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Parliament approves IT Amendment Bill!
@ May 28, 2012
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 As reported in past issue, Rajya Sabha has passed the Institutes of Technology (Amendment) 2012, getting our institute one step closer to becoming an IIT-BHU.

View the Bill here:


  The amended Bill was referred back to parliament for approval, and was approved on May 11, 2012.

-The Institutes of Technology (Amendment) Bill 2010, was passed in the parliament on March 24, 2011.
-The Bill was approved by the Rajya Sabha with two amendments on April 30, 2012.
The two amendments were:
1)    The Bill will be sixty-third (instead of sixty-two) amendment of Institutes of Technology Act 1961.
2)    The Bill will be renamed as Institutes of Technology (Amendment) Bill, 2012 (instead of 2010)
The Bill passed by the Rajya Sabha was sent back to parliament for approval of amendments. The parliament approved the Bill on May 11, 2012.
After necessary formalities, our institute becomes an IIT. The steps remaining are:
-The Bill is sent to Law Ministry, which will review it and send to President of India for signature.
-After the Bill is signed by the President, it will be sent to our institute and Banaras Hindu University
-The institute and the university will notify the govt. that all necessary (administrative and legal) steps have been taken for the conversion of the institute to IIT.
-The govt. will then declare our institute officially as an IIT (along with 8 new IITs).
-The govt. will publish the notification to that effect in govt. Gazette Extraordinary.
-The institute will be now officially known as IIT-BHU.
The entire process will take few weeks.
-More details are provided on the Reports page of this issue.
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HRD ministry finalizes IIT-JEE 2013 exam process
@ May 28, 2012
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Ministry of Human Resource Development
28-May, 2012 18:17 IST
Common Admission Examination Process with Weightage to Performance in Class 12th Board from 2013: Shri Kapil Sibal
IIT Merit List to be Based on Advance Exam Subsequent to Screening
 After a process of deliberations and consultations spanning over two years, a meeting of the Joint Councils of Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), National Institutes of Technology (NITs), Indian Institutes of Information Technology (IIITs) and other Central Educational Institutions approved the conduct of a common admission examination process with weightage to performance in the Class XII Board examinations in its meeting today which was presided over by the Minister for Human Resource Development, Communications & IT, Shri Kapil Sibal.
The multiplicity of entrance examinations that a student intending to pursue a course in engineering has to appear for has been a cause of concern to society. The burden imposed on the students in terms of time, payment of examination fees and the stress caused in scheduling and preparing for each examination is tremendous. The students have to perforce restrict their choice of institutions for which they can compete. We have been working on reforms in the examination system by moving towards a common national test to reduce the burden on the students and at the same time preserving the autonomy of the State Governments and institutions in devising its admission process.
Another serious problem with the present system is the neglect of the Class XII examination process while admitting students to engineering institutions. This has led to the almost complete disregard to the secondary school system and neglect of education imparted in schools impacting quality and access. Parents and children have been forced to seek access to outside-the-school instruction methods to enable the student to prepare for the multitude of entrance examinations. The proposed reform attempts to bring focus back to the schooling system by giving weightage to performance in Class XII Board examinations normalized on percentile basis. The reform would, in the longer term, have an impact on the quality of secondary education and enable better quality access.
The Joint Councils of IITs, NITs & IIITs considered various views that had emerged during the process of consultations. A strong body of opinion amongst the members of the Council was that the importance of the schooling system has to be revived in the larger public interest by giving due weightage to the performance of students in the Class XII Board examinations and at the same time maintaining the credibility and integrity of admissions to higher educational institutions. After detailed deliberations following consensus emerged:-
(i) A Joint Entrance Examination for admission to the undergraduate programmes in engineering would be conducted in two parts, JEE-MAIN and JEE-ADVANCED.
(ii) The Class XII Board/equivalent marks normalized on percentile basis through an appropriate formula plus the marks obtained in the JEE-MAIN examination, with equal weightage, would be used by IITs for purposes of gating/screening. Only a fixed number of candidates (five times the number of the seats for admission in the IIT system or a pre-fixed cut-off) screened on the basis of merit assessed on the basis of cumulative score of normalized School Board marks and performance in JEE-MAIN examination would be eligible to be considered for admission. The ranking for admission to undergraduate programmes in IITs would be based entirely on the performance in the JEE-ADVANCED examination from amongst the candidates screened through this process.
(iii) For all other Centrally Funded Institutions, there would be 40% weightage for performance in Class XII Board marks normalized on percentile basis through an appropriate formula, 30% weightage for performance in JEE-MAIN and 30% weightage in JEE-ADVANCED and a combined merit decided accordingly.
(iv) JEE-MAIN tests shall be multiple choice objective type paper whereas the nature and modalities of the JEE-ADVANCED shall be determined by the Joint Admission Board of IITs.
(v) The proposed changes will be effective from the year 2013 and both CFTIs and CBSE would work jointly.
(vi) The Joint Admission Board (JAB) of the IIT system would have complete control on matters such as paper setting, evaluation and preparation of the merit list, etc. over the JEE-ADVANCED and CBSE would provide the administrative support for conduct of the examination. For the conduct of the JEE-MAIN examination an expanded Joint Admission Board shall be constituted including the NIT system, other CFTIs and State Government representatives in an appropriate manner. CBSE will provide the administrative and logistic support for the conduct of JEE-MAIN examination across the country.
(vii) The process of establishing co-ordination between COBSE & JAB-IITs for implementation of the core curriculum in sciences and maths across the CBSE, ICSE and State Boards shall be put in place immediately.
(viii) Those students who have appeared in the Class XII Board examinations in 2012 and wish to improve upon their performance can appear again for the Board examinations in 2013. CBSE and State Boards would make appropriate arrangements to facilitate this through a special dispensation.
(ix) The transparency processes established by the IIT system presently and in AIEEE-2012 shall be adopted for the JEE-MAIN and JEE-ADVANCED too.
A meeting of State Education Ministers’ is proposed for 5th June where the participation of States in the common national test process would be deliberated upon. States would have the freedom to join in the process and have the autonomy to determine their own relative weightages to normalized Class XII Board marks, performance in JEE-MAIN and JEE-ADVANCED.
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Global alumni meet at Santa Clara, California on 22nd September 2012-announcement
@ May 28, 2012
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531-California meet.jpg

