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January 23, 2011
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 We are pleased to announce the results of recently conducted election for CoR (Council of Representatives). The council is made up of elected representatives among alumni and students.

There are 133 alumni and 19 student representatives in the newly elected council. There is one alumni representative for each branch/year (example: chemical 1977, Mining 2002, etc.). There are up to 2 student representatives per department (such as Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, etc.)

The council term is for 2 years, i. e. till December 2012.

To view list of alumni representatives, click here:


To view list of student representatives, click here:





Vish Laxminarayanan (Electrical 1983). Email: vish.narayanan AT gmail.com

President, IT-BHU Global Alumni Association

Amit Gupta (Chemical 1996). Email: amit.gupta.bos AT fmr.com

Secretary, IT-BHU Global Alumni Association


About Council

The Council of Representatives (CoR) is a legal body to help our alumni association in the day to day functions. It has members from alumni and students. The council will represent interests of alumni, students, faculty and staff for our alumni association.

Our association has 3-tier structure: bottom is 8,500 (current) registered members, CoR with 100-200 members and top is Board of Directors (BoD) with 17 Directors.

BoD makes all executive decision and directs the working of our organization. CoR members elect BoD and help them in making informed decision.

Thus the responsibility of CoR members will be (“alumni” include alumni, students, faculty and staff):

-To elect BoD by voting process

-To help BoD in making day-to-day decisions

-To discuss about any alumni related issues such as alumni projects, funding, chapters, etc.

-To act as a communication link between BoD and members

-To vote on key issues as and when needed

-To put forward problems faced by own community (from class/department)

The term for CoR member is for two years and next election is planned for the end of 2012. Once elected, a CoR student member shall serve for full two years, even if he/she leaves college earlier.

Most of the work involves participation in discussion by email exchange.

Additional links:

*List of BoD members


*Bye-laws of the organization


*FAQ for Organization Structure



The CoR election process

The election announcement was made on our official website:


The announcement was also made on different alumni groups and volunteer groups, including yahoo groups. The election was conducted over October-December 2010 period. First, the nominations were invited from registered alumni (alumni registered with our association). In case of more than one candidate for a position, voting was done by the respective class or department.

The first council was formed 2 years ago (December 2008).

The election process was supervised by an 8-member election team. The Election Team is headed by Prof. Supten Sarbadhikari (PhD Biomedical 1995) and Jairaj Hegde (Electrical 1982). More about election team can be read at:


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