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@ Nov 06, 2014
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Faculty of IIT (BHU) eagerly waiting for IIT Pay-scale
@ Nov 06, 2014
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 IT-BHU was converted to IIT (BHU) more than two years ago, on 29 June 2012. Since then, faculty of the institute is anxiously waiting for their grades and pay-scale as per IIT norms. Currently, they are receiving the pay as per UGC (University Grant Commission) scale, whereas the newly recruited faculty members are getting it as per IIT-norms. This issue of parity of pay scale needs to be shorted out at the earliest-as felt by the faculty of the Institute.

Earlier, the Board of Governors of IIT (BHU) discussed and approved the revision of pay-scale during their meeting on 27 August 2013. Refer resolution # 1.3 (page 2) in the Minutes of the meeting:


It is hoped that the administration will pursue the matter vigorously with MHRD and settle the issues at the earliest for the benefit of the Institute.


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Chronicle Feedback
@ Nov 29, 2014
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The current chronicle issue (Nov. 2014) contains the following news and articles:

Front page

* Faculty waiting for IIT Pay-scale

*Obituary for Prof. Y. D. Upadhya (Dept. of Chemical Engineering)

* Obituary for Shri Suresh Chandra Gupta (Mechanical 1958)

News page                              

*Provides news on BHU, IITs and important national education news          

Reports page

* Blog of Dr. Manu Vora (Chemical 1968) on Leadership issues.

*Detailed Report on 4th IIT-BHU Global Alumni meet at Chicago, held on 13 Sept. 2014.

Campus View page

* IIT-BHU techies get Rs. 1cr plus package offers, and other related news articles

* Successful Launch of IIT (BHU)-ASQ India Leadership Excellence Series-an initiative by Dr. Manu Vora (Chemical 1968)

*3rd Convocation of IIT-BHU on Dec 9-Report

Alumni World page

Following alumni news are published:

* The amazing success story of Abhijit Avasthi (Metallurgy 1993)

* Digital India – Vision to Fruition-Article by Dr. Arvind Gupta (Electronics 1992)

* Renewal Energy Action Plan for India - by Darshan Goswami (Electrical 1967)

*Announcement for Alumni Association Elections for Council of Representatives and Board of Directors

*Alumni Meet and Reunions-Announcements

* 2014 Scholarship for the children of non-teaching staff-results

* Publication Awards and Student Awards will NOT be held this year

* Alumni funded student scholarships will be skipped from this year

Interview page

* Interview with Aman Gupta (IIT-JEE topper)

Topics page

*Scholarly published articles collected around the world on topics such as science and Technology, Business, arts, politics, education, health, world affairs, etc.

About Us page

*Information about Chronicle Publication



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Obituary for Shri Suresh Chandra Gupta (Mechanical 1958)
@ Nov 06, 2014
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 We are sad to announce that Shri Suresh Chandra Gupta (Mechanical 1958 alumnus) passed away on October 27, 2014. The sad news was forwarded to us by Manash Dutta (Mechanical 1958, Email: manoshdutta@yahoo.com)

152-Obituary-Mr. S. C. Gupta.jpg

(Late Mr. Suresh Chandra Gupta)

Chronicle shares grief with the family of Mr. S. C. Gupta. May his soul rest in peace.


Message from Manash Dutta:

New Delhi 28/10/2014

My dear Friends

I am deeply saddened to inform you with a very heavy heart that our dear class mate and intimate friend Sri Suresh Ch. Gupta (S.C. Gupta, Mechanical 1954-58) has passed away at his residence at Delhi on Monday 27th October 2014, early morning after prolonged illness.

Our deepest sympathies go out to the bereaved family. May God give them comfort and peace and May the soul of our good friend Suresh rest in peace.  Suresh has left behind his dear wife Madhu, One son, three daughters, and ten grandchildren. The family has decided to perform the last rites on Saturday, 8th November 2014 at Delhi.

Hereunder I give below some details about Suresh:

Date of birth: 16 November, 1936 at Delhi.

Father's Name: Late Sri Shambhumal Gupta

Education: I. Sc. from Camachha, Benaras, Degree in Mechanical Engineering from BHU (Batch 1954-58).