 International IIT BHU Global Alumni Mega Meet-September 22, 2012
Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, California

Dear Alumni:
As a newly designated IIT (BHU) Varanasi, we at the IIT BHU Global Alumni Association (IBGAA) are delighted to host the 2nd IIT BHU Global Alumni Mega Meet on Saturday, September 22, 2012 at the Santa Clara Convention Center (San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA). Further details about the meet are at the website http://bayarea2012.iitbhuglobal.org/
Chief Guest, Keynotes, and Panel Discussions:
We expect great participation of alumni from the US, India, and other countries. The Meet will include keynote address by noted alumni and panel discussions on exciting topics. Director of the IIT BHU will be the Chief Guest of the Meet. Agenda will be updated in the coming weeks after confirmation from our distinguished speakers.
Registration and Hotel:
We encourage you to register and bring your family to this fun-filled global get together. Access the registration link at http://bayarea2012.iitbhuglobal.org/register/. Early registration closes on July 31, 2012.  (Registration fee per person = $100 till 31st July; $150 per person after that.) Discounted hotel rates have been negotiated and you can book the hotel directly online or by phone through the event website.
We encourage sponsorship from our alumni and others who want to reach out to this highly influential gathering http://bayarea2012.iitbhuglobal.org/sponsors/.
We request you to donate generously for this event to make it a success. Donation in any amount is welcome. http://bayarea2012.iitbhuglobal.org/register/.
We look forward to welcome you at the Global Meet on September 22, 2012.

 Vish Narayanan (Electrical 1983)
President, IIT BHU Global Alumni Association
Email: vish@iitbhuglobal.org
Phone: 248-318-3548
Abhijeet Solanki (Mechanical 1994)
Chair, Bay Area Global Meet
Email: solankia@gmail.com
Phone: 510-589-4268
Jagadish Bandhole (Comp. Sci. 1995)
Co-Chair, Bay Area Global Meet
Email: Jagadish.Bandhole@gmail.com
Phone: 408-421-8129

Organizing Committee:

Manu Vora
manuvora@ b-einc.com
Yogesh Upadhyaya
yupadhyaya2003@ yahoo.com
Vish Narayanan
vish.narayanan@ gmail.com
Arvind Gupta
argupta26@ gmail.com
Ramkrishna Menon
rmenon.us@ gmail.com
Manu Goyal
goyalmanu@ gmail.com
Abhijeet Solanki
solankia@ gmail.com
Dhaval N. Shah
dhaval.dns@ gmail.com
Jagadish Bandhole
Alok Gupta
Deepak Polamarasetty
deepak@ uncbusiness.net
Vibhore Kumar
vibhore@ gmail.com
Animesh Pathak
animesh@ gmail.com
Nayan Shah (Student Volunteer)
nayan.shah@ gmail.com

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Chronicle needs news
@ May 28, 2012
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The Chronicle is the voice of our IT-BHU community. We need more news, reports, photos, etc. from students, faculty and alumni. Please send your news at: chronicle@itbhuglobal.org.

Deadline for submitting articles is 15th of each month.
Since we plan to publish chronicle issue by 25th of each month, we request our readers to send articles latest by 15th. Articles received later than that date will be published only if time permits. Please add “for chronicle” in the subject line.
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