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IIT-BHU Chronicle completes 10 years of publishing
@ May 13, 2015
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 Website: www.iitbhuglobal.org/chronicle.

(This article was revised on June 21, 2015. Typos fixed and added in Q-2 about internet search)

We are pleased to state that our magazine, IIT-BHU Chronicle has completed 10 years of publishing and serving to our IIT-BHU community. The first issue of Chronicle was published in June 2005. Since then, the chronicle is publishing news, information and views of our alumni, institute, students and faculty. Here is some Q & A about our magazine from Yogesh K. Upadhyaya (Chemical 1977), the editor. You can also refer to “About US” page published in each issue of the magazine.


Q-1: About starting of magazine.

Ten years ago in May, one of our alumni (Amit Pandey) got “Mining Student of the Year” award from Mining Society of America, while studying in USA. It was a great achievement, but no Indian news publisher would publish it (Publisher will publish only if it is interesting news to its readers). A meeting among our alumni volunteers was held by Keerty Nath (CSE2004), Anshuman Singh (Electrical 1998), Animesh Pathak (CSE2003), Arun Tangri (CSE2006), Yogesh Upadhyaya (Chemical 1977), etc. It was decided to launch an online newsmagazine for our alumni and for our IIT-BHU community. The first issue was published in June and it can be seen here:


The first issue contained most of the articles as web-links. In the next issue, it was decided to post full articles. That way, the article can be read many years down the road when the link is broken or no more exists. Based on readers’ feedback, the magazine underwent many changes. Before chronicle, most of the news and half-truths were discussed on our alumni Yahoo Groups and other social media. With the publishing of chronicle magazine, they can get authentic news in standardized format from one source.

Q-2: About publishing of Chronicle.

Chronicle was published once a month earlier, but from May 2013, it is published once every two months. This is because due to the increased number of articles, it is not possible for me to keep up with the work. The chronicle team consists Yogesh Upadhyaya as Editor and Animesh Pathak and Rahul Saxena for system maintenance/ publishing work.

The chronicle uses website of our alumni association (IIT BHU global Alumni Association) and web-link for chronicle is: www.iitbhuglobal.org/chronicle. All the past issues are listed on the left-side on the page. The issue is published online only (print edition was tried only once) and the link is mass emailed is to all of our about 11,000 registered alumni, students and faculty after publishing.

Each month (now every 2 months), we receive news items about alumni, campus activities by students/faculty and published news media articles about institute/students/alumni. The articles are then uploaded on the Go Daddy server (located at Arizona, USA). The platform uses Movable Bin Type (v4.1) technology, an old but trusted technology. After uploading of articles, system administrator publishes the issue.

 Our website has collaboration with leading internet search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and AOL. Hence, any article published in our magazine appears pre-dominantly on the first two pages of the internet search.

Q-3: What publishing format does the magazine follow?

Chronicle publishes all the news articles provided by our community and also those published by news media. All articles from new media are sanitized by removing any ads, flashing links, etc. to make it enjoyable ads-free reading. All articles are formatted to standard fonts (Frutiger type fonts of size 13, soft black color). Frutiger font is among the best for reading pleasure. The display is good enough for a 50 year old to read without glasses and English is kept simple enough for an 8th grader to read. Any articles from chronicle can be freely copied and distributed by others. All published articles are provided with the sources and web-links for the articles. Chronicle does not publish any ad on its website.

Each issue is divided into 8 pages (tabs) provided on the top. The reader can select an article by selecting a page or by selecting link provided on the front page. Each page is further divided into several sections where similar articles are grouped. Each article is taken directly from the source and authenticity and facts are verified before publishing.

 Q-4: What are the objectives of the magazine?

The magazine aims to bring members of IIT-BHU community (alumni, students, faculty, and institute) together on a standard platform. We also want to publish the great achievements news from our alumni, institute and others. Some of the news would not have become public without being published by us. These great news will also inspire our students and fellow alumni to excel.

Our magazine also tries to reach to higher level of publishing. Its Alexa rank is consistently within one million mark (the lower the number, the better the ranking). The Alexa (www.alexa.com) is a gold-standard of web-traffic measurement for websites around the world.

Q-5: What are the challenges for our magazine?

The major challenge for the chronicle is survival. We need more volunteers to help us publishing. I am already 60, and I may continue publishing for few more years before someone can take over. We also need help from others to fix some issues of publishing good quality photos, checking for typos, making comments section for the article workable, etc.

We also need more news from our alumni and students/faculty. There are so many activities happening on the campus, and we need more reports about those activities. Apart from plain news, we also need writers to send us with articles analyzing and debating problems and challenges faced by our community.

We hope that chronicle will continue serve IIT-BHU community for years to come.

-Yogesh K. Upadhyaya (Chemical 1977)-Editor. Email: yupadhyaya2003@yahoo.com.

-Email to chronicle team: chronicle@itbhuglobal.org.



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Chronicle news
@ May 13, 2015
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 The next issue will be July 2015 issue, to be published by the middle of August.