Professional Excellence: Thermal Power Plant, Ash Handling Plant, Coal Washery Plant etc.

Date of marriage: 30th November 1960 with Madhu Agarwal

Date of Death: Monday at 3am on 27th October, 2014.


Manash Dutta


Messages from class of 1958

Suresh was very close to us from 1953 in Kamachha-ISC(Delhi group) and later at BENCO—we ate together in our Mess—Garg/Suresh were responsible for great food that we ate. Later on after 1958, I lost contact with him although I tried calling Suresh in Delhi-there were many Suresh C. Gupta in telephone directory. Ravinder Nanda finally provided his correct tel#.Finally after long time-our contacts restarted and Delhi group hosted us to nice lunch during our visit to Delhi. Delhi group reunited me with many others that we missed. Many who live abroad can speak to Suresh’s efforts in quickly organizing a get together to suit their visit to Delhi.

I met Mohsin and Vaid in Delhi in 2011 after long time. We spoke to Madhuji 3 times after his stroke and after his death. She is a delightful wife devoted dearly to Suresh .May God almighty give her courage to live with his memories and may God Almighty give Suresh a special place in his kingdom. 

-Satinder Mullick 1954-58 Mech., 1961-65 Ph.D.(Johns Hopkins Univ.),retired from Corning Inc., Corning, NY, USA


"I was very sad to get the news that our friend Suresh C. Gupta had left us. It was a personal loss for me. We were so near to each other during our stay of 4 years in the Limbdi hostel in BHU. We worked together, we laughed together and we went to "Lanka" together. In 1960 we lost contact, as I left India. It was around 12 years ago that we came in to contact once again. Thanks Suresh it was possible for me to meet regularly our other classmates living in and around Delhi during my visits to India.

Especially due to his fine co-ordination, I could meet Dr. Satinder Mullick, my class- and roommate in Limbdi, (he now lives in USA) in Delhi after a gap of 50 years. I feel myself fortunate that I had Suresh Gupta as a friend. He was a very kind person. We shall always remember him with love. May God give peace to his departed soul. Our prayers and thoughts are with his family.

Shamsher Vaid (Benco 1954-58), Switzerland."




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Obituary for Prof. Y. D. Upadhya (Dept. of Chemical Engineering)
@ Nov 06, 2014
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 We are sad to announce that Prof. Y. D. Upadhya (Dept. of Chemical Engineering) passed away on November 9, 2014. The sad news was forwarded to us by Dr. Pramil Tiwari (1984 Pharma alumnus, Email: pramiltiwari@yahoo.com)

151-Obituary-Prof. Y D Upadhya.jpg

(Late Prof. Y. D. Upadhya)

Prof Y. D. Upadhya breathed his last in the morning of Nov 9 at the BHU hospital. He was extremely unwell for the past 7-10 days and was in the hospital.

Chronicle shares grief with the family of Prof. Y. D. Upadhya. May his soul rest in peace.


Biography/Tribute to Prof. Y. D. Upadhya

By Prof. S. N. Upadhyay (Ex-Director, IIT-BHU and Professor (Retd.), Dept. of Chemical Engineering). He can be reached at: snupadhyay.che@itbhu.ac.in.

Late Prof Y D Upadhya

Professor Yogendra Dutta Upadhya was born on September 29, 1933 at Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Prof Upadhya studied at Allahabad University, Allahabad and obtained B Sc. Degree in 1954, M Sc. Degree in 1956 and D Phil (Chemistry) in 1960. He studied French and earned his diploma in 1959. In 1969 Prof Upadhya joined the Department of Chemical Engineering & Technology of the College of Technology as a lecturer in September 1960 (3.9.1960) and served till 1996. He became Reader in 1972 (1.4.1972) and Professor in 1984 (6.2.1984). He was Head of the Department of Chemical Engineering & Technology during 1987 to 1989. He retired from the active service in 1996.

