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Chronicle needs news
@ Jan 08, 2014
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 The next issue will be February 2014 issue, to be published by the end of February.

Now Chronicle will be published 8 times a year (January, February, March, May, July, September, October and November)

The Chronicle is the voice of our IIT-BHU community. We need more news, reports, photos, etc. from students, faculty and alumni. Please send your news at: chronicle@itbhuglobal.org.

Deadline for submitting articles is 15th of publishing month.

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Update on Student Awards and Publication Awards
@ Jan 08, 2014
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 We had announced in November 2013 Chronicle issue about our 2014 Student Awards and 2014 Publication Awards. The deadline for applying was 31 Jan, 2014. For 25-30 student awards, we have received 185 applications from the students. The applications are being reviewed by a 9-member student committee and the final list will be published in Chronicle February issue.

For 18 publication awards, we have received 40 applications from students/research scholars/faculty. The applications are being reviewed and the final list will be published in Chronicle February issue.


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Fee structure at IIT-BHU and need for more scholarships for needy students
@ Jan 08, 2014
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 This issue contains about a dozen alumni funded scholarships for our students.

The typical expense of a first year student at our institute from this year is as follows. They will pay higher tuition fees compared to the current students in 2nd, 3rd and 4th year.

The fee structure for the first year students admitted in the current academic year (2013-14) is posted on institute’s website:


* All regular SC/ST students are exempted from the Tuition Fee and Hostel Seat Rent.

Students under General/OBC category pays total of Rs. 65,700-Rs. 66,200 at the time of admission. It includes Rs. 45,000 first semester tuition fee, deposits and one-time admission fees.

Add to this tuition/other fees for second semester of Rs. 50,900, and the total tuition/other fees paid during the first year comes Rs. 65k + Rs. 51k = Rs. 116,000 approx.

Add other expenses like Food, books, travel, student activities, etc. and total cost for student per year comes to about Rs. 150-160,000 per year, beginning this academic year.

Currently we are admitting about 1,000 students each year. At least 10% of them need financial help. We received many applications this year from students having certified family income of only about Rs. 30-40,000/year. This shows the need for more scholarships (in the form of full or partial tuition fees) for our students.

In case you are interested in starting a scholarship program, please contact me at yupadhyaya2003@yahoo.com.


Yogesh Upadhyaya

Chemical 1977

For IIT-BHU Global Alumni Association


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IIT (BHU) Varanasi and ASQ India signed an MOU on 15 January, 2014
@ Jan 07, 2014
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 The IIT (BHU), Varanasi, and American Society for Quality India Pvt. Ltd. (ASQ India), have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on 15th January, 2014 to jointly work on education quality improvement both at the student level as well as the institutional level.

The MOU was signed by Prof Surendra Kumar, on behalf of Director, IIT (BHU) and by Mr. Amit Chatterjee, Managing Director of ASQ India. Distinguished alumnus of IIT (BHU), and Fellow of ASQ, Prof. Manu Vora (Chemical 1968) was present on the occasion and delivered the 2nd IIT (BHU) Institute Lecture on "Sustainable Change Management for Excellence". Prof. Anil Kumar Agrawal and Prof. Rajiv Prakash played an active role in organizing the event. Ciby James, Director ASQ India introduced ASQ at a high level.

 IIT (BHU) and ASQ India envisage collaboration with the following potential benefits:

For students and Faculty:

·         Exposure to the global best practices that will bridge the industry skill gap making IIT (BHU) students more relevant to industry with better chances of placement in India as well as abroad.

·         Provision of ASQ programs that will impart critical thinking and problem solving abilities to students that will be valued in both industry as well as research.

·         Many unique opportunities for industry-academia interface - many Fortune 100 companies are its members, including large Indian companies - bringing greater credibility and access to students.

·         Establishment of student chapter, mentored by IIT (BHU) Faculty and industry experts - will give students more direct exposure to ideas of systems thinking and continuous improvement.

·         Access to ASQ’s extensive body of knowledge (BOK) including numerous articles, books, case studies, and magazines built up over a period of over 68 years, which will help enrich project work and research.

For the Institute:

  • Establishing IIT (BHU) as a world-class brand in academics and research based on best practices of leading US institutions, using the US Baldrige Performance Excellence framework for educational excellence.
  • The Baldrige framework will help the IIT (BHU) organization to align its various initiatives around a central program for institutional excellence, which can help it become internationally known and rated among the best in  the world.
  • Participate in conferences or visits to gain direct exposure to best practices in the US academic institutions.

ASQ India and IIT (BHU) will proactively seek new learning through this tie-up, and look forward to taking up new challenges to take their institutions to the next level of performance. Other academic entities who have entered into tie-ups with ASQ India include IIT- Delhi, Armed Forces Military College - Pune, Great Lakes Institute of Management- Chennai, Manav Rachna Educational Institutions - Faridabad, ITM University– Gurgaon, and Thapar University - Patiala.




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Chronicle Feedback
@ Jan 08, 2014
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 The current chronicle issue contains the following news and articles:

Front page

* IIT (BHU) Varanasi and ASQ India signed an MOU on 15 January, 2014, thanks to efforts by Dr. Manu Vora (Chemical 1968)

* Fee structure at IIT-BHU and need for more scholarships for needy students

News page

*Provides news on BHU, IITs, IIT-JEE and important national education news

Reports page

*A special report on PanIIT Global Conference at Houston, Texas on Dec 6-8, 2013

*Details of PanIIT awards for 9 distinguished alumni. The names include two from our institute: Prof. P. M. Ajayan (Metallurgy 1985) and Prof. Pradeep Rohatgi (Metallurgy 1961).

*A new sub-section started for readers feedback/letters/opinions under Opinion section

Campus View page

* Dr. Manu Vora taught TQM Workshop at IIT (BHU) on 12 -15 January, 2014

* Dr. Manu Vora delivered IIT (BHU) Second Institute Lecture on 15 January, 2014

* Update for the Department of Mathematical Sciences

Alumni World page

*Alumni funded scholarships given to 12 students. Details provided about scholarships for needy students.

*Change of address for IIT-BHU Global Alumni Association

 *Report on IIT-BHU (MET) REUNION-90 about alumni reunion held in Metallurgy Dept. on 15-16 Nov. 2013.

 *Alumni in news including: Former Hindu CEO Arun Anant (Chemical 1985) joins HT Media’s Leadership team; A successful game plan by Ramesh Srinivasan (Metallurgy 1982)-CEO of Bally Technologies; Influential Global Indian Men-includes Nikesh Arora (Electrical 1989) and Vish Mishra (Electrical 1967)

Topics page

*Scholarly published articles collected around the world on topics such as science and Technology, Business, arts, politics, education, health, world affairs, etc.

About Us page

*Information about Chronicle Publication


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