lele                                                   20.7.2002-31.1.2005

15. S. N. Upadhyay                                    1.2.2005-31.1.2010

16. K. P. Singh                                           1.2.2010-31.1.2012

17. J N Sinha                                                  1.2.2012-


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