Prof Upadhya served EME Battalion of NCC as a commissioned officer for 10 years (1961 to 1971). He was an ardent lover of games and sports and actively participated in games like badminton, lawn tennis, and volley ball. As a faculty of the College of Technology, he was Chairman, Volley Ball during 1972 to 1981, Administrative Warden of Vishweshwaraya Hostel during 1971 to 1981, Chairman, Athletics Association for 10 years and Vice President of IT Gymkhana for 2 years. He was honored with IT BLUE also. He served as the Coordinator IT Hostels and was the Chief Proctor of BHU during 1981-1985

He also served as Vice Chairman of the University Sports Board for two years. Under his able leadership, University hosted the All India Inter University Youth Festival Twice.

Prof Upadhya was an excellent teacher and an organizer par excellence. Under his leadership Department of Chemical Engineering & Technology, College of Technology, ITBHU and BHU organized several activities like inter-university athletics meet, annual sports meets of College of Technology and ITBHU, Indian Chemical Engineering Congress-1990, etc.

He breathed his last on Sunday Nov 09, 2014.

Prof Upadhya has two sons and a daughter. Elder son Dr Keshav Prasad Upadhyay MBA, PhD is currently Registrar and Controller of Examinations of BHU. He has two daughters- on a pharmacist working in Mumbai and the second a software expert also working in Mumbai. Both are married.

The second son Dr. Om Prakash Upadhyay is PhD in geology and is a faculty at the M. J. P. Rohilkhand University, Bareilly, UP. He has a son and a daughter- the son is studying engineering and the daughter is in school.

The youngest issue is daughter Ms. Reeta Tripathi, married and settled in Bhilai.


 On Thursday, December 25, 2014 8:04 PM, Surendra Singh <ssinghgm@gmail.com> wrote:

I had the privilege of knowing Dr. Upadhya very closely from 1960 to 1973, as a colleague (Mechanical Engineering Dept), NCC Officer, Engineering Hostel Warden, and through various IT and BHU activities.  Besides being very family oriented he was a great teacher as well as a good administrator.  By nature he was quite humble and full of humor.  It was an honour to have such a friend.

It is very painful to loose such a friend.  In this moment of deep sorrow, our heart goes to the family.  We both pray the Almighty to rest the divine soul in peace and give strength to the loved ones to bear this loss.

Surendra & Priya Singh


Michigan, USA


On Sunday, February 8, 2015 10:25 AM, Sri Mirle <srimirle@gmail.com> wrote

"Prof Upadhya was indeed a very energetic can-do person who helped enliven life in the Hostel and on campus.  I worked with him as the Hostel Secretary and subsequently as the Cultural Secretary for the first-ever Kashi Yatra in 1981 - he invariably was a source of tremendous support.  May his soul be in peace."

 -Sri Mirle (1981 batch)


Tribute to Prof. Y. D. Upadhya by class of Chemical 1977

1) It is really sad news. When we had class reunion on campus in 2008, he came to meet us. He taught us Physical Chemistry. He was also active in sports and cultural activities on campus. Always mild-mannered, Prof. Upadhya interacted freely with his students.

-By Yogesh Upadhyaya

2) It is indeed a sad piece of news! Prof Y. D. Upadhyay graciously came to meet us when we visited the campus in January 2008. He looked hale and hearty then and as usual was a well-spoken person just as he used to be when he taught us physical chemistry. He had indicated that his son also worked at BHU and was the Controller of Examinations.

-By Debabrata Mazumdar

3) Prof. Y. D. Upadhya was a down to earth Man...a cheerful personality.   It's SAD that the loss cannot be filled in. We ALL only can, pray the ALMIGHTY, to rest the departed SOUL in ETERNAL PEACE and give strength & Courage to his family members to withstand the mighty blow of nature.

-By Kiran Shah

4) I share what Debu has written. He was very eager to meet us all during Jan 2008.reunion. He was very proud of chemical engineering department and considered it to be the best.

May his soul rest in peace.

-By Devendra Tibrewal

5) Prof. Y D Upadhya was a wonderful human being. I knew him in the course of my badminton career.

-Anil Kher

6) Really sad news ... I remember him as a jovial / humorous and encouraging person, and very understanding / helping 1 for that matter; we met during 2007 - 2008 visit!

He was very active in sports and other physical activities ... May his soul rest in peace and God give strength to his family to face the difficult times!

-Anup Bagla


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