Chronicle is published six times a year in odd months (January, March, May, July, September and November)

The Chronicle is the voice of our IIT-BHU community. We need more news, reports, photos, etc. from students, faculty and alumni. Please send your news at: chronicle@itbhuglobal.org.

If anyone wants to help publishing chronicle, you are welcome to contact:

Editor: Yogesh K Upadhyaya (Chemical 1977). Email: yupadhyaya2003@yahoo.com.

Deadline for submitting articles is 15th of publishing month.

For posting comments, please email us at: chronicle@itbhuglobal.org.


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IIT Alumni 2015 Global Leadership Conference on July 24-26, 2015 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, California
@ May 13, 2015
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  IIT Alumni 2015 Global Leadership Conference / The Internet of People

The IIT Global Leadership Conference is being held on July 24, 25 and 26, 2015 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, California.

Just as the Internet connects computers/Things, the 2015 IIT Global Leadership Conference connects People, very bright people. The Internet of People (IoP), brings together 4,000 of the best minds, both IITian and non-IITian, to present science fiction like technology that will change your life, share secrets to success, and encourage giving back.


(Invitation from our alumni association Presidents to our alumni to attend the Pan-IIT meet 2015 at California. Around 3500 alumni across all IITs are expected to attend.)


Dear Friend,

Don't miss super early bird pricing for the best IIT Alumni Conference yet, to be held in Santa Clara, CA this year.

Network and collaborate with fellow IITians, experience great keynotes, animated panel discussions, intriguing fireside chats and eye popping entertainment. There is a Special Women’s day on July 23. All this and much more. 

Conference focused on Internet of People will look towards the ‘people infrastructure’ of the future, where everyone, everywhere is connected to the information, resources, and people that empower them to improve their own lives, as well as that of others, so they can Give Back, Achieve, Innovate, and iNspire and all of society will GAIN

Great keynotes, thought leadership and rocking panels on Giving back and Social Entrepreneurship, Corporate Leadership, Road Less Traveled, Entrepreneurship, Education and Innovation tracks.

Why Attend?

  • Younger IITians: Meet and learn from the trendsetter IITians
  • Wanna be entrepreneurs: Link up with angels, VCs and experienced alums who can guide them
  • Entrepreneurs: Impress and hire the best; meet the biggies in the foodchain
  • Alums in Corporate world: Learn about the latest technology trends, corporate leadership etc.
  • Women Alumnae: Attend Women's Day in addition to the conference and learn to be “Super Juggler“ from the “Super Women” who have "been there, done just that"
  • Everyone: Network with fellow IITians, enjoy keynotes and engaging panels, get inspired and have fun!!

So RESERVE YOUR SEAT NOW at super early bird price.

Vish Narayanan (Electrical 1983)

President, IIT-BHU Global Alumni Association

 Email: vish.narayanan@gmail.com


Additional link:


 131-IIT 2015.jpg


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Chronicle Feedback
@ May 13, 2015
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 The current chronicle issue (May 2015) contains the following news and articles. The issue was updated on June 26 by adding more articles.

Front page

* 2015 PanIIT Conference at Santa Clara, California on July 24 to 26-announcement

* Chronicle completes 10 year of publishing

News page                            

*Provides news on BHU, IITs and important national education news

Reports page

* Prof. C N R Rao (BHU Physics 1955) gets Japan's highest civilian award

* IIT-BHU listed in Google’s list of top 10 schools

*Opinion article “Forget the IITs, Here's What Smriti Irani Should Focus On”

Campus View page

* Campus news:

- Prof. V. K. Srivastava (Mechanical Dept.) honored to visit University of Trento, Italy.

- IIT-BHU, Indian Railways team up for better rail technology

- International Workshop (IWERD 2015) held on May 16-17 at CERD, IIT (BHU), Varanasi

* Campus Reports:

- Alcohol Sensing Helmet By IIT (BHU) students Won't Let You Start Bike If You're Drunk

 Alumni World page

* Following alumni news are published:

- Dr. Manu Vora (Chemical 1968) Receives Harris Fellow Medal by Rotary Club

- Ajoy Mehta (Civil 1981) replaces Sitaram Kunte as new BMC Commissioner

- Nikesh Arora (Electrical 1989) is set to become CEO of Japan’s SoftBank

- Shopclues cofounder, Sanjay Sethi (Mechanical 1993) to hire IIT (BHU) alumni

- Atul Kabra (Mechanical 1998) hires interns from IIT-BHU campus (2014 article from his blog)

- Santosh Achari (Chemical 2008) sells Fire42 to Hello Curry

Interview page

* Interview with Dr. Manu Vora (Chemical 1968), Leader of Google Hangouts for Soft Skills/ Quality Management Training on campus and Advisor of TEDxIITBHU

Topics page

*Scholarly published articles collected around the world on topics such as science and Technology, Business, arts, politics, education, health, world affairs, etc.

About Us page


*Information about Chronicle Publication



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