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Ad-support from Alumni

Hi all,
As you would have noted, starting Feb 2008, the front page of ITBHUGlobal.org has an advertisement below the links on the left.

The need for ad display
In order to serve the better, we need to self-support our activities. We incur an annual expenditure in the form of renting the server (to host our website), spend money on legal and administrative expenses to run the organization, audit the balance sheet, file for tax-free status, etc. To partly offset the cost, we have decided to accept the ad from our alumni and their associated companies. We cannot assure tax-exemption for now, and therefore would like to thank your support by posting your ad.

Display and rates
We will receive ads only from our alumni and the companies they are associated with. It will not be pay-per-click type ad. The ads will a non-animated image of a maximum size of 150px by 150px, and will be placed below the links of the left.

To keep matters simple, the ads will cost $600 for a 6 month display.

Contact info
For further details, please contact Animesh Pathak (CSE 2003) at animesh.pathak[AT]cse03.itbhuglobal.org or animesh[AT]gmail.com.